Thursday, October 9, 2014

The (second) most wonderful time of the year!

To say my husband is obsessed with Halloween is an understatement. We have outdoor lights on a nightly timer and about 5 different areas of our house inside that we plug in colored lights to spotlight witches, goblins, and ghosts hanging from the windows. I've fallen in love with this season because it's so whimsical and fun. I love transforming our house at the end of September and Ford now has an obsession with the mini pumpkins I have out and the skeletons I have hanging around. I always knew having kids around the holidays would make things SO much more fun!

Decorating your house for any holiday is not cheap. When we first moved into our house, I gave Jon a budget for Halloween decor and he quickly blew through it. Christmas is a different story...I always stock up on after Christmas clearance but that just doesn't seem to happen with Halloween. As the clock strikes midnight on November 1st, Christmas season begins. While I feel pretty good about the Halloween decor we have, I always love adding new little things/crafts to our collection, especially now that Ford is getting older. I am not shy about my love for saving money and am so excited to share with you today some easy ways to decorate your home for Halloween on a budget! Who knew that Dollar Tree can be your one stop shop to a spooktacular Halloween!

My Dollar Tree loot.... yes everything is a dollar! 

Haunted roses with glittery spiders from Dollar Tree plopped in a mason jar I had on hand with a little $1 pumpkin guy siting next to my sink.

A clearance platter with a Dollar Tree skeleton head on my bar

I already owned these glass jars from Ford's Milk and Cookies birthday party so I put fake spiders, body parts/eyeballs, and fake rats on display in a "mad scientist" way.

Skeleton, fake hand, and glittery skull head from Dollar Tree really make a statement on my entry table.

I could not believe the orange and black Happy Halloween sign was a buck! It added height and color to my mantle (homemade BOO letters, bunting made from scrapbook paper, and mini pumpkins bought at the grocery store).

I hung this haunted halo-gram picture on the corner because I walk by 100 times a day. Yes a dollar at Dollar Tree!

A couple packages of cheese cloth over my dining room chandelier and a creepy fake black bird, one of my favorite decorations!

A little snapshot of our outdoor decor (I need to get a picture at night of our house)...$1 tombstones, light up zombie guy, and a scary lady in the window.

Decorating for Halloween doesn't have to drain your pockets and thanks to Dollar Tree, I am having so much fun filling ever corner of my house with something spooky! I have a slew of little trinkets and pumpkins from the Dollar Tree that I plan on adding to our neighbor treats, ribbon to add to my outdoor Halloween wreath, and candy corn to save for our Halloween party eat on the couch when Jon is traveling. Visit for or additional holiday decoration and entertaining tips and ideas


Raena said...

Love this! All of your decorations are adorably spooky. :)

Emilie said...

Love love love your decorations!! My husband and I are also obsessed with halloween and we look forward to adding scary decorations to our collection every year. I will have to check out dollar tree. I sent the husband to Target yesterday to pick up dish soap and he came home with 3 bags of halloween stuff!! Target has stepped up their game with halloween decor - most of it was from the dollar section!

I have a question for you that might be somewhat divisive and controversial (?). I am a Christian, and so is my husband. You are Jon are obviously Christians too. We all love Halloween. Several of my co-workers (also Christian) have made comments about how Halloween is un-Christian. I don't really know how to respond to them but I have stopped mentioning Halloween since they made those comments. Have you encountered similar reactions from anyone in your congregation or social circle? Sorry if this is a touchy subject.

Christine said...

You are soo good in decorating, love all the little things, it comes well together!!

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