Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finish This

A lesson I learned from my mom... ask for forgiveness, not permission. This little tidbit has helped me be bold and independent, but it doesn't work alllll the time.

To burn calories, I...load up Ford in the stroller and Ernie on the leash and walk our hilly neighborhood. It never fails that I work up a sweat and I love walking with friends so time flies while working out.

The best hair day was...this day

I am grateful for...being a stay at home mom. Seriously you working mamas deserve a daily standing ovation because I don't know how you do it. (I'm currently still in my pjs at 10:30a and plan on staying in them all day... long night with a sick baby)

My boss may be cute but he's a slave driver

Linking up with these ladies (Nicole {Three 31Lisa {The Coastal Chicster}and Becky {The Java Mama} Jen {The Arizona Russums}) for a weekly series called Finish This. 
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Rebekah @ Living && Learning said...

I love it! My mom taught me the same concept of it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission! I'm having to reform my ways though in my new job... turns out here it's easier and preferred for me to ask for permission. lol

brittany @ g squared said...

Love that advice from your mom! I follow it myself :) And I hear ya on the SAHM comment. I am so glad we are able to have that option for our family. Working while pregnant is tough enough, I cannot imagine working with a little one at home!

Jessica said...

LOVE the new hair that you posted!!! SO beautiful!

Angie said...

Agree...I wonder how working mom's do it. Being a SAHM is tough. I can't imagine balancing another job too!!

Angie's Angle said...

You are so stinkin' cute!!
I love the your best hair day, so cute
Love that you took a photo in the same position before and after. said...

Love this post and yes, totally agree on the SAHM part. I was able to recently quit my job to stay at home with my baby girl...soo grateful to see her grow up!

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