Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Gummee Girl

It's crazy how quickly babies grow. Yes it's cliche to say that they grow up so fast but you only have a few short months before they are moving, eating, talking, and the dreaded....teething. I remember thinking Ford was bound to get teeth at 4 months old because of the drool, chewing, and gnawing but lo and behold, he didn't get one until almost 9 months (which for an EBF mama, I was happy). Well Lucy lady has started her journey towards teeth and I am hoping she follows in her brother's footsteps. Everything is in her mouth- hands, wash cloths, her clothes, toys, and she absolutely loves when you rub her gums. I get so sad looking at her big empty mouth just knowing the pain she will go through to fill it up with teeth. Good thing we don't remember teething. We recently got a new fun teething toy for her, a Gummee Glove! Lucy loves holding onto her toys (Sophie, Zoli) but hey she's only 4 months so she isn't the best at keeping them in her hands. The Gummee Glove is genius. It Velcros securely onto her hand and she can flap her hands around as she pleases without dropping her toy. The silicon teether pieces are removable so it's easy to pop in the dishwasher and even the fridge to make it cold for extra teething relief. Gosh companies really do think of everything these days! One lucky reader will win a Gummee Glove for their little teether! Details at the bottom of this post.

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1 lucky mama will receive a Gummee Glove for their teething baby!
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savana duncan said...

My little guy is teething right now too and it is so awful! I might have to give the gummee glove a shot! Thanks for sharing and your little Lucy is so adorable!

MKH said...

Lucy is beyond adorable!
My little guy is only a week old but already loves sucking his fingers and arms. This glove is genius!

Sarah said...

this looks amazing! so does that baby girl!

Jess said...

What a neat idea!!!

Evelina said...

This is so clever! I love that they can't throw it away because it's stuck on them! haha

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