Thursday, March 5, 2015

Easter Crafting

Ford is taking after his mama and sure does love arts and crafts. Actually, growing up Jon loved drawing and is a really talented drawer (I am NOT!) so Ford is taking after the both of us. He loves coloring with crayons and sidewalk chalk outside and we recently started using water colors which is is obsessed with. I've been doing projects for the baby nursery and Ford loves to "help". I made my own chalk paint and painted Lucy's crib and Ford was by my side the whole time. I gave him small foam brushes and let him "paint" different parts of the crib. He thinks he is pretty big helping mama with my projects and is always very proud of his drawings and creations. With Easter being so early this year and right around the corner, we've been stocking up on Easter decor from the Dollar Tree! We collected a few items, remember everything at Dollar Tree is $1, and made an Easter pot that Ford sure is proud of. Every morning he goes over to the entry table where it sits and says "Mama! Paint! Egg!". This pot makes the perfect decor piece, centerpiece for an Easter table, or even an Easter gift for grandma and grandpa.

The supplies 
-Small clay pot
-Burlap ribbon
-Foam flower disk
-Easter grass
-Decorative eggs

We had a freakisly hot day in February and Ford ran around in a diaper!

I used acrylic paint to press Ford's handprint onto the pot, it comes off easily with a baby wipe and doesn't stain skin.

It would have been a lot easier just to use the same color but we had fun using two and my baby who normally hates to get dirty had fun!

After letting the pot dry for a few hours I brought it inside with the rest of my supplies. I found a bow making tutorial on Pinterest and hot glued a burlap bow on the top of the pot.

I picked up a foam flower disk (I made this phrase up but you get the gist!) from the Dollar Tree and added some Easter grass to spruce up the pot.

These adorable eggs on sticks were 4 for $1 at Dollar Tree.

Be sure to check out your local Dollar Tree store or visit for more Easter decor and craft inspiration!


Mandi Moore said...

This is adorable Ruthie!! I definitely have to do something like this with my two littles! I want to remember how tiny their little hands are forever! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sarah Tucker said...

So cute!!

Annie Sandmeier said...

I love Ford's adorable little serious/concentrating face!! Such a sweetie!

sheridanj2015 said...

I love this Ruthie!! It turned out great! And Brielle would definitely have it ALL over her! haha so precious!

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