Friday, October 9, 2015


I've talked about it a few times before but 2 years ago God called me and a few other women to starting a moms group here in Austin. It started out as a few ladies around a table at La Madeline nervously nursing our newborns in public and talking about the woes of motherhood and it has now grown into almost 3,000 women, region pages, a Christian leadership team, and so much more. Ladies With Babies exists to provide women with community because it really does take a village to raise little people. Not only has LWB been a huge blessing in my life but my heart just bursts when I hear other mamas tell me how LWB saved their lives. I know my ministry is new moms and I am so glad God has me on this mission. Because I interact with so many women on a weekly basis, I get to to meet and foster relationships with some really cool mamas. Seriously some of my friends are so talented! Heather and Erin are two twin mamas I met through Ladies With Babies who have created a website/blog called #MOMBOD to encourage women to love and take care of their beautiful postpartum bodies... aka the Mombod.

"Fitness is not about feeling pressured to look a particular way or to accomplish it one certain way, it is about making healthy choices and being a better you! Women who live active, fit lifestyles generally feel better and carry more confidence. Be a FITMOM  for your family! Let us support you along your journey to being a stronger Mom. MOMBOD is here to inspire, empower, and transform your life!"

I had the priveledge of being a part of #MOMBOD's launching photo shoot when I was just 3 months postpartum. My body was still healing from my surgery and I was carrying around 10 extra pounds from pregnancy but I felt no shame in taking my shirt off and embracing my MOMBOD.

The brains, beauty, and braun behind #MOMBOD

My #MOMBOD isn't perfect but the stretch marks, soft belly, and C section scar remind me that I grew 2 sweet babies in my tummy and would do it (and plan to!) all over again. I never thought I would love my body so much, especially after having two kids, they are worth every bit of it.

I'd love for you to follow along and join the #MOMBOD community!

One lucky mama will win a black size medium #MOMBOD t shirt

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Chelsea Phelps said...

These pictures are awesome Ruthie! What a great thing to be a part of!

Kristin said...

This is awesome!!! It's not always easy to embrace the mom bod but you are so right, every crease, line and bulge is totally worth it!

Liz said...

Love this, Ruthie!!!!

Sarah said...

you look fabulous!!
i did something similar and it felt so good to love my body, even if only for a day. ha ha.
love that project!

Allena said...

Love it! I definitely feel the same way you do. Do I necessarily LOVE every saggy bit? Not really. Would I trade them away? Not for a second. They grew 2 wonderful people and nursed them for a combined 44 months (and like you want to do it all again)! What a great group!

Erika said...

Beautiful photos! It's so nice to see different shapes and sizes... and everyone happy and healthy and strong! Good for you ladies:)

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