Friday, July 25, 2014

10 things Friday

1. For the past 11 months I have been the only one to put Ford to bed at night because we nursed beforehand. Now that we are weaned, Jon has been putting him down and last night was the FIRST time I left before bedtime and enjoyed a night out with friends and Jon handled bedtime! I can't wait to leave Ford with someone so we can do an actual date NIGHT, not our usual 4-7p.

2. They were sampling green smoothies yesterday and my picky baby gulped one right up. I plan on making one today for his lunch since he's been known to eat oyster crackers and bread for a meal (he had a peach for dinner last night, oye). 

3. We are going on vacation next week, hallelujah!

4. Starting next weekend through the middle of September, we have 5 1st birthday parties and 4 baby showers. Yes our group of friends is fertile right now.

5. Ford has been favoring his left hand lately, even trying stuff with his right hand and when he can't do it, switching to his left. I know lots of babies are ambidextrous for a while but I'm wondering when they officially choose a hand to predominantly use. Nothing wrong with being a lefty, I just remember the left handed kids hating scissors because they are made for rightys. 

6. I am reading The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler right now and y'all, it is good. 

7. Moms of boys, this is a must read. A mama writes a letter to her future daughter in law

8. I am making these crockpot quinoa, sweet potato chicken fajitas tonight. Mmm Mmm.

9. I love the song Stay with Me by Sam Smith, turns out it's about a one night stand haha. Regardless, it's a great song

10. I record Jimmy Fallon an Jimmy Kimmel every night and it's the highlight of my mornings to watch them. Makes getting up at the crack of dawn with Ford fun!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Today I am going to talk about an addiction I have. It's not the best habit but it could be worse. Here's the scoop. I can stuff myself silly at dinner (I am talking about chips and queso, enchiladas, guacamole, rice, beans) and have to unbutton my jeans....yet there is always room for dessert. I HAVE to cleanse my pallet with something sweet and it better be chocolate (why waste your time with fruit and vanilla flavored sweets). Jon and I are the gluttons that pig out at Brazilian steakhouses and order dessert. A mini Reeses cup or a bowl of froyo, it just has to be something.

Because scarfing down sugary treats every night isn't the best for your waistline, I have been trying to find alternatives to feed my addiction. Enter the Swirlio. Turn frozen fruit into delicious and healthy homemade desserts and sorbets. 

I keep a big bag of frozen fruit from Costco for Ford to gnaw on when he is teething and we always have an abundance of bananas in the freezer. I loved thumbing through the recipe book and finding the page that spoke to my inner glutton...

Jon and I experimented with one of our favorite spreads...Nutella (this is organic Nutella but it is the same delicious chocolately goodness)...and frozen bananas and I can't even tell y'all how good it was! Granted I did put a TON of Nutella so it balanced out the healthiness of the bananas but I didn't feel guilty for eating a giant bowl of "ice cream". 

We even took a riveting video!

We can't wait to experiment with other fruits and spreads and toppings!

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