Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Blogger? BlogHer!

Are you a blogger?
Do you enjoy community and comradery with other online gurus? Do you want to meet your favorite bloggers "in real life"?
Can you make it to San Jose in July?
If you answered yes to all of those questions, BlogHer 2014 is where you need to be!
Whether you get 10 hits a day on your family focused blog or you bring in $100k a year on your money saving, fashion forward, cooking, diy, and everything else blog...you will feel at home at BlogHer. BlogHer features bloggers big and small from every corner of the blogosphere and your attendance will remind you why you fell in love with blogging and social media in the first place. I am giddy and excited as I type this...Kerry Washington of Scandal will be a keynote speaker this year! Gladiators! And if you've spent any time in the blogosphere, you will be tickled to know that Jenny Lawson of the hilarious and inspirational Bloggess is also a keynote! Other speakers include Grammy nominated comedian Tig Notoro and Ariana Huffington.

BlogHer has so much to offer and you'll get the chance to learn from incredible and encouraging women and bloggers, connect and meet new friends, and get the inside scoop on new products!
Register for BlogHer 2014
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Brianne Bracco said...

I got my BlogHer email notification the other day and I'm soooo excited because San Jose is literally like an hour drive from me! Are you going this year?

Kaylin said...

which weekend? I wanna go!

Sarah said...

OLIVIA POPE!!!!!! gladiators unite. i neeeeeed to be there!

dreambigrunner.com said...

Sounds awesome, wish I could attend!

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