Thursday, May 7, 2015

Drooly babe

Sometimes it's hard to believe we are doing the "baby thing" all over again. It's funny how quickly you forget things about babies as you graduate on to the next stage. I remember holding Lucy a few minutes after we got into our postpartum room, an hour or so after I had her and I forgot to support the back of her head and she was a little floppy fish. Whoops! These days I barely even carry Ford since he is so independent (and big) but sometimes I feel like I am a first timer doing the newborn things again. One thing I DO remember is in about 3-4 months Lucy will turn into a drool monster. It was around Christmas 2013, Ford was almost 4 months old and I could have sworn he would wake up with a mouth full of shark teeth with the way he was drooling and gnawing on things. Turns out teething takes months and he didn't get his first tooth until that spring. I hated having to cover up Ford's cute outfits with silly bibs but there was no way we could leave the house without one the way Ford was drooling. This time around I am excited to stock up on adorable bandana bibs for Miss Lucy so we can keep her clean, dry, and of course... fashionable! We have a few girly flowery printed bandana bibs and I am excited to add these SavvyBaby bibs to her stash. We haven't had a chance to use them yet (since they are basically the size of her teeny body!), but they are incredibly soft, made of 100% cotton, and seem to be very absorbent. And the patterns! I am pretty picky when it comes to baby clothes and hate when baby products are cheesy (example, "if you think I'm cute, you should see my dad"... no thanks). I love the trendy prints of the SavvyBaby bibs. I wish I had these a few weeks ago when Ford was getting his molars and canines! 

I was able to put a bib on Ford while he was playing blocks... long enough to snap a picture before he wanted it off. How cute does he look?!

Buy your own SavvyBaby drool bibs on Amazon today!

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Evelina said...

These are so cute. Way better than those ones that have silly writing all over them. I'm with you on the more modern kids clothes!

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