Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Eye Spy

It's no secret that I love saving money... it's almost a game of chase for me, I love the thrill of it! It's also no secret my vision sucks. The world is full and clear in my eyes but put words, close or far, in front of me, and I am a blind bat. I should wear contacts but I try every year at my vision appointment and basically start glasses it is!

Back in August I posted about my new frames from Firmoo (wow Ford looks like a little peanut and that was only 3 months ago! Tear) and I am back again with yet another pair. Firmoo is the world's most popular online eyeglass store and it is CHEAP! Sure we have vision insurance that covers a pair of glasses up to a certain point but I always end up spending an extra $50-$60 out of pocket on the cheapest frame I can find. Boo. So from now on I order my frames directly from Firmoo for a killer deal and they show up on my door step. Winning.

I like to have two pairs of glasses on hand since I wear them so often, and since my baby likes to play with my stuff (aka hide my stuff) so I snagged another pair of Firmoo frames. I thought I'd go a little hipster and chose these gray/ivory frames for $36! Oh and I love that you can upload a picture of yourself to "try on" different glasses.


I love sharing money saving deals with you guys so the first people that use the code RUTHIEBLOGS4 will receive $15 towards a classic series pair of glasses. That means you can score a pair of glasses (frames and lenses!) for $20! Hurry! The code will be valid until December 17th, 2014.

Happy shopping four eyes!


Emily said...

I just used your code and ordered some, yay! How fast long does shipping usually take?

Our family, two feet at a time said...

Ever since your august post I've been looking and wanting to buy some frames from Firmoo. But I got hung up on the measurements/sizing of the pupil distance and haven't taken the time too look at it again. How did you go about determining the sizing you needed? Help! Thanks - and your glasses are adorable!

Sarah said...

those frames are so perfect for you! love them. super cute lady!

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