Wednesday, March 4, 2020

What turning 31 did to my skin...

I turned 31 last year and had an "aha" slash "oh shit" moment when I realized I wasn't take care of my skin. I have been lucky enough to have never struggled with acne or skin issues and it wasn't like I had been in tanning beds or laying in the sun without sunscreen, I just realized I needed to be proactive with my skin now that I am in my 30s. The extent of my skincare routine was bar soap and Vaseline lotion at night before bed and even though it's been working for me for 30 years, other parts of my body were showing age and I knew my skin was next. I hate research and am very impatient but I wanted to actually learn what was best for my face and what were the best products to keep my face fresh and dodge Botox for a few more years. I'm pretty sure I am an influencer's dream because I went to my favorite people on the internet to do some sleuthing. Thanks to Jamie Golden, The Sister Studio, and Tried and True Moms, I finally have a routine that works for my pretty normal (not too dry, not too oily) skin and wanted to share my finds, not because I think it will work for everyone but because this is exactly how I found my routine, reading about others. I haven't gotten much sleep in the past 6 months with a baby yet I feel like my skin has never been softer, healthier, and happier. Oh and nothing I use is over $30! If the expensive stuff works for you, use it. If the cheap stuff works for you, use it. Again, I have zero expertise on skincare and the point of sharing is to give you a nudge to take care of your skin, it is your biggest organ. One way I HAVE been taking care of my skin is pretty much staying in the shade all summer long, wearing hats, and lathering 30-50 SPF often. Now that I've added a daily SPF, not just in the summertime, I am already noticing a difference in skin spots.

Okay enough talk, here is what I use, take or or leave it!

I never used to wash my face in the AM until I started my research and realized how yucky beds can be (even though I wash sheets every week) and how your makeup will go on smoother to a clean face. I wear makeup about 4 days a week and the other days I go natural so SPF is very important.  Washing my face in the AM helps me wake up after a not so restful night and jump right into child rearing.

CeraVe Facial Cleanser- $11- I love how soft this makes my skin feel! I keep one under my skin and one in the shower. It is smooth and lightweight.

Trader Joe's Rose Water Facial Toner- $4- I started using this last summer as a way to refresh my face after being out in the sun. I don't think I've ever bought anything from Trader Joe's I haven't loved. My kids also love using this.

CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizer with SPF- $14- I use this every morning, even if I'm not planning to be out in the sun. I also rub it on my neck and tops of my hands after reading about sun exposure while driving (look at your left hand in the summer and see how much darker it is than your right from driving!).

I am a night showerer so I keep a set of my face washes in my shower and under my sink in case I don't shower. This is my everyday list and I will add a few of my weekly products as well.

Botanic Tree Glycolic Acid Face Wash- $21- this face wash came highly recommended by Jen Reed (The Sister Studio) and she will constantly post comments she gets from people on how it has changed their lives and struggles with acne and different skin issues. It is lightweight with a little grain and helps work off my makeup.

CeraVe Facial Cleanser- $11- I dual wash and use the CeraVe cleanser again and it leaves my skin so stinking soft.

Palmer's Face Oil- $9-I can't believe I went 31 years without this face oil! I have heard it referred to as "Botox in a bottle" and I can see why. It wouldn't be ideal for oily skin but all I need is about 4 drops and my face and neck feel so moisturized and tight. I am noticing a difference in skin and age spots after using this for a few months too.

Jade Roller-  $10-  I keep my jade roller by my bedside and roll while Jon and I catch up from our days or watch a show. My sister once heard from a plastic surgeon that if everyone used a jade roller he would be out of a job because no one would need face lifts! I follow the included directions on what areas and how to roll.

Here are a few products I only use on average 2x a week, sometimes 3.
Palmers Coconut Sugar Facial Scrub- $8- I keep this in my shower and exfoliate 2x a week. It is made with coconut sugar and smells divine! It helps get the dead skin off my face and I dual wash with the CeraVe cleanser after

Baebody Retinol & Vitamin E- $20- I am so glad I learned about Retinol and how it increases the production of collagen thus shrinking fine lines and reducing wrinkles. I am at the age where I am noticing wrinkles pop up so I figured it would be better to be proactive than reactive in my 40s/50s. This is a strong one recommended by Heidi and Sissy at Tried and True Moms and I started noticing a difference within 2 weeks of using it! I use it 2-3 times a week after my dual wash and then follow up with the Palmer's Face Oil. Retinol can be drying for some people and make them peel but I haven't had that side effect.

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops- $29- Also a Tried and True Moms recommendation and I LOVE them! I use 1-2 drops 2x a week and mix it with the Palmer's Face Oil and rub it all over my face and neck. One night I accidentally used 5 drops thinking it was my face oil and I woke up looking a tad like Donald Trump haha. You can even add a few drops into your body moisturizer.

Not exactly skincare but I can't NOT talk about one of my favorite prodcuts. I have been using Babelash since Christmas and oh my goodness my lashes are growing like crazy. Right now I am using it every night but will move to a few times a week once I finish my first tube. A $60 tube should last 3-4 months which is a heck of a lot more affordable than lash extensions.

I hope you enjoyed my edition of amateur skincare hour with Ruthie Hart! I am excited to get back into blogging, slowly but surely. I am working on a post of my favorite baby products the 4th time around.


Allena said...

So funny because I did a post just like this a month or so ago but I added the issue of wanting the products to be super clean. Which definitely adds money and having to do research. I use some Young Living products, Dr. Bronner's soaps, and I have started trying Beauty Counter. You know YL can be pricey and so can Beauty Counter, but I'm also knocking on 40's door (EEK), so I want stuff that WORKS but won't cause cancer in 10 years haha. Here's the post I wrote if you wanted to read it:

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