Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sacred Made

I have a thing for gallery walls. The wall along our staircase is covered in black and white pictures, each of my kids has a wall of random prints, photos, and knick knacks, and my bathroom has my favorite gallery wall in my house. I've bought, been given, and collected beautiful Christian and scripture based prints to hang in our downstairs powder room. Jon and I felt that God called us to buy our large home to open it up to share the Gospel. He wanted us to keep our doors open to friends, neighbors, and family and to love them well and lead them to the Cross and that is what we love to do. I knew right when we moved in that I wanted to create this wall in our powder room, knowing how many people we have in and out of our home between community group, bible studies, parties, play dates, and get togethers. My prayer was for this wall to captivate those who use our bathroom and stir their hearts affections towards the Lord. Call me crazy but I pray that the Holy Spirit is present in that teeny tiny bathroom (it is so small y'all) and that these prints raise curiosity, questions, and affections. 

I change up the prints every so often and the most recent addition is this beautiful gold foiled print from Sacred Made, inspired by one of my favorite Christian songs Oceans. This song is my fuel. I am reminded that it is by the power of God that I am pushed beyond my boundaries and though my flesh may fail, I am solid, successful, loved, and fearless in His eyes. I think I've heard the song a million times and I can't listen without being physically and spiritually moved. Spirit take me deeper than my feet could ever wander. A daily prayer for myself and my children. I pray that I will go where He calls me and go without question or fear. 

Sacred Made is the result of God's incredible work and providence bringing two talented women living states apart, together to create beautiful prints. Becca and Catherine have big hearts for Jesus and create scripture prints with the prayer that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be glorified and shared. These sisters in Christ prayer over each print before it is sent out and through their prints, God's word is gracing the walls of people's homes in 36 states and 4 different countries. Amazing. 

Sacred Made
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Pamela said...

what beautiful prints!

Megan C said...

Love that print soooo much!!

Evelina said...

Gallery walls are totally my jam. I love that you were able to fit one in your powder room!

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