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Friday, April 29, 2016

Strawberry Picking

My sister and her kiddos were in town last weekend for Lucy's birthday party and extended their stay into this week. Ever since my sister had Embry 3.5 years ago, we've been talking and planning to go to Sweet Berry Farms to go strawberry picking. My parents have a lakehouse nearby in Kingsland so we had seen it many times before and took the babies to there last fall for pumpkins and fall fun. Look at how tiny my Ford was! It's about an hour from our house so we left in the morning and got there around 10am which was perfect on a Tuesday. It wasn't busy at all and despite some of the Texas flooding washing away strawberries, there was the perfect amount for a 2 year old and 3 year old. They each picked a few and ate a few and were done within 20 minutes. They jumped on a huge trampoline and fed goats, Ford loved that part! More activities are open on the weekend so I was bummed we missed out on the train ride but they had a blast. We ate lunch at the famous Bluebonnet Cafe and neither of my kids fell asleep the whole way home. I guess I haven't written much of a Ford update lately but he pretty much has stopped napping (does stay in his room and play and do quiet time) but I had to wake him up from a 2.5 hour nap after the farm! He was wiped!

If you live in Austin or surrounding areas, Sweet Berry Farm is such a fun place to go in the fall and spring!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lucy 12 months

Yesterday our Lucy Joy turned 12 months old! Hard to believe that one whole year has gone by since she came out at a tiny (to us) 7lbs 6oz, looking like the sweetest most feminine version of her big brother. Lucy's life started out so blissfully. I remember thinking to myself, when is the sh*t going to hit the fan? And it never did. She slept beautifully, ate like a champ, and was smiley, happy, and content. She is the perfect addition to our family and I can't imagine life without our spunky girl. She has become more and more cuddly the older she gets and she is quite the talker. I cannot wait for each month to come, watching her grow into her personality. She may be small but she sure is mighty! You can see her birthday bluebonnet pictures here and her birthday party post here. Here is Lucy's 12 month update.

It's my birthday I can cry if it I want to.... I literally scooped her out of her crib from her nap and took these. 

Monthly stickers via Lucy Darling // Headband via BellaMoza

  • 19lbs 3oz (taken at pedi 2 weeks ago for a sick visit, will update after her well check next week).
  • First ear infection. Lucy was tugging at her ear and miserable following a bad/long cold so I took her in and she had a single ear infection. 3 days later she was even more miserable and after 3 hours of non stop crying, I took her back in. Her original Amoxicillin prescription wasn't working and she had a double ear infection. She was put on Augmentin and it helped so quickly. I am very thankful we got to almost a year without an ear infection. 
  • Sleeps 7p-7a with 2 naps a day, 8:30a and 1:30p. Both around 1.5-2 hours in length. She is such a good sleeper and loves her crib and loveys. She has two baby dolls in there and will play for a half hour before standing up in her crib.
  • Wears mostly 12 month clothes, some 9 month. She is finally fitting into a size 2 shoe, big milestone for her microscopic feet. 
  • Cloth diapers during the day, size 3 disposable at night.
  • She isn't walking yet but she is getting brave. She loves standing up and cruising and even standing on her own for a few seconds. She zooms around pushing her shopping cart or baby stroller and loves to walk holding our hands. Ford didn't walk until 12.5 months but I think Lucy will be later. 
  • She climbs on everything, she is fearless! Couches, pillows, stairs. She is fast!
  • She is a pretty picky eater when it comes to trying new things but the food she likes, she eats a lot of. Loves bananas, yogurt, pouches, quesadillas, cheese sticks, PB&J, all carbs, egg casserole. She loved her birthday cupcake... not a surprise.
  • We were officially done nursing the week before her birthday and she hasn't looked back! At 11 months I cut down to a morning and before bed nurse and then 2 weeks later cut the bedtime feed. She was fussy the first day we didn't nurse in the morning but then moved on. She drinks about 16-20oz of whole milk a day. 
  • She is a total copy cat! If you laugh, she fake laughs. She fake coughs too. She learned how to blow on food watching us and will mock Jon as he sips his coffee. 
  • She loves her baby dolls, especially her soft Stella baby she got for her birthday that Ford and Embry named Cici. She rocks them and says "ahhh" and feeds them bottles. 
  • She points at everything! It is adorable and she acts like she is trying to tell you the most interesting thing ever.
  • She is quite chatty this month, lots of babble. She says mama, dada, more, and occasionally words we tell her to say "NANA" for banana, etc. Ernie thinks he is the king of our house and barks at every car that drives by so I pretty much say "STOP" 100 times a day. Well now Lucy looks sternly and says "STA!!!!". 
  • If you tell her no... she looks at you and says "na naaaaa"
  • She has such a sassy personality. She is sweet and cuddly but very opinionated. We call her Miss Offended Lady because if you wipe her nose or set her down, she is soooo offended.
  • She and Ford sit next to each other in the car and she is a little toot most of the time and puts her feet in his face and grabs him. They are pretty darn cute together and get each other going too. The best! She moved into her rear facing Diono Radian this month and is much happier in it. 
  • Working on blowing kisses, so sweet
  • She loves going on walks and is super chill in the stroller.
  • Loves swinging at the park and digging in the sand or dirt. 
  • She loves crawling through our play tunnel and going inside the tents and forts Jon and Ford build.
  • Loves the play kitchen upstairs and it keeps her very occupied! She can be needy at times but for the most part she is such a good little independent player. I love that I can sit in our family room and watch the kiddos play together quietly in the downstairs playroom.
  • She loves the cozy coupe and thinks she is such a big girl sitting in it!
  • She knows a few body parts... her hair, eyes, and toes. 
  • She tries to put up 1 finger when you say "How old are you". 

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lucy Joy Is One!

As of 8:21am this morning, our sweet Lucy girl is 1 year old. From a 7lb 6oz little peanut to a spunky, sassy, smiley tiny little lady. God knew that our family needed a little Lucy. She just lights up any room when she enters and it's not unusual for a handful of people to come up and talk to her and comment on how beautiful and happy she is when we are out. She is just a little gem. She is the perfect mix of independent and sassy...yet cuddly and lovable. I never knew how much I wanted a daughter until Lucy became mine. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past year, being her mama and have loved how relaxed, confident, and calm I have been. Being a second time mama has been one of the sweetest experiences and I pray that I get to see Lucy become a big sister in her second year of life. Jon and I are constantly praying over our children that God would use them to do something big in their lives and in addition to that, I pray that Lucy Joy knows how cherished, wanted, known, and loved she is in Christ. I pray that the next year of her life she learns to say her prayers, raises her hands at kids worship at church, and wants to read her bible everyday like her big brother. Today is bittersweet because I look back at newborn pictures of Lucy and miss how tiny she is, but I wouldn't trade her fun and silly personality where we are now for the world. Life is a lot of fun right how with the #HartLittles, Jon and I love being their parents! We had Lucy's birthday party last weekend and are celebrating with family today. Thank you for loving our girl so well, she sure is easy to love! Now for Lucy's birthday pictures that I have been dying to share. We took them a month ago in a field of flowers in our neighborhood and I feel like Lucy has already changed! Thank you for such a JOY filled year sweet girly, we can't wait to watch you grow!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Lucy's 1st Birthday Party

It's hard to believe that in just 2 days, our Lucy girl will be 1 year old. We had the best weekend celebrating our girl with family and friends, it couldn't have been sweeter. The whole day I just felt relaxed and joyful, knowing how many people love and care for our girl and our family just makes me heart feel so full and happy. I basically started planning her birthday party before she was 6 months old because I love coming up with ideas, crafting, being on the lookout for good deals, etc. The theme was floral/pink/mint/gold which is the decor in her room. A big money saving tip for planning a 1st birthday is just to make it the theme of your kiddos nursery. I didn't really buy much for decor and just stripped things off of her walls and shelves to decorate. I found the daintiest floral napkins at IKEA and bought baby pink plates at the Dollar Tree. The gold Happy Birthday sign was $4.99 at Hobby Lobby and I bought a lot from the Target Dollar Spot. We hosted a brunch and served egg casseroles, kolaches, donuts, fruit, cheese tray, and desserts. It's funny comparing Ford's birthday to Lucy's. Ford's we had a bunch of adults and little babies so I didn't feel the need to plan activities but Lucy's was tons of toddlers and preschoolers so we had a bounce house and painting station for the kiddos. Ford had so much fun! Lucy was such a happy girl the day of her party... she cuddled with anyone who held her, kept her headband on, and scarfed down egg casserole. She loved her cake, opposite of big brother, and got mad when it was gone (I took half of the cupcake away because such a tiny girl doesn't need so much sugar!). We requested no gifts but a few people brought some and she loved tearing through the tissue paper and shaking the bags. My parents and siblings stayed over to help clean up while the kids napped and we had dinner at Lucy's Fried Chicken on Lake Travis... gorgeous views and delicious food! Thank you so much for celebrating our Lucy girl, even through a computer screen. It is so much fun to have so many people cheering for our family whether it be our children's milestones or our upcoming adoption. It brings my heart so much joy to see how much JOY Lucy girl brings to so many.

Now for a picture overload.. and videos at the bottom.

Lucy's bubble is Smocked Auctions
Lucy's headband is BellaMoza
Lucy's birthday hat is Dainty Couture 

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