Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby's 1st Easter Basket

I had so much fun filling Ford's first Easter basket! This is the first holiday I feel like he can actually notice things and play with toys so that made it extra fun to brainstorm ideas. One of his favorite things to play with lately is empty Easter eggs. We are going to an egg hunt tomorrow, not that he will understand anything but he'll likely hold onto a few eggs for dear life. I ordered Ford's Easter basket liner from Pottery Barn Kids. With recommendation from my sister who ordered the large one, I stuck with the small so we can easily fill his basket over the years! They are on sale this week FYI. I picked up the actual basket for $4.99 at World Market. They had a great selection of sizes, styles, and colors. 

Ford's Basket:
Gnome puppet from IKEA, since Ford was a gnome for Halloween
Baby sunglasses, Target Dollar Spot
Bunny ears, Target Dollar Spot
Food pouches
Easter board books, TJ Maxx
Stuffed duck, TJ Maxx
Egg coloring kit (for mommy & daddy)
Easter Story Cube, gifted to Ford but can be purchased here

Other ideas:
Vintage Honey Shop Teething Necklace
Sweedie Kids Bib
Sippy cups
Mum mums, puffs, yogurt melts
Headbands, hairbows
Banana brush, Razberry Teether

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Jon 372 months....31 years

Today my better half turns 31! My little sidekick also turns 8 months today and since it's always about Ford, I figured I'd do an update on Jon. 31 years ago at 12:12pm, Jonathan David Hart stretched those massive calves out in the real world of Cleveland, OH. To say I love him is an understatement. Life is just better with Jon around. He's funny, smart, generous, and loves wildly. He never ceases to wow me with being an incredible dad to Ford (and helping me way more than I deserve), his success at work, and His trust in the Lord. Happy birthday munchkin!

Jon did his best to channel his inner Ford...

A little big for Ford's chair

Weight: 220lb 

Height: 72inches

Nicknames: daddy, da-da, munchkin, munch, honey pots

Clothing: Jon wears an XL in most clothing, loves wearing Polo, Puma, skinny jeans, and Steve Madden boots. 

Eating (liquids): Jon drinks 2 gallons of skim milk a week plus a couple of Muscle Milk protein shakes. Jon also likes Starbucks fraps, Verners soda, and Topo Chico.
Eating (solids): Jon's favorite foods are fried eggs, cottage cheese, sushi, burritos, anything with Sriracha sauce, stuffed olives, and froyo with almonds and chocolate chips. He has a sweet tooth like his wifey!

Teething: Nothing new to report here, Jon's been wearing his retainer lately which makes me realize I haven't worn mine in ages. 

Sleeping: Jon is a night owl and could sleep all day if I let him! Unlike me, he can survive on less than 8 hours of sleep but prefers getting more. He is an awesome daddy in the rare instance Ford wakes up at night, Jon gets up to soothe him. 

Social: Jon is working on his project car like mad lately and has been having lots of car days/evenings with friends to help him get stuff done. Jon likes going to lunch with buddies or having a beer and catching up. He travels for work with a good friend/co worker of his and often sees buddies in Houston or Dallas when he's working. Jon also loves games and seems to beat me 75% of the time in our nightly game of marbles or gin.

Likes: muscle cars, rat rods, car shows, tickling Ford, working out, going shooting, 

Dislikes: mornings, allergies (dust and cats), mixing sweet and savory foods

New this year/fun things we did:
  • Jon became a dad! What a monumental thing for this year.
  • Jon also hit his sales quota and was gifted an all expenses paid trip to Costa Rica... well remember when we went to Cabo? Since Ford wouldn't take a bottle, we took the money and went to Cabo
  • Jon bought a 67 Fastback Mustang just this week! This has been his dream car forever. He plans on doing an engine swap with the engine his dad built and is currently in the 1987 Mustang in our car.
  • He delivered a wonderful message and dedicated our niece and God daughter Embry to Jesus Christ
  • He promoted me to COO and cruise director of our household
  • He was told by the Lord to name our son Ford Nehemiah
  • He traveled with me to two conferences (Influence & Hope Spoken)
  • Jon celebrated 3 years of marriage with his awesome wife!

What he's looking forward to:
  • Hopefully another successful work year
  • Finishing the fastback Mustang
  • Taking Ford to his first Baylor Football game at the new stadium
  • Cleveland Browns to the Superbowl!
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