Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Selfies {selfie stick giveaway}

It's hard to imagine life without smart phones. I remember having to bring my dinky little point and shoot camera everywhere I went because either my phone did not have a camera yet or it was useless and produced fuzzy pictures. I now own a big fancy Canon DSLR camera yet most of my pictures come from my iPhone. Quick, easy, editable, and can be posted to the internet within seconds. Oh and remember when the iPhone came out with the selfie camera. THAT was cool. Prior to that Jon and I have tons of pictures of just one of us on vacation, with Ernie, or having fun. It was awkward having to ask people to take a picture of the two of you and the selfie has changed that! Now we have a million pictures of our big, white, cheesing faces with a tiny view of the background. "Who has the longest arms?" is a question often asked when jumping in a selfie shot which always results in people getting cut off or not even making the picture. Enter the selfie stick! How genius.

(baby monitor to show how small it is!)

Just in time for Lucy's birth (no that doesn't mean I will be using it DURING her birth but after), the Hart family are proud owners of an Mpow iSnap X selfie stick. It even has bluetooth so you can take selfies without having to use the self timer. They think of everything these days! It's $20, super easy to use, and portable which is a must because no one wants to carry around a 5 foot pole just to get the perfect selfie. Now we will be able to fit our family of 4 (and the Harts have pretty big heads) in one selfie.

Selfie stick newbies!

And for your comedic relief, a video!

Use the code LK35FSFH for $4 off your Mpow iSnap X selfie stick!

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Evelina said...

That video is so helpful! I never really knew how they worked before. And oh my goodness, can Ford GET any cuter???

Sarah said...

i loved the video! how fun is it to be able to hear you and ford! jealous of his talking skills and his mama words! crue has mayyyybe said mama or mom 5 times in his life. what gives!
can't wait to see lucy photos!

Melissa (My Turquoise Home) said...

Best YouTube video ever! You and Ford are adorable! Selfie Sticks are awesome! I use mine all the time! Can't wait to see you all as a family of 4!

Courtney said...

Oh my goshhhhh he is just the sweetest! I agree with Sarah, I'm ready for Lucas to starting taking after Ford in the talking department ;)

And as much as I used to knock the selfie stick, I would seriously LOVE to have one. They're pretty inconspicuous too (unless they're all the way stretched out of course) which is awesome!

"B" said...

Oh my goodness the video is so stinking CUTE. Ford and you are both so adorable! :) Plus great to know how it actually works. Totally need one of these!

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