Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shopping from your phone with Berkeley Blvd.

One of the greatest inventions in this day and age is online shopping. And it's even better when you're a mama because the thought of going to try on clothes while my toddler pockets anything in sight and RUNS away from me with a big ole' smile on his face sounds (and is) miserable. These days you can even order your groceries online from your neighborhood grocery store and have them to your doorstep within an hour. So...why spend time digging through racks of clothing at Forever 21 only to realize their dresses are basically crop tops and their jeans are sized for pre-puberty girls. Shopping for clothes online is such a blessing because I can see outfits styled on people who actually know a thing or two about fashion and imagine that one day I'd be able to recreate. Shopping online is fun but shopping on Instagram... whole new ball game. You scroll through your feed in the morning and jealousy sets in as you drool over Saturday morning donut breakfasts and guilt settles in when you see photos of ladies at the gym with a glimmer of sweat dressed head to toe in adorable Lululemon gear (who can afford those get ups anyway?!). Then... you scroll to the latest post from Berkeley Blvd. and now you feel good. Berkeley Blvd. is an online clothing boutique started by one of my girlfriends Brandi that offers affordable, high quality, trendy but not your main stream cookie cutter look clothing items for women. You may remember my slouch cardigan in this post, it was from Berkley Blvd. and oh so comfortable! My second pregnancy is in a totally different season than before so it can be tricky to find tops that outfit my growing belly, without having to invest in an entire new maternity wardrobe. This dress from Berkeley Blvd. fits the bill and I look forward to wearing it this summer, sans leggings, with strappy sandals without the pregnancy waddle. It is light, comfortable, and well made...the top three requirements for "cool mom clothes". And it's only $34 with free shipping all the time in the US!

Do yourself a favor and follow @ShopBerkleyBlvd and you'll be shopping right from your phone!

Use the code RUTHIE for 20% off your entire order!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Little Engineer

Ford came out looking like my clone but he is so much like his daddy, it's rather hilarious. Jon grew up an only child of a single mama and became an "adult" rather quickly. His brain was always moving, exploring, and learning. Ford is nowhere near adulthood status but he has Jon's brain, a little engineer. Ford has always been the little guy at the playground who will climb all the way up to the top on his own and instead of coming down the slide, will stay up there for 5 minutes touching all the nuts, bolts, and screws, and looking through peepholes. Actually, as of last weekend he will go down ANY slide at the park, this is huge for him! He wants to figure out the best way to get somewhere, how to manuever small spaces, and making things go off and on or left and right. You can imagine one of his favorite things to do is play with light switches and appliances. We took him to an awesome children's museum when we were visiting Chicago and he could have spent 2 hours in the "light room". He gets major satisfaction from seeing a problem solved and has this determined little look on his face when he is figuring stuff out, the funniest furrowed brow. As of lately, puzzles are his favorite because he can mess them up and put them back together. He also doesn't like to get dirty, a kid after Jon's heart (no pun intended). I put leftover yogurt with the spoon in the fridge last week and tried to give it to him a couple hours later and he whined because the spoon was dirty and got his finger dirty. He finds microscopic little particles, feathers, and rug wool around our house and announces that they go in the "tash". It is hilarious because I am pretty sure I was a sassy little free spirit at his age. It's so neat to see how quickly baby's personalities shine.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of working with Mallorie Owens (who will be doing our maternity and newborn pictures so soon!), to snap some "18 month" photos of Ford. We spent the morning at Bull Creek Park and basically just followed Ford from area to area where he examined rocks, collected leafs, and ran his little heart out. Such a little boy. Mallorie and her hubby just moved to Austin from Alaska so contact her if you need spring photos of your family or little ones!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Smore cookies

Jon and I are in a smore season right now. We go through phases of being obsessed with certain foods, namely desserts, and right now it is post dinner/post baby bedtime smores in the microwave by the fire. Jon has perfected the method and we like to experiment with different mini candies instead of just plain ole' chocolate. I got the genius idea to search smores on Pinterest (this goes great with my plan of not eating as many sweets as I did over the holidays) and it was heaven. I got the idea for these smore cookies from this recipe, made it my own, and boy are the GOOD.

Approximately 24 graham crackers, flavor of your choice
1 package pre balled chocolate chip cookie dough
Mini marshmallows (you won't even make a dent in a full bag)
3-4 Hershey bars

1. Break the graham crackers into squares and place them on a parchment or foil lined baking sheet
2. Break each cookie dough ball in half and flatten onto a single graham cracker square
3. Sprinkle each cookie with a few mini marshmallows (I did 3-4 each)
4. Bake for 5 minutes at 375 degrees
5. Break up the Hershey bars into teeny pieces and sprinkle over the semi cooked cookies
6. Pop back in the oven for 5-6 minutes at 375 and immediately remove from heat
7. Let cool and enjoy!
*If you want the warm taste of a traditonal smore, pop a cookie into the microwave for 10 minutes before eating)

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