Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Wise Baby

While Ruthie is is enjoying her newborn bliss with her sweet little guy I am here to share some newborn essentials with y'all.  I am Lindsey from The Wise Baby - a chic and stylish resource for savvy parents.  We feature lots of baby products review, baby registry guides and so much more.  These newborn essentials are some of my favorite products for both mama's and babies in this super special newborn stage.

arm's reach co-sleeper mini:  This handy newborn sleeping option goes down as one of my favorite baby products ever.  It is perfect for the newborn stage and allows super easy access for those middle of the night feedings.

aden + anais swaddle blankets:  Every mom love these.  They are the perfect size and weight and make swaddling easy and cozy for your little one.  Not to mention, the designs are super cute and they double wonderfully as a changing pad, nursing cover or anything else you may need.

aden + anais burpy bibs: Burpy bibs are an ingenious invention - they are a burp cloth and bib in one.  Talk about super handy!  They are absorbent, easy to wear on your shoulder and grow with your child into wonderfully functioning bibs.

baby k'tan:  The k'tan is my number one recommendation to new moms.  It's super soft, easy to use and machine washable.  It is great for wearing your snuggly little one around the house to get things done as well as for out and about as a stroller alternative. 

fisher price my little lamb infant seat: My daughter lived in this seat! It is a cozy and safe place to rest your peanut and has vibrating and/or music options.  My favorite feature?  It is battery powered and light weight which makes it easy to move from room to room.

Wubbanubs:  These soft, cuddly creatures are a perfect solution to losing pacifiers.  They are great for newborns (moreso for moms to find the pacifier) but as your little one grows they will love the friendly face on the other end of their pacifier.  

my brest friend: For breastfeeding mamas, the brest friend is like the holy grail.  It makes breastfeeding SO much easier by helping to get your little one comfortably in the right position. 

lanolin / soothies:  Lanolin and Soothies are a breastfeeding mamas saviors.  The lanolin is a must and should be applied very liberally.  Careful though it leaves oil-like stains on clothes.  The soothies are an extra layer of comfort and work even better when placed in the freezer before application.

hand sanitizer: Hand sanitizer probably goes without saying - good for the new parents and all visitors.  I think I used hand sanitizer about 20x a day when I first had my daughter.  Never be afraid to ask people to use some before holding your bundle of joy! 

miracle blanket:  Newborns like to be swaddled and cozy and in the early months swaddling helps extend those hours of shut eye by calming the startle reflex.  The Miracle Blanket is one of my favorites.  It makes middle of the night diaper changes much easier - a tired mama trying to get the perfect swaddle can be tough.  The Miracle Blanket makes life much easier and hopefully full of more zzzz's!

A big thanks to Ruthie for having me and and even bigger CONGRATS to her and her sweet hubby on the arrival of their precious little guy. xoxo

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Beth Goad said...

As the mom of a 6 week old, I agree with all of these suggestions! Although, I haven't tried the Wubbanubs yet (but totally agree it would help since that paci falls out a lot)! Thanks for the suggestion :)

Nancy said...

Great selections. I discovered Aden & Anais blankets when they first hit the US market several years ago, and I knew they were going to be a huge success. So soft, LARGE, stretchy, cool and versatile! Every mother's must-have, definitely in my Top 3.

Danielle Carroll said...

This is helpful! It's hard because so many people have differing opinions on what is necessary and not necessary for baby...it's tough to decide where to send your money!

Sandra J said...

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Nicole B said...

This is a great list! I completely agree about all the sleep essentials. My little one wouldn't sleep without that sleep sheep, and the angel care monitor definitely helped me rest a little easier. kiddiesite.com

Aktar Hossain said...

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