Monday, October 3, 2016

Scripture Seeds

One of the ways I love serving people is through food. And I can't even put into words how grateful I am for the food people provided for us while we were going through our flood fiasco. In times of crisis and suffering there is often little one can do to help better the situation. That is where a hot meal comes into play. Sure there is no amount of casseroles or enchiladas that will mend the broken heart of a woman who has just lost her mother to cancer or miscarried for the 3rd time in a row but a meal is a sign of love, support, and Jesus. I love how many times in the bible Jesus talks about breaking bread with each other and encourages us to sit around a table over a meal. Food is so central to gospel community and providing meals to my brothers and sisters is just being the body of Christ. I love bringing meals to new mamas because it is such a tender, sweet, and almost always joyful time but sometimes we forget about those around us who are suffering. Maybe your neighbor has confided in you that her marriage is in a dark place or your coworker is battling depression... those aren't always the situations where people step up to create meal calendars. But that is when they are needed. I can't heal my neighbor's husbands cancer but dinner and maybe some frozen breakfast tacos are what I can do. And I can pray. I can pray for healing, understanding, comfort, and lots of grace. 

Cultivate and Co. has created the most beautiful little scripture cards that I have been sticking in the meals I deliver. A reminder of the eternal hope found in Jesus and Jesus alone. Nicole has created Scripture Seed sets for Comfort and Care, Love, and Hope and Joy. I absolutely love keeping these on hand, not just to give away but to display in my home, to use as a bookmark, and to remind me that my personal pain and suffering is not discounted, it is being used in my story, in His story. Hop on over to my Instagram to win a set of Scripture Seeds of your own. Cultivate and Co. also has beautiful scripture prints, digital downloads, and other beautiful handmade goodies. 

Cultivate and Co.

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Laura Darling said...

I just love this idea. So thoughtful.

MaryO said...

Ruthie -

These are JUST perfect! And what a wonderful post! All of us eat and it's nice to remember God and be thankful to Him for food. So often we take this for granted - many do not have the blessings of three meals a day + someone to share it with! These cards remind us that we are never alone!

San Pedro, CA

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