Monday, March 31, 2014


We can all collectively agree that teething is no fun for baby or for mama. Sleepless nights, endless amounts of drool, and cranky behavior from your always happy baby. Tylenol, Advil, Orajel, teething tablets....nothing seems to comfort a teething baby as much as their mama's touch. Since babies, teething or not, seem to think any piece of jewelry their mama wears is meant for their mouths, why not benefit their little chompers by wearing something they can gnaw on while still looking stylish. Back in 2012 I shared with you all the gorgeous handmade cuff made by the ladies over at The Vintage Honeyshop and am so excited to share with you more of their delicious products! 

The wooden ring is perfect for Ford to grab on to, that boy sure does have a steel grip when he finds something he wants! I've also read and heard from other moms that wood is soothing for teething gums. 

The Vintage Honey Shop not only sells beautiful handmade teething ring necklaces, they sell infinity nursing scarves (life savers when you're in public with your nursling), adorable cupcake toppers, and non ring-ed chew beads

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One lucky lady will receive a $25 shop credit to The Vintage Honey Shop to purchase the item of their choice.

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Nicole M. Hutchison said...

LOVE THIS .... and that necklace is amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to win one!!!!

Mandi Moore said...

I absolutely love those teething necklaces! And they come in so many colors and prints! Your little guy is just precious, love watching him grow! My little man just turned one I love blogging about the journey of parenthood!!

Best Little Moore House in Texas

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

I just recently bought one of these - baby isn't teething but he like to pinch me while he nurses, so I wanted a necklace he could play with instead. I'd love to have a different color/pattern in my collection!

Laura said...

Thank you for the chance to win! Their fabrics are so gorgeous. Would love to add one of these for my teether!

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