Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Perfect Grandparent Gift

Thanksgiving was the first time that all of my parents' grand kids (who we call the #FanningGrands on social media) were together since my nephew was born in September. Who knew it would be so hard to get 4 kiddos who live 3 hours away together?! Because my parents always host such a beautiful and relaxing Thanksgiving for our family, I wanted to do something nice for them and incorporate something with the grand kids. I love how easy presents are for my parents these days, now that they are grandparents. Pictures of the kids are a winner and I know homemade crafts and projects are going to be in our future. My mom does a great job of making photo books for all of our family vacations so I thought a photo book of the Fanning Grands would be the perfect gift. After some quick research I found that Walmart Photo has custom cover photo books available for same day pickup for only $19 through 1/5/16. Score! I love the same day pickup because as a mama of 2, everything is last minute. And $19 sure does beat the prices of other websites. I had no idea but Walmart Photo offers tons of holiday photo cards and gifts. Ornaments, canvases (also same day!), puzzles (we got one for my parents 2 years ago, so fun!), calendars and holiday cards as low as $.44 a piece in-store plus free shipping on all cards and gifts on until 12/30/15! My sister and I gift a calendar to our parents and grandparents every year with picture of our kiddos, another unique and precious gift for the ones you love. Walmart is right by our house so all the hassle of having to run around to try to find the perfect gifts is gone. I uploaded photos and created the adorable photo book right from my couch and it was ready that same day. I feel like most of us are trying to cut back this holiday season and Walmart Photo has the perfect gifts that say, I love you and I care about you, but I don't want to give you something that will just end up collecting dust in a pile. And kids are such easy photography subjects! I loved compiling some of my favorite photos of the Fanning grand kids and will have to make another photo book after the holidays are over because I know my sister and I will take no less than 500 pictures of our kids together. I was able to give my parents the photo book on Thanksgiving day as we sat around the table sharing what we are thankful for. One thing I've learned since becoming a parent is that it truly does take a village to raise children and I couldn't have survived the past 2 years without the love, support, and encouragement from "Mimi" and "Papa". They absolutely adored the photo book and since my grandparents were in town for the holidays, they loved it as well and want to order one for themselves! I know this photo book will get passed around to anyone who visits my parents house over the holidays!

Pictures are such a sweet reminder of this chaotic and fleeting season of parenthood and I am so glad I take the time to create photo books to look back on. Time sure does fly with 2 under 2! Looking for a quick, easy, and memorable gift for a loved one this holiday season? Don't forget to check out Walmart Photo for same day gifts that won't empty your wallet. Be sure to visit Walmart Photo's brand page on where you can read other bloggers' posts.

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Evelina said...

A photo good is such a good gift idea and an amazing memory to have! Hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving!

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