Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day at the Lake

Sigh, why can't all weekends be 3 days long. Think about how much happier and more productive we'd be during the 4 week days if we had 3 days of rest to look forward to? We had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend spent at my parents lakehouse on Lake LBJ in Kingsland, TX. They actually rent it out throughout the year and here is the link to the rental site if you are interested in a beachy getaway. I'm sure you can tell from pictures (if you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat... @ruthiehart1 on both) that the place is an absolute Oasis. A few rainstorms didn't stop us from having one heck of a weekend. My little family slept surprisingly really well in a 10 by 10 room together and we ate, drank, swam, boated, played games, and relaxed for 3 days. If you know Ford then you'd know he is a super safe kid so we've been hyping up swimming at the lake and driving papa's boat. I basically had to push him into the water because he was nervous and he ended up having the time of his life swimming, collecting shells, making mudpies and having fun with his cousin Embry. I think we have a fish on our hands this summer (a super safe one though). I forced him on a wave runner ride with me (don't judge, I knew he wasn't going to go on it willingly and he cried the whole time despite me staying idle and never putting on the gas). He did absolutely LOVE sitting on my dad's lap and driving the boat, it was too cute. We are going back in a week and a half to stay for 6 days and we are all really looking forward to the R&R! We did a huge shrimp boil one night... shrimp, crab legs, sausage, potatoes, corn, asparagus... to die for! Another hit of the weekend was drinking summer beer... and thus being in bed by 10pm ha. Now some pictures for ya friends.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cute summer booty

It's hot in Austin and we are taking full advantage of our backyard getting afternoon shade and spending time playing in the water. We are on year 3 of using this splash pad (our 2nd one, Jon popped one lasts year) and I haven't even showed Ford that we have this pool/slide for this summer, we are going to get it out this weekend. Lucy is such a funny girl. She hates crawling in the grass (see pictures below) and isn't so sure about the water yet, such a girly girl. Instead of going all out in her rash guard and swim suit, I let girlfriend play in the water table in her new Buttons diaper, have you seen a cuter booty? I think not. She mostly enjoys standing at Ford's tricycle and attempting to ring the bell and chasing Ernie. 

Buttons Diapers is a husband and wife team who sought out to make cloth diapers affordable for all. They sell prefold inserts and covers in the most adorable prints! Lucy is wearing the Afternoon Tea diaper cover. Buttons diapers come in 2 sizes, small 9-20lbs and large 20-35lbs and can be adjusted with snaps to fit your baby perfectly. Did you know that cloth diapers can double as reusable swim diapers? This saves my booty packing for the pool with a 1 year old and 2 year old! Hop over to my Instagram to enter  win a Buttons Diaper of your choice!

Buttons Cloth Diapers

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Because a brave woman will choose LIFE, our family will grow by one sweet baby, hopefully in the next couple of months. Our future birth mother is selflessly choosing to carry this baby, despite that the world may tell her the baby is unwanted, and courageously choose adoption over abortion. More than ever, mine and Jon's hearts have been stirred towards speak out about our belief that God created each human life distinctly in His image and that life starts at conception. We recently learned from Save The Storks that 84% of post abortive moms thought abortion was their only choice. That breaks my heart but you know what? There is no condemnation in Christ and these women do not have to stay in the bondage of shame and guilt for their pasts. They can instead walk free in the redemption because of the blood of Jesus. This is where Save The Storks comes in. Save The Storks is an apolitical pro life ministry that partners with pregnancy resource centers all over the nation to provide tools and training so they can more effectively reach and serve abortion-minded expectant mamas. They own 22 beautiful state of the art buses (with 18 under contract currently!) that go to expectant women to provide them medical care/testing, counseling, prayer, and support. They don't desire to protest, defund, or change laws, but rather love on these women providing them resources, options, and freedom. The bus offers pregnancy and STD testing and onsite ultrasounds. And y'all... 4 out of 5 women who visit a Stork Bus choose LIFE!

Check out this video that shows the vision behind Save The Storks

I'd love for you to be a part of Save The Storks, working towards educating women and providing them with choices besides abortion. Each dollar donated saves the lives of babies and the hearts of women from shame, guilt, and sorrow. By donating $30 a month for 1 year, you save 1 woman and 1 child from the heartache of abortion. You also get this awesome shirt I am wearing below by partnering with STS. You can save lives friends! Donate here

Check out this Stork Bus...pretty awesome!

Find Save The Storks

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