Monday, October 3, 2016

Scripture Seeds

One of the ways I love serving people is through food. And I can't even put into words how grateful I am for the food people provided for us while we were going through our flood fiasco. In times of crisis and suffering there is often little one can do to help better the situation. That is where a hot meal comes into play. Sure there is no amount of casseroles or enchiladas that will mend the broken heart of a woman who has just lost her mother to cancer or miscarried for the 3rd time in a row but a meal is a sign of love, support, and Jesus. I love how many times in the bible Jesus talks about breaking bread with each other and encourages us to sit around a table over a meal. Food is so central to gospel community and providing meals to my brothers and sisters is just being the body of Christ. I love bringing meals to new mamas because it is such a tender, sweet, and almost always joyful time but sometimes we forget about those around us who are suffering. Maybe your neighbor has confided in you that her marriage is in a dark place or your coworker is battling depression... those aren't always the situations where people step up to create meal calendars. But that is when they are needed. I can't heal my neighbor's husbands cancer but dinner and maybe some frozen breakfast tacos are what I can do. And I can pray. I can pray for healing, understanding, comfort, and lots of grace. 

Cultivate and Co. has created the most beautiful little scripture cards that I have been sticking in the meals I deliver. A reminder of the eternal hope found in Jesus and Jesus alone. Nicole has created Scripture Seed sets for Comfort and Care, Love, and Hope and Joy. I absolutely love keeping these on hand, not just to give away but to display in my home, to use as a bookmark, and to remind me that my personal pain and suffering is not discounted, it is being used in my story, in His story. Hop on over to my Instagram to win a set of Scripture Seeds of your own. Cultivate and Co. also has beautiful scripture prints, digital downloads, and other beautiful handmade goodies. 

Cultivate and Co.

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Monday, September 19, 2016


The weather is finally cooling down in Texas (and by cooling down I mean it is high 80s/low 90s...anything beats those blistering summer temps!) which means I basically want to put up my Christmas tree and light a fire. Fall is so weird down here. Some Halloweens we are wearing shorts and T shirts while others I am scrambling for fleece lined leggings to go with the kids' costumes. Anyway, I am excited to transition my wardrobe over the next few weeks and have been doing a little online shopping at Comfy and Chic Boutique . Do y'all remember when I posted about them in the spring? I remember a lot of you snatched up the Y'ALL shirt I wore, it is definitely in my weekly rotation. I finally jumped on the ripped jeans bandwagon snagged these jeans and can't tell you how comfortable they are! Skinny jeans are pretty much the only thing that I wear since I am so short (flared jeans make short girls just look stumpy...) and these are slim, stretchy, and go great with flats or heels. I also chose the Blessed sweatshirt pictured below because as cheesy as it sounds, that's how I am feeling right now. If you follow me on Instagram or caught my last blog post, you'd know that for the past 3 weeks and for another 3-4, we'll be bouncing around from hotel to grandparents, to our home while our house is repaired from a flood. Do I feel blessed that my house was submerged in water? No. I feel so blessed with the community that we are surrounded by. It's such a weird feeling to actually feel joy among what is a pretty crappy situation. We've had dinner at so many people's homes, hot meals have been delivered to our hotel, my children have been cared for by family and friends so I don't lose my sanity, Ernie is taking a sabbatical at my parents house, and people are loving us from afar by praying and texting. Blessed is an understatement. Thankful, grateful, hopeful, joyful. And I know I will feel the same way when we bring our baby girl home in 8 ish weeks. It takes a village you guys!

So back to Comfy and Chic. Over the summer I hosted a trunk show ladies night at my home where Comfy and Chic set up shop, brought food and wine, and it was seriously such a fun night. I think there were 35 women in and out of my home. If you are local in Austin and looking for a fun and different ladies night in (mom's group, co workers, neighbors)... host a Comfy and Chic Boutique trunk show! It is FREE and they bring the food and drink! You just have to open up your home and invite your friends. Head on over to their website or Facebook and start your fall wardrobe shopping.

Use the code RUTHIE15 for 15% off your entire purchase. 

Oh... and head over to my Instagram for a $50 gift card to Comfy and Chic Boutique!

Find Comfy and Chic Boutique

Okay and with Halloween coming up.... how hilarious is this graphic tee?!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our house... the flood, the floors, and God being good

So this is the first post I've written a few weeks... yes I have posted some but those we pre written. Basically our lives have been turned upside down and the dust has kind of settled (literally) and I realized I hadn't written anything about it. Before you read on, know that we are all physically safe. Praise God for that. 2 weeks ago on the evening of September 1st I arrived home at 5:45pm to standing, rushing water in our entire downstairs. I was alone with the kids as Jon was on the road for work, due home the next afternoon. I can't even tell you how scary it was... I can hear the sound of the rushing water now and I felt like I was in the twilight zone. I just started screaming.

I ran to where I could hear the water rushing from and that was our powder room. Something was loose and water was flying everywhere at a high pressure and quick speed. Lucy followed me inside and slipped on the water so she was crying, I was crying, and Ford was very confused. Ernie had been home and freaking out the entire time. What a couple of months it's been for him, poor guy. Anyway, I called 911 because I didn't know what else to do and then called Jon. I tried to turn off the water main but it did nothing for the spraying water. Luckily the neighbors had a contractor outside working on cutting their cabinets and he came running over to help me. The culprit? The hose line that connects your toilet to the wall. You have them at each water source... toilets, sinks, dishwasher, fridge. And this one was made out of plastic, thus bursting because of too much pressure and deterioration. Long story short... the firefighters showed up and were absolutely amazing. Thank you A shift at the Lake Travis Fire Department in my neighborhood... I am going to bring you dinner soon. They stayed for 3 hours and used shop vacs to remove as much water as possible. I had neighbors in my house moving furniture upstairs and to their homes. A friend came to get my babies and Ernie, people brought dinner, and Jon finally got back into town about 9pm. An emergency relief company (Blackmon Mooring) sent someone to walk us through this and had a crew show up at 11pm with about 45 fans and dehumidifiers. Our precious hand scraped wood floors were soft and coming up, the walls, the toys, the rugs. We are thanking God that I was only gone for 2.5 hours and not all day or all weekend. We had planned on going to my parents lakehouse the next morning so if it had happened a day later, the damage would have been much much worse. I am also thankful that Thursday mornings our housekeeper comes and I prep the house by picking up everything off of the floor, putting everything away, etc. So my camera, laptop, more toys, ipads, etc were put away and unharmed. We spent a few days at my parents lakehouse and came home to a house that was torn apart. No floors, no baseboards, no doors, tons of dust, etc. We finally had an adjuster out here today (major delay in a contacting company they use... this is day 14 of the flood and pretty ridiculous) but they are amazing and going to take great care of us. We've been staying at a hotel and are going to try to stay at the house for a few days before construction starts... a hotel with 2 kids and no kitchen has not been ideal. It has been crazy, chaos, and very humbling. It could have been a lot worse. God was with us, continues to be with us, and will carry us through. Floors and baseboards can be fixed. I've had my breakdowns, especially since our baby girl could come in as little as 5 weeks, but I am finding joy. We were told that it will take about a month for everything to happen so I have my eyes set on that. Exactly a month from today is my birthday and that would be the greatest gift ever to be back in our house. 

So as if I wasn't already the worst blogger ever, I probably won't be posting much while our house and lives are in limbo. The kids are happy and healthy and we are hanging in there! We have had dinner brought to us the past couple of nights and have them next week as well. Our friends and family have been wonderful and I know there will be so many silver linings once we are on the other side of it. And I am ready to be on the other side of it!

I've felt this to be a spiritual attack at times, Satan must hate that we are opening up our home to adoption in the name of the Gospel but my God is bigger than that. The enemy won't win.

Thanks for praying friends!
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