Monday, September 22, 2014

DIY custom water bottle labels

Last weekend I hosted a baby shower for a sweet friend who will be welcoming her little boy into this world next month. I wanted to create lots of personal touches bur because the shower was so large, I knew I needed to put myself on a budget. Water bottles are always a lot easier to serve to a large group rather than filling cups and ended up with a pile of dishes so even though it's not the most "green" route, it is the easiest. I decided to make custom water bottle labels to serve at the shower that would also act as decor. Y'all. They are super easy and not too time intensive! They make any party feel a bit more special and intimate.

Water bottles
8''x2.5" labels (I made mind in Word and printed from my home computer)
Paper cutter or scissors
Clear packing tape

1. Remove the labels from the water bottles
2. Create your custom label in Word or Photoshop using fun fonts, personal photos, or clip art. Be sure the label ends up to be 8"x2.5" or else the packing tape won't fit over it. Cut your labels into stripes.
3. Place the labels face down on a strip of clear packing tape
4. Wrap around the water bottle

Friday, September 19, 2014

Oreo cheesecake cookies

Oreos are America's favorite cookie, right? What about cookies MADE with Oreos. I don't think it could get any better. I found these  5 ingredient Oreo cheesecake cookies and knew they would be a hit in our home. 5 ingredients, it can't get any easier and they are so delicious and almost cake like! You don't want to miss these cookies.

Ingredients- yields 36 cookies
2 stick of butter, softened
1 (8oz) brick of cream cheese
1 1/2 cups white sugar
2 1/4 cup white flour
20 Oreo cookies, broken into pieces

1. Cream together butter, cream cheese, and sugar
2. Add flour and mix well
3. Fold in Oreo pieces
4. Scoop 1 inch balls of dough onto a prepared baking sheet (I used my new The Art of Cooking silicone baking mats)
6. Bake at 350 degrees for 14-16 minutes. You want the edges to be slightly browned and the middle to be soft
7. Let cool for 10 minutes on the cookie sheet before letting cool on rack/plate

I've never used silicone baking mats before and always resorted to using oil spray or parchment paper. You guys. These The Art of Cooking silicone baking mats are my new favorite baking essential! I baked half of the cookies on the mats and half on parchment paper which resulted in me having to peel each cookie off the parchment paper. The cookies on the silicone mats slid right off and the mat was so incredibly easy to clean and store. I plan on making these baking mats a staple in my kitchen, no more need for greasing pans or using foil and parchment paper.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Bug

The worst kind of bug in the entire world. The stomach bug. The stomach bug swept through our entire house this past week, starting with our little Fordy boy. It sucked. Watching your baby who doesn't even know how to spit out throw up has got to be the saddest thing ever, especially knowing how throwing up wrecks your entire body. With the help of YoungLiving Digize, we were able to combat Ford's bug and it was gone in 24 hours, we thought we were in the clear. Fast forward to 2am the next night and Jon and I were both cleaning out our insides in separate bathrooms and sweating out fevers. I did lots of crying, lots of praying, and lots of sleeping. We even had our first night away from Ford because there was no way either of us could take care of our rambunctious little boy. It was good practice because we are leaving him for a trip for 4 days next week but I hated the circumstances.

One of the worst things was not even seeing a tiny smile crack from my always happy boy. We denied him food, water, and milk, that was hard. He isn't really into TV so was antsy and fussy. Day 2 was better, we got some smiles and he had fun building a fort with daddy and coloring on his new tray (and our white chair).

Thank God for Facetime, Ford had so much fun with his Mimi & Papa and when he came home, cried for them. Good thing I'm tough haha.

I am happy to report we are slowly reentering society but not at full capacity. This bug really wrecked us! I don't know if I would have survived without the help of my mom and dad helping with Ford, seriously, parents don't get sick days! I tend to get REALLY sick once a year and hope I've hit my quota. Stomach bug, you suck! 
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