Sunday, September 24, 2017

Peanut Butter Banana Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bars

Basically all of my favorite things rolled into an amazing and delicious treat! You have got to make these! I pretty much always have all of the ingredients on hand and it's easy to whip up in 10 minutes. Perfect as an after dinner snack or a sweet breakfast treat. (original recipe)

2.5 cups old fashioned rolled oats
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla 
1 large egg
2 large ripe bananas
1/3 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup chocolate chips (you can do 1/2 cup chocolate chips and 1/2 cup peanut butter chips but I was out of pb chips)

1. Mix together oats, brown sugar, baking powder, salt and cinnamon.
2. Add in milk, vanilla, and eggs. Mix until fully combined.
3. Add mashed banana, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. Stir well
4. Pour batter into a greased 8x8 baking dish
5. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes
6. Serve warm or cold, we love them both ways

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gideon 7 months old

Well here we are, closer to G Man's first birthday than when he was born... wow! Summer is in full swing, something I longed for this past winter when we were all home sick. Life has been flying by, hence the lack of blog posts around here but oh my word we are just smitten with our baby boy. His personality is blossoming, he is calm and sweet, easy to make laugh, and beautiful as ever. I feel like we'll have a mobile baby before we know it, and then life will get even more crazy! Look at this beautiful boy.

  • 18lb 6 oz (taken on scale at home)
  • Gideon still only has his two bottom teeth... two months and counting. I thought he'd be getting teeth left and right but no more yet. He is full on teething... drools more than any other baby I've known and chews on everything. It is rare to see G without a bib on and he usually soaks about 4 a day.
  • We gave him his first food a month ago and he isn't really into it. We've tried green beans, apples, and bananas but I've only given them to him a handful of times. I am not too worried about it and with our move coming up, we plan on waiting to get more regular with food until we are all settled. He does love drinking water out of his sippy cup.
  • Our beautiful boy's face finally cleared up from eliminating dairy! It took about 7 weeks for the dairy to get out of his system and one day he woke up with the smoothest cheeks ever. It's been hot and humid the past few weeks so he's had a couple little breakouts but I have a feeling dairy is the main culprit and cause of his bad eczema. The back of his knees and elbows are still patchy. 
  • Gideon had allergy testing a few weeks ago and that was just about the saddest thing ever. We had to go to 3 different labs to get the blood draw, he has extremely hard to find/rolling veins. We ended up having to go to the hospital to get it done and it was traumatic but successful. We should be getting those results this week or next and then meeting with the allergist. 
  • Gideon is a champ at holding his bottle with the Lil Helpers bottle holder. He drinks 6 ish ounces of Nutramigen formula every 3 ish hours. He isn't on a strict feeding schedule so I really don't know how much he eats! 
  • We are finally sleeping through the night rather consistently! G goes to bed anywhere between 7-7:30pm and sleeps until 6:30-7am. Occasionally he will fuss once in the night but we don't go in there. When we are home for naps, he takes two solid 2-3 hour naps in his crib but most days he takes his morning nap in the car/on the go and a good nap in the crib at the same time as Lucy in the PM. He sure is a trooper!
  • He is finally sitting up! Sometimes he can sit up for 10 minutes but sometimes he grabs for a toy and flops over immediately. This is huge for him considering a month ago he would't be able to hold himself up for even a second.
  • He loves standing in his exersaucer and jumperoo and he can play for a long time in those. 
  • Wears disposable diapers during the day and size 3 disposable overnight diapers at night. 
  • Wears mostly 9 month clothing... I think we will have to go to 12 month soon, he is so long!
  • Favorite toys are Zoli teether, Molar Mallet, mini Sophie, Freddie the Firefly, plastic cups and spoons
  • We finalized Gideon's adoption on May 23rd, 2017... what a special day! We also dedicated him at our church on Sunday June 4th, another beautiful ceremony. 
  • G is super ticklish and smiley. He is so easy to make laugh! Ford and Lucy love getting in his face and making him giggle. He is so aware of them and loves watching them run around from the exersaucer. They are into making forts with daddy upstairs and Gideon loves to get in on the fun. I can't believe that he'll be toddling around with them in just a few short months!
  • He loves his baths and chewing on washcloths.
  • I haven't put him in the pool yet, the pools are surprisingly still pretty cold but he has had many days in the shade by the pool and lake. 
  • G has had a few bouts of separation anxiety in the last week. Everyone always seems to ooh and ahh over him when we are out in public and he either gives the biggest smile or gives the lip and cries. So sad! He also can get shy... he'll smile and laugh and interact with someone and then bury his head into my shoulder. 
  • He does wonderful with our babysitters, childcare at the gym, and nursery at church. Praise the Lord!
  • He loves grabbing faces, jewelry, bears, hair... he is a busy boy!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gideon 6 months old

Our precious Gideon Aaron turned 6 months old on May 7th! How on earth has a half a year already passed by? He is happy, healthy, and the perfect fit into our family. This weekend I get to celebrate my first mother's day as his mommy (and his birth mama, R) and we finalize his adoption later this month. Gideon is so sweet and gentle, I couldn't love him more!

  • 17lb 2oz (41st%), 27.75 in (90th%), 17in head (42nd%)
  • Gideon has the most beautiful big brown eyes and his hair is starting to curl! I also feel like he is darkening up as he gets older.
  • We have a long and lean boy on our hands! We had his 6 month well check this morning and he is hitting all of the milestones, strong, and growing perfectly. He got two vaccinations which sucked and then our doctor ordered blood work for allergy testing and that was awful. We went to the lab in the building (we go to a clinic that has a bunch of different specialties, mostly adults) and they tried twice to stick his little veins but couldn't get enough. It was so sad... holding him down while he was screaming and flailing with a needle in his arm. They referred us to their pediatric specialty lab and I will go next week. They are testing for dairy, gluten, egg, soy, and nuts.
  • Gideon had an eczema flare up in these photos but it has cleared up about 80%! I was looking at him this morning and thought wow I haven't seen those cheeks so clear since he was a newborn! So dairy is definitely the culprit for his eczema and we will meet with an allergist once his blood work is back.
  • He is quite the eater... aka always eating. He drinks 6 ish ounces of Nutramigen every 3ish hours. Typical 3rd child I don't really keep track of how much he eats, whoops. His spitting up has also diminished drastically since going dairy free. 
  • We started solids last week and he's had peas (he hated them), carrots (loved them), and apples (so-so). I am trying to do a little bit of solids every evening when we eat dinner. 
  • Gideon got his two bottom teeth right after he turned 5 months old... no signs of any more popping through but he is a drool machine. We go through multiple bibs a day. 
  • Sleep... not the greatest of subjects for us. 4 month sleep regression lasted about 8 weeks for us (holy moly I didn't think I would survive) and we are slowly getting better. Some days he will sleep 10-12 hours straight, but most days he eats once in the night and it is never consistent. He naps really well at home... yesterday took a 3 hour and 2 hour nap, woo hoo! He doesn't sleep so well on the go anymore because he loves playing and looking around but I am trying to keep him flexible so we can be out and about. He sleeps in his crib in a sleepsack (medium) with his soft little lovey, he clutches it while he sleeps it is so cute! He mostly sleeps on his tummy and cozies up to his bumpers.
  • Gideon is so strong! Just this morning I let him stand up on his own holding the chair and he stood for 10 seconds on his own. He is a rolling machine and often makes it across the room scooting and rolling.
  • He has just started being able to sit up for 5-10 seconds... he would rather stand.
  • He LOVES his jumperoo and doorway jumper... it is so cute to see him bouncing and playing with the toys.
  • Favorite toys: Zoli teether, his "crunchy" book, Freddie Firefly, bubba keg straw, Lincoln logs
  • Ford and Lucy absolutely love their baby brother and he is smitten with him! They know how to make him laugh so easily and he loves watching them play. I love thinking about how he'll be playing right alongside of them before we know it. 
  • G can now flip out of the Rock and Play that we use to feed him bottles so we need to get rid of that soon... boo.
  • He goes to church nursery once a week, childcare at my bible study once a week, and childcare at the gym about twice a week... and he is so great! All of the ladies working love having him and he just plays and hangs out. 
  • He has found his raspy little voice and sings and sings, especially when he is playing with a toy he will grab it and stare at it and sing to it.
  • Loves being in the swings at the park, he cracks up the whole time. Also loves going on walks... anytime he is fussy in the evenings we can bring him outside and he is instantly calm. 
  • Very grabby these days... grabs at his toys on the playmat and grabs at faces, earrings, hair, beards.
  • He has the BIGGEST smile ever and it just makes me smile thinking of it. His mouth gets so huge and it is contagious. He is so easy to make laugh, I love his raspy chuckle. 
  • G man loves his baths and just kicks and kicks with a stoic and concentrated face. I've started bathing all 3 kiddos together and Lucy gets so offended if he kicks her haha. 
  • He is very ticklish, just like Ford and Lucy!

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