Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ford play

Ever since he turned one, we feel like Ford has totally embodied what it is to be a toddler. Answering questions, talking, problem solving, climbing, whining, fake crying. It is such an exhausting, fun, cute, and sometimes trying stage. We've been very lax about him climbing on his slide and he will crawl over to it and start climbing up the slide part and look over at me and start babbling as if he's saying, "Okay mom I know what I am doing so don't be scared". He is already trying to bargain with me. He has such a funny little personality and has mastered giving people the stink eye when we are out and about (those eyebrows are intense!). He squeals with delight at the mention of Jon, claps and says, "Da da!!!" with so much joy. He says mama and wants me when he is sad, typical huh? He loves dancing and knows he can do certain things to make us laugh. I've been trying to be more intentional with him as he plays and trying to capture these fleeting moments via memory and video. I could sit and watch him play for hours! He loves attempting to put his 3 piece puzzles together and has so much fun stacking his colorful donut toy. He crawls through his tunnel on his own and spends countless hours opening and closing the compartments of his play kitchen. It is really one of the greatest joys I've experienced to watch Ford grow into a little person. The first year of life I spent trying to keep him alive and healthy, and now there is so much I want to teach him! I don't want to forget these simple moments of Ford playing so here's a glimpse into 90 seconds of Ford land.

I wouldn't say we have a walker just yet but Ford has mastered about 10-12 steps, solely on carpet and soft floors. He is so proud of  himself and looks pretty darn cute toddling around!

One last note. Ford had his 12 month shots on August 13th and yesterday woke up with a rash all over his body and face. We ran into the doctor who confirmed it was a reaction to the MMR vaccine which is normal because it contains the live virus. Praise God it is not contagious and Ford seems fine, just looking like a little leper! This is his first reaction to any of his vaccinations (also thankful for that) and it doesn't scare me one bit/change my views on vaccines, just wanted to let you mamas know that this is normal after the 12 month shots! please no anti vax comments please

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Naptime DIY, painting bathroom cabinets

Last month I shared with you my first chalk paint project (IKEA hack table project here) and today I am here to tell you that chalk paint is addicting! A quart of Maison Blanche paint cost me $43 and I had half the can leftover after finishing 2 tables and 8 chairs. I didn't want the paint to go to waste. We recently had our kitchen cabinets painted white and it makes such a huge difference in the feel of our home! I don't mind wood colored cabinets but ours were such a dull color and 3 of our bathrooms have the same cabinets that I've been trying to figure out what to do with. Cabinets I hate, extra chalk paint, a couple hours during naptime. I decided to start with our upstairs guest bathroom since it gets used the most (and it's the one bathroom I have put lots of time and energy in decorating). Ford has a Jack and Jill bathroom attached to a future baby Hart room but he doesn't use it quite yet. This project took 2 hours top, the most time consuming part was taking off the hardware and removing the cabinet doors. Chalk paint is the jam y'all! I will let the pictures do the talking.


Just like my IKEA hack table project, I decided to use a water based Polyacrylic finish vs. the chalk pain wax. A quart is $15 at Home Depot (vs. $50 small can of wax) and it is easy to apply and durable, especially in a room that will be exposed to water/steam. 


I don't think I have enough paint to do Ford's bathroom cabinets which is good because I'd like to try out another color. This project couldn't have been any easier and I am so glad I took the plunge! I think back to my pre-chalk paint furniture projects (desk redo here) and think how much time it took and mess I created sanding, priming, painting, and sealing. No sanding, no priming, thank you Maison Blanche for making my life so much easier! Next up are Ford's bathroom and the master bathroom... I'm sure I can find other pieces to slap some paint on too!

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