Monday, June 15, 2015

What Jon is getting for Father's Day

I love buying people gifts but my husband can be tricky to buy for. He doesn't want for much and when he wants something, he buys it (men!). So I should rephrase that... I love buying gifts for my sisters and friends and kids haha. When I do plan something good to give to Jon, I often get too anxious and excited to give it to him and give it to him ahead of time. Case in point Father's Day is this weekend and I gave him his gift two weekends ago. Patience is not one of my strong suits :). After a weekend at the lake with Moscow Mules, I decided we needed our own copper mugs. Not sure why but the drink just tastes better in copper and I feel cool and trendy using them (as I am covered in spit up and in yesterday's clothes). 4 copper mugs and a nice bottle of Texas vodka was all I was planning on getting Jon until I found JORD wood watches. The only jewelry Jon wears is his wedding ring and a wristwatch...not sure how I feel about men in necklaces or bracelets but that's a whole other discussion. I've said it before that Jon is pretty stylish when it comes to his wardrobe, I never have to worry about him coming out of the house in mismatched colors or dreaded cargo pants. He has style! This can be a good thing but he is also particular about clothing, shoes, and accessories (sunglasses, watches). The second I saw this Delmar watch by JORD I knew it screamed Jon. I was so interested to see what a watch made out of wood would be like and y'all, it is pretty darn cool. Unlike his other steel wristwatch, it is super lightweight and we both love the big face. Jon is always out with customers and potential clients so a wood watch makes the perfect conversation topic! "A watch made out of wood? I gotta see this!". This watch is really beautiful and I am thrilled that Jon wears it everyday and loves to show it off!

One lucky winner will receive a $120 gift certificate to JORD 
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Sponsored by Wood Watches by JORD


Claire said...

Where did you find the copper mugs? My husband is a big fan of Moscow mules as well :)

Evelina said...

I had no idea these existed! They are so cool and different!

Laura said...

So nice! My watch from them just shipped a few days ago. I can't wait to get it! Gorgeous pieces!

Mohammed Aaftab Khan said...

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