Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Unfurling

gerund or present participle: unfurling
  1. 1.
    make or become spread out from a rolled or folded state, esp. in order to be open to the wind.
    "a man was unfurling a sail"

If you don't know Annie Wiltse, you need to. The blogosphere brought us together and she was one of the first people I told I was pregnant when she visited Austin last January. Annie is one of those women you look at and think, wow. Her mission, her ministry, her beautiful written words...this girl has a gift straight from the hands of God that she is living to pursue and share. I grew, worshiped, and shared my baby with Annie at The Influence Conference in September and now had the pleasure of reading her incredible e-Book, TheUnfurling.

“Written for people who feel trapped in a life season, the unfurling is an exploration of laying your life open for the Lord to work the holy adventure in the midst of the mundane. deeply personal and much like a memoir, may it be an encouragement that the cost of living the flourishing life is always worth the finish.” –Annie Wiltse

To be honest, often times I feel a pang of discouragement or even jealousy that people around me are using their gifts for a greater good. Going on mission, kick starting purpose projects, or spearheading charities. I feel it's only human to be green with envy but a sin not to be using the precious and unique gifts the Lord gave me to make His name known. While reading this collection of Annie's thoughts, letter, and essays, I was not jealous. I felt portions of my heart being repaired and made new. Encouraged by her words. I found my head nodding every few sentences. Yes! Yes, Annie! Preach it!

I believe He’s given us

a unique and important role in the world, and that if we let Him, He will write 

us beautiful stories. I believe in the importance of those stories, that the 

power of God in our lives is the most beautiful thing we could ever hear or 

talk or write or sing or think about. I believe everyone has a voice to praise 

and hands to work and feet to go, and a bunch of other body parts with 

equally important purposes, and they’re all to be mobilized for the cause of 

our King.
 (pg 10)
Remember this Ruthie. Your gifts are enough. Your mission may be right here in Austin, TX and even right here inside your home. Your ministry may be those new neighbors who moved in last week and don't know a soul or even family members who sit so close to my heart. Wherever He has me and whatever He has me doing, do it with pride...pride for His name. 

He wants us. He wants the gifts He gave us so He can use them to wreak 
love instead of sin. He wants the life He breathed into us so He can use it to 
speak hope instead of despair. He wants us right where we are, right in the 
midst of our unholy mess, so He can transform the ashes we have left of the 
lives we burned down into something unfathomably resplendent. (pg 39)
So as I sit here with a sleeping baby in my lap and this morning's spit up in my hair, I am reminded that my mess can be my ministry. A life of hope is so much greater than a life of darkness living in sin without my Savior. His grace washes over me and makes my heart clean. He is calling my name, fiercely, softly, lovingly. (pg 39)
Watching Annie submit to the Lords plans for her and become obedient to His will is incredible. She is one of those women I used to be envious of but jealous no more... I am rejoicing to watch her humbling live for the name of Jesus. I applaud her strife to die to oneself only to become more like Christ. To follow those weary signs from God to Africa, to Paris, or back home to Michigan. In her short 22 years Annie has accomplished so much, but watch out world, her journey has just begun.

Click here to purchase your copy of The Unfurling.

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Erin @ Sweetness Itself said...

I so agree, love Annie and her book! Just finished it and it was so good!
Love you friend!

nicole@ said...

Awsome! I just purchased the book. I wanted to let you know I saw you on house hunters and that is how I found your blog. I am so glad I watched it!

Gina Alyse said...

I just finished Annie's book and it's so good! Loved hearing your thoughts about it! "Your gifts are enough." ---wow, what a simplistic thought! I will have to remember this one more often too :)

xo, gina

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