Monday, March 3, 2014


Being a mom can be tough. Long nights, early mornings, challenging days. I have learned that it is impossible to survive without community. Before I was a mother, there is no way I could have ever understood the incredible, intense, crazy journey I would embark on. Sometimes the only people who understand how hard you're working or how defeated you feel are other mommies. I have been blessed by the Thrive Moms Community and am thrilled to announce the very first Thrive Moms Virtual Retreat

As a member of the Connection Team I am excited to join you and be filled up with His love. You will hear from some of the most influential ladies here on the internet who speak  hope, joy, and understanding. 

date: may 3, 2014
time: 11:00am-2:00pm cst
location: your computer! (see details here about hosting a mini retreat for your local girlfriends!)
cost: absolutely free

Need Prayer? I am also a member of the Thrive Prayer Team and would love to pray for and support you.

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Molly said...

This is so amazing, Ruthie! I just signed up and I'm SO excited to "be" there.

Becky Borgman said...

I have been following Thrive Moms since I was pregnant and truly love their hearts for Godly motherhood. I will definitely look into this!

Angie said...

Thanks for posting! I'll definitely be checking out all the details!

Tiffany said...

It is now on my calendar! Thank you for sharing~~ :)

Liz said...

Just registered!

sheridan johnson said...

Just registered--can't wait!

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