Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beautiful & Beloved

Hi, my name is Amber, it's nice to meet you!

I am so thankful that Ruthie is giving me this incredible opportunity to tell you about my passions.
First just a little something about me, I am an Air Force wife and I have 4 beautiful babies ages 1-6.  Life can get wild around here, but that is how I like it!  I keep a little blog and a brand new online boutique where my heart and passion is for women. Women are one of God's most amazing and lovely creations we bring life and beauty into this world, but so often we forget that, and we feel the very opposite.  My purpose, through my blog and my new online boutique, is to remind us all of what God calls us.  He calls us His beautiful and He calls us His beloved, and we are who He says we are.

In the Beautiful and Beloved Boutique all the items sold are hand crafted by women who have been rescued from lives as modern day slaves. 
Maxi Skirt:: Sleeveless Top:: Necklace:: all available at the B&B Boutique

Beautiful and Beloved Boutique partners with organizations around the world who pour into the people whom others have used as objects and, in most cases, discarded as trash.  These organizations teach, love, council, and restore strong survivors so that they may once again have lives to be proud of.  Human Trafficking is such a horrific crime and it is happening everywhere, even where you live.  There are more slaves in the world today than ever before in human history.  

When making a purchase from the B&B boutique you not only are receiving something that is beautifully made and unique, but each purchase will   dignify a survivor of slavery…Each item is hand crafted by someone who is now free to earn and create.

I love how creative God is, I know that this is His work in me because I am completely inadequate to fill this task that He has given me.  I would love it if you would join me in spreading awareness, let people know how they can join with us to make a #purchasetoempower.

If you want you can follow along on twitter or instagram to find out about flash sales or on Facebook to get the latest coupon codes. If you love something in the shop and chose to pin it or share it on any social media platform use the tag #purchasetoempower so I can see it too!  

I truly appreciate you letting me write to you today,
hope to see you over at the boutique and the blog.

Here are some items you can find in the boutique...

What's your favorite??

Leave a comment and enjoy 10% off your purchase with the coupon code "mamaruthie"

In Love,


Candice Williams said...

Wow this is so awesome. What a great way to give back and help others. Love the concept and the name of the shop too.


is that a Boston? big fan of Bostons as we have one who will be 6 yrs old in 2 mths.

awesome post

Jillian B. said...

I love that chevron necklace! That is going on my "need" list asap!

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