Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Deeks & Me

I shared a little bit here last month about how I am totally okay with the drooly baby phase (that is pre the nightmare that is teething) because of bandana bibs. I only had 2 with Ford and those puppies were washed almost daily because they got so much use. It's funny the things that make you happy when you are a mom. 4 hours of continuous sleep, a trip to the dentist alone, and baby bibs. Y'all. I about died and went to fabric heaven when I got this sweet little package from DEEKS & ME.  

You are welcome.

I basically want to order every single thing in the shop. The "Y'all" bib. Come on!! Every Texas baby needs that! DEEKS & ME is a local Austin, TX shop run by Rachae, who is a mama herself. Ever since having children of my own, I love supporting mamas who are working hard to support their families, especially when they are right around the corner from me. I don't think you'll find cuter accessories for your wee ones so get to shopping! And remember, bandana bibs and infinity scarves aren't just for the little ladies. Tough guys drool and have cold necks too! I am going to soak in the next 5 years when my kids allow me to dress and accessorize them. I am dreading the days where they want to dress themselves, oye. Now, my real life dress up dolly girl sporting her DEEKS & ME headwrap. 

Use the code DEEKSFIRST10OFF for 10% off your entire order

One lucky winner will receive this DEEKS & ME Bomb Pop Bib


Allena said...

She looks so big already! And don't count on 5 years of dressing little miss Lucy. Drew has been choosing her own outfits for a while, and it makes me so sad sometimes. Like when I show her 5 dresses with matching sandals before church and she says no to them all and then pics a t-shirt, shorts, and her tennis shoes. ;)

Pamela said...

OH.MY.GOSH. I am in Heaven with all this cute stuff!

Evelina said...

I am definitely telling my mama friends about this etsy shop! I am in love with all of their patterns!

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