Friday, June 20, 2014

Working out at home

Jon and I both love leading an active lifestyle. We are members of a gym, walk the neighborhood as much as we can, and attempt to make healthy choices when it comes to food. I say attempt because we love to indulge and that's one of the main reasons I eat what I want. As much as I would love to eat Chick Fila everyday for lunch and cheesy enchiladas and guacamole every night for dinner, that's not reality. I workout so I don't feel guilty about eating carbs at every meal or having a small dessert every night. I want to set a good example for my son and show him that being active and choosing to eat healthy only does positive things for your life.

I worked out most of my pregnancy (read how working out changed during pregnancy here) and assumed I'd go right back to where I was pre baby after he was born. Ford's birth story was unexpected and I had no idea it would take my body so long to heal. I had no desire to be active and I was practically inhaling food since I was feeding my baby so often. And that was okay. A friend once told me about the "4th trimester of pregnancy". A time to get to know your baby, allow your body to heal, and try to figure out this new life of yours (do we ever really figure it out?!). The last thing on my mind for the first few months postpartum was working out. It was around Thanksgiving that I finally started to feel like myself. Breastfeeding was going well and I no longer had to hunch over to protect my healing c section wounds. I started taking longer walks around the neighborhood and felt ready to be active again. I wasn't ready to go to the gym though. It would take baby steps for me to feel physically and emotionally ready to go back, and again... that was okay. I picked up a few DVDs along with some hand weights and a weighted jump rope that way I could get a great workout from the comfort of my own home. 

My at home workout essentials
Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred
Hand weights
Weighted jump rope
I loved being able to workout at home and still do! I could plop Ford in the swing and he would enjoy watching me bounce around while getting in a great workout. If a certain move was uncomfortable, I could stop without feeling embarrassed leaving a class at the gym. I could workout at my own convenience and at my own pace. Working out at home was a great way to prepare my body for returning back to the gym when Ford was 6 months (and old enough for the childcare). I never knew I could get such a kick butt workout at home... you haven't experienced pain until you've met a Jillian Michaels DVD! Now my goal is to go to the gym 3 times a week, it is a great mama break during the day. And even though I have my membership, there are weeks I can't work it into our schedule so I choose to workout at home, saving myself the 40 minutes round trip in the car. It's already getting pretty hot here in Texas so I prefer cardio indoors rather than the blistering heat. Lately I've been using my weighted jump rope and different online routines for a quick 10-15 minute cardio burst! 

Our kitchen is currently under reno so for the sake of chaos, we snapped these outside! 

Check out my vertical 

2 of my favorite jump rope workouts 
15 minute jump rope workout from Real Simple
10 minute jump rope workout from Fitness Magazine

Someone thought mommy jumping was pretty funny

The weighted jump rope has 4 removable weights allowing you to add up to 12 oz extra weight. It's adjustable which is perfect for my short stature and the handles are extra comfortable to grasp while I'm dying in pain. 

Any other recommendations for videos, DVDs, equipment for getting a great workout at home?

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Ashlee @ Growing Up A Thomas said...

I swear by Jillian's 30 day shred! I've been doing it since Luke was 9 months old and it helped me lose the baby weight with both kids now. I can only get to the gym once a week so I do Jillian two-three times a week at home. I bust it out before the kids get up so it's done for the day! Gotta love a 25 minute workout!!!

Mel said...

Almost all of Jillian's workouts are on YouTube so you can search and try some of her others as well. trust me, they are all butt kickers!!!
I don't have my gym membership anymore because I just wasn't able to get there enough to get my money's worth, so the home videos are a great break from my runs outside.

Mel said...
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Cece said...

I have both of those DVD'S. I've been working out at home for over a year. Love it!!! I love the flexibility and I love that I can work out in my undies. Resistance bands and ankle weights are also good to have.

Melissa Bridges said...

Ballet beautiful videos are amazing! The arm workout (no weights) is sooo good! Check it out!

Tomi Talks said...

Love this post! So encouraging and helpful to show you don't need 2 hours a day to dedicate to the gym. I love doing a couple planks right before bed :)

Michelle Levine said...

I have a jump rope and dumbells (8 lbs) and a yoga mat and that is really it - i love the free workouts on demand in the sports and fitness section !

Sarah said...

i could never handle or stick with jillian. i don't know why! but i am OBSESSED with t25 and so glad i started that! there are a million and one beachbody products on my to do list now to lose this baby weight!

Sarah said...

i could never handle or stick with jillian. i don't know why! but i am OBSESSED with t25 and so glad i started that! there are a million and one beachbody products on my to do list now to lose this baby weight!

Katie said...

Funny that you posted this! I've been loving working out at home these last few weeks! We are members of amazon prime so I am able to stream the Jillian Michaeks's DVD's from amazon instant video and they've been great! (And extremely challenging). I just plop Hampton down in his swing, and turn him to face me while I work our. He thinks it's pretty funny and laughs and smokes throughout my workout which is great motivation :) It is so incredibly convenient and easy, and now that in back in the routine I'm feeling way better. Thanks for posting!

Katie said...

Disclaimer: my son does not smoke while I work out. He smiles. That was an autocorrect fail! :)

dear willow, said...

really appreciating this post :) 2 months post c-section & went back to gym classes for the first time this week. so hard not to be discouraged about a post baby body but trying to just savor all of these moments. thanks for posting!

TexanCouture said...

Oh man, Jillian will do that to you. I remember a few years ago my friends & I teamed up for the 30 day shred. At the time I was going to multiple classes at my gym and expected to breeze through an at home workout dvd (thought myself so 80s) but nope it was killer!

Lily said...

I do workouts from the Tone It Up website and their you tube channel. They are fantastic and really help with targeting different areas for toning. I highly recommend it!

Lily said...
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