Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Packing lunch for school

Ford started a summer Mother's Day Out/camp program at the Baptist Church by our neighborhood and he loves it (maybe not as much as I love it but he has fun!). It is once a week and only through the end of July but I am excited that he's getting a couple months of 'school' under his belt before he starts twice a week in the fall at a different Christian Academy near our house. Ford will be 2 next month and I am not necessarily in a rush to get him in preschool but decided it would be good for him to have the social time and mama to have some one on one time with Lucy. I plan on doing swim lessons with Lucy and running my difficult errands with her while Ford is in school (when you have 2 under 2, one baby is so easy!). I don't expect Ford to be doing long division in school but I am excited for him to be in a teacher/student environment and learn to take direction and listen to others besides me and Jon and just have fun! Summit has a Christian based curriculum so I am excited that as he learns colors, shapes, letters, etc, he will be learning about our Heavenly Father. So that's the back story on Ford and school and now I want to talk packing lunches.

Since Ford only goes on Tuesdays this summer, I don't have to pack his lunch often. What I've Been doing is making a grilled cheese the night before and feeding half of it to him for dinner and packing half for the next day. What I am running into is coming up with healthy, CLEAN, food ideas that don't need to be refrigerated. He loves cheese sticks but they start getting melty if I don't give it to him directly from the fridge. I have a little Rubbermaid bento box cube that has an ice pack so I feel comfortable packing cut up fruit (grapes, watermelon, pineapple, peaches) but I need help on other healthy ideas! Ford is one of those kids who can seriously put away food when he's focused and hungry but if he is having fun or busy, he won't stop to eat. Because school is a long day for him and he is a go-go-go little guy, I want to make sure he is eating good food to fuel him! For snack I've been packing a package of peanut butter crackers and a pouch that has veggies in it because I know he is relatively neat when eating those. He also loves PB&J's but opens them and scrapes the filling out with his fingers...and makes a complete mess. He likes chicken nuggets and meatballs but I don't exactly want to eat meatballs that have been in a lunchbox for 3 hours. So mamas, what do you pack your toddlers for school lunches? Ford would be on a cracker and dairy diet if I let him!

And because you all know I am the queen of planning ahead, I had to get Lucy a lunchbox to match big brothers. I know she isn't eating food yet but this neoprene lunchbox by The Art of Lunch is perfect to throw bottles in when we are on the go (yay my kid takes a bottle!). I know solids are right around the corner so I had to be prepared! I love this lunch tote because it is thick and durable, stain resistant and machine washable (a MUST with kiddos), and it is made from non toxic materials. Looking for a lunch box for your little (or yourself), grab one of these on Amazon!


Evelina said...

I always stuggle with lunches for myself. For a toddler must be so much harder! I see a lot of other mommy bloggers pack those one bite energy bites.
Good luck!

Rebekah Lewis said...

I had to pack lunches for my daughter this past year one day every other week & it was a challenge! We usually do left overs for lunches or things that have to be heated up & that's not really an option. I usually just gave up & did a lunchable with cheese & crackers but that's not very filling. This year she's doing mothers day out twice a week & i have no idea what to pack for her!

Megan C said...

Oh my gosh, my son Seth does the same thing with the PB&J sandwiches!! I would love to hear about more ideas for good healthy lunches once you get some, he starts day school in the fall and my child is one picky eater but I want him to grow up on a clean eating lifestyle. My only suggestion, not the healthiest but I make my own sort of chex mix my son loves. The recipe is on my blog!

Stokes(d) about life said...

So my son Noah was in a two day program last fall and will start again come August. I found a bento type Tupperware that had a square ice pack that all my boxes clipped into from target. Love it!!! The tray is still frozen when I pick him up at one so I know his food stayed cold. Some of his favorite lunches were ham or turkey and string cheese fruit or fruit and veggie "squeezie" as he calls it and some sort of cracker or veggie straws. He also loved hummus, chips, carrots, and fruit, and of course the classic pb&j. Other favorites included pandora bread chicken, mini muffins, and homemade trail mixes! Pinterest of course has tons of ideas and I've used many of them:) good luck!

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