Sunday, December 21, 2014

All you can eat date night

This was the second weekend in a row we packed up Ford and sent him off to his mimi and papa's so we could have a night out. I posted a picture on Instagram saying that we were so much cooler now that we have babies and that is the truth y'all! Something about parenting as a team makes you really value that time as husband and wife, away from the kids, away from the chaos, and away from being mommy and daddy. Depending on the season, time away can be few and far between but oh how sweet it is! I was just telling someone yesterday the best thing we did for our marriage is put Ford in his own room and instate an early bedtime so we could have "us" time. Even though we are blessed by lots of family and friends who love babysitting our wild man, I never feel like we are lacking "date nights" because come 7:31pm when Ford is peacefully snoozing upstairs for the next 12 hours, we bust out games or movies, make dinner and eat it in peace, and have our own little at home date night. It is such a weird thing being out and about without your kids. You are so much more aware of the families you see...sometimes I want to go up to them and exclaim, "I have a cute baby at home!" and sometimes I think to myself, "why the heck would you bring your preschooler and toddler to a fancy steakhouse. Okay I am rambling.

But this weekend we finally got to celebrate Father's Day with the tickets I bought for Jon to see The Black Keys! Yeah! I scored cheap presale tickets back in June and never thought the day would come that we would finally be going to the show (I do remember thinking...we can leave Ford overnight in December..eek!). I wanted Friday to be special for Jon, to celebrate him as a father but also celebrate him as a wonderful provider for our family. His year is coming to a close and not a day goes by that I am not in awe of the talents God has given him to be successful in almost anything he tries. Is that enough sap for ya? Jon loves music so concert tickets...check....and Jon loves meat. We had the pleasure of dining at Estancia Churrascaria on Friday before the concert, a beautiful Brazilian steakhouse in Austin that offers 15 of the most decadent and delicious meats, an immaculate salad bar, and authentic Brazilian side dishes. It is basically a carnivore's carnival. We had been to Estancia one time before, actually it was the day we found out Ford was a boy, and we were giddy excited to return and fill our bellies with red meat and fried polenta. Never been been to a Brazilian steakhouse? You are missing out! Men walk around with fresh, piping hot meat and cut it to your liking right at your table. You have little cards on your table (one side red, one side green) to let them know you want more meat or are taking a break. I can just taste the filet melting in my mouth!

Not only is the food heavenly but the staff treats every patron like a king. Managers are constantly on the move, asking if there is a certain cut of meat you'd like, more sides, more drinks, how is our meal, etc. The atmosphere was bustling with Christmas parties and celebrations yet it felt intimate at our table. Estancia is open Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day if you are looking for somewhere to celebrate!

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One lucky reader will receive a free dinner voucher at Estancia Churrascaria, a $50 value! 
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RennyV said...

Love your writing!

Gayle said...

That food looks so, so, so good! And I'm totally envious you got to see The Black Keys! I love them, but have never been able to make it to one of their shows. And PS - I'm entering the contest even though I don't live there because I'm visiting in February, and moving there next year! (So I promise I didn't enter just to be a creep. lol)

Amanda said...


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