Monday, June 1, 2015

Nursing in public {giveaway}

Nursing the second time around has been pretty seamless. What a huge blessing and relief! I remember when they handed Lucy to me in recovery, I was alone, and I decided to start nursing her. That would have most definitely NOT been the case with baby #1. It basically took 4 people to get Ford latched on to nurse in the beginning and it was quite overwhelming. Even once we got the nursing thing down, I was so nervous to nurse in public. I  had one of those covers with wire around the neck but my heart would race everytime I used it thinking 'What if that old man can see my side boob?' 'Or what if a gust of air blows my cover off and I am left half naked in a La Madeline booth?'. I wasn't so much afraid of nursing in public, I was just nervous. This kept me from taking Ford out and about at certain times of the day because I didn't want to get caught in Costco with a hungry baby. We had many a nursing sessions in the back seat of my car and even then I was worried about people lurking in the windows. Lame I know. But 2nd time nursing has been so much different! I am relaxed, confident, and armed with a new nursing cover, a Cover Me Poncho. The Cover Me Poncho is beautiful, super light weight, and doesn't scream "I am a new mom and I have to wear hideous nursing friendly tops!". No. I actually feel more trendy and fashionable than I have in ages! It is a full coverage top that allows quick and easy access to Lucy's lunch and I don't have to worry about wearing a nursing cami or even a nursing bra since my girls will always be covered. Another plus of the poncho is it's flowy and helps hide the changing postpartum body. Just when you are sick of all of your maternity clothes and ready for your old wardrobe, you are quickly reminded that not everything is nursing friendly. I wore my mint Cover Me Poncho to our first dinner outing as a family of 4. I was able to nurse Lucy discreetly at our table while we ate without flashing neighbor patrons. I felt cute and confident and wore the same outfit the next morning to church (fashion offender I know). I envision this poncho doubling as a swim cover up this summer and I will be able to easily nurse modestly at the pool with big brother.

Cover Me Ponchos
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One lucky reader will win a Cover Me Poncho of their choice. Hop on over to my Instagram account to enter!


Sarah said...

i can't with these photos. they make my heart skip a beat!
you look so good. and so happy.
love love love.

Evelina said...

Cute and functional! Love the photos :)

Lissie Nee said...

I have been lusting after one of these since I saw a girl at MOPS with one. So pretty!
but I don't do Instagram. :(

Kati said...

So cute! I entered =)

Gamer said...

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