Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Your Life. Now Playing

Before I had kids I don't think I ever received the dreaded "Out of storage" pop up message when trying to take a picture. My phone was filled with pictures of my French bulldog looking the exact same in every photo, meals I made without a toddler at my feet and baby strapped to my chest, and the occasional selfie of me and Jon. I make a family year book every year to document the trips, events, and fun we've had in a year and our pre-baby yearbooks are not even half the size as when we had kiddos! Kids are just so easy to take pictures of. Okay let me rephrase that, not PHYSICALLY easy to take pictures of (have you ever tried to get a picture of a 22 month old and 2 month old both looking normal-ish... yeah... impossible), but easy in the sense that I could take a million pictures of my kids every day. I don't want to forget these moments because they are so fleeting. I love that my children will get to thumb through the thousands, yes thousands, of pictures and videos I have of each of them and get to show their children one day.

I am lucky that my mom did a great job of taking photos of me growing up and writing lots of details in my baby book, but nothing compares to today's technology where families have YouTube and Instagram accounts solely for their wee ones. I got an email a few months ago asking where/how I store all of my photos and I panicked. I do a good job of organizing my photos by year, month, and activity on my computer but have no backup plan if my laptop bites the dust. I've since found the coolest website that offers private cloud storage for your photos and videos and allows you to access on multiple devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, even your TV). It is called RealTimes™. Your photos are organized in a timeline and you have the option to make individual albums within your account (I like this because I prefer to save my photos based on events...beach trip, Ford at the pool, 4th of July, etc.). And because I am a mom who always shoves her camera in my kids' faces, it's hard to choose what pictures/videos to post on social media. RealTimes™ allows you to create 'stories' with your content- you can edit pictures/videos, add sound and music, subtitles, and share with anyone, even if they don't have the app!

Want to know something else that's pretty stinking neat? RealTimes™ will create stories from your photos and videos without you having to do anything. It takes the photos with the best lighting, smiles, etc. and creates a video with music, all done for you. It is so fun to see what they come up with and instead of sharing way too many pictures of my kids, the story crams them into one social media post! And it is FREE (up to 7GB of storage)!

Here is a story created in RealTimes with Lucy's birth photos... excuse me while I go cry a little. Time just flies by with children!

RealTimes™ is free to download and use, with two premium subscription plans: a $4.99 per month premium plan provides an additional 25GB of storage, while $9.99 per month gives you an unlimited plan letting you access all music tracks, filters and effects for unlimited story duration and storage use for up to 15 devices.
Want to start creating stories with your photos and videos? Find RealTimes™

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Evelina said...

I need this! I currently use Dropbox but have long ago used up all my free storage space there. I would love to try RealTimes!

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