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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Gideon 6 months old

Our precious Gideon Aaron turned 6 months old on May 7th! How on earth has a half a year already passed by? He is happy, healthy, and the perfect fit into our family. This weekend I get to celebrate my first mother's day as his mommy (and his birth mama, R) and we finalize his adoption later this month. Gideon is so sweet and gentle, I couldn't love him more!

  • 17lb 2oz (41st%), 27.75 in (90th%), 17in head (42nd%)
  • Gideon has the most beautiful big brown eyes and his hair is starting to curl! I also feel like he is darkening up as he gets older.
  • We have a long and lean boy on our hands! We had his 6 month well check this morning and he is hitting all of the milestones, strong, and growing perfectly. He got two vaccinations which sucked and then our doctor ordered blood work for allergy testing and that was awful. We went to the lab in the building (we go to a clinic that has a bunch of different specialties, mostly adults) and they tried twice to stick his little veins but couldn't get enough. It was so sad... holding him down while he was screaming and flailing with a needle in his arm. They referred us to their pediatric specialty lab and I will go next week. They are testing for dairy, gluten, egg, soy, and nuts.
  • Gideon had an eczema flare up in these photos but it has cleared up about 80%! I was looking at him this morning and thought wow I haven't seen those cheeks so clear since he was a newborn! So dairy is definitely the culprit for his eczema and we will meet with an allergist once his blood work is back.
  • He is quite the eater... aka always eating. He drinks 6 ish ounces of Nutramigen every 3ish hours. Typical 3rd child I don't really keep track of how much he eats, whoops. His spitting up has also diminished drastically since going dairy free. 
  • We started solids last week and he's had peas (he hated them), carrots (loved them), and apples (so-so). I am trying to do a little bit of solids every evening when we eat dinner. 
  • Gideon got his two bottom teeth right after he turned 5 months old... no signs of any more popping through but he is a drool machine. We go through multiple bibs a day. 
  • Sleep... not the greatest of subjects for us. 4 month sleep regression lasted about 8 weeks for us (holy moly I didn't think I would survive) and we are slowly getting better. Some days he will sleep 10-12 hours straight, but most days he eats once in the night and it is never consistent. He naps really well at home... yesterday took a 3 hour and 2 hour nap, woo hoo! He doesn't sleep so well on the go anymore because he loves playing and looking around but I am trying to keep him flexible so we can be out and about. He sleeps in his crib in a sleepsack (medium) with his soft little lovey, he clutches it while he sleeps it is so cute! He mostly sleeps on his tummy and cozies up to his bumpers.
  • Gideon is so strong! Just this morning I let him stand up on his own holding the chair and he stood for 10 seconds on his own. He is a rolling machine and often makes it across the room scooting and rolling.
  • He has just started being able to sit up for 5-10 seconds... he would rather stand.
  • He LOVES his jumperoo and doorway jumper... it is so cute to see him bouncing and playing with the toys.
  • Favorite toys: Zoli teether, his "crunchy" book, Freddie Firefly, bubba keg straw, Lincoln logs
  • Ford and Lucy absolutely love their baby brother and he is smitten with him! They know how to make him laugh so easily and he loves watching them play. I love thinking about how he'll be playing right alongside of them before we know it. 
  • G can now flip out of the Rock and Play that we use to feed him bottles so we need to get rid of that soon... boo.
  • He goes to church nursery once a week, childcare at my bible study once a week, and childcare at the gym about twice a week... and he is so great! All of the ladies working love having him and he just plays and hangs out. 
  • He has found his raspy little voice and sings and sings, especially when he is playing with a toy he will grab it and stare at it and sing to it.
  • Loves being in the swings at the park, he cracks up the whole time. Also loves going on walks... anytime he is fussy in the evenings we can bring him outside and he is instantly calm. 
  • Very grabby these days... grabs at his toys on the playmat and grabs at faces, earrings, hair, beards.
  • He has the BIGGEST smile ever and it just makes me smile thinking of it. His mouth gets so huge and it is contagious. He is so easy to make laugh, I love his raspy chuckle. 
  • G man loves his baths and just kicks and kicks with a stoic and concentrated face. I've started bathing all 3 kiddos together and Lucy gets so offended if he kicks her haha. 
  • He is very ticklish, just like Ford and Lucy!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Lucy 24 months

Lucy girl turned TWO years old last week and it still doesn't feel real! I snapped some pictures of her in her Pottery Barn Kids chair (I took her monthly pictures as a baby in it), I want to do it for each of her birthdays until she is 18. We had such a fun time celebrating our girl and I wanted to document what she is up to these days below...

  • 27lb (56th%), 34.5in (69th%), head circumference 19.25in (85th%)
  • We went to Lucy's 2 year well check this afternoon and nothing really to report. She was freaked out from the time we got there because she knew they were going to look in her ears (a few double ear infections have scarred her) but she seemed to calm down a bit...until her shot. Hoping we don't have to go back until her 3 year well check, yeah right!
  • Lucy wears 18 month, 24 month, and 2T clothes, size 4 shoes, and size 3 or 4 diapers. 
  • Lucy still continues to be my best sleeper! Bedtime is 7-7:30 depending on her nap and she sleeps 12-13 hours in her crib, in a sleepsack. My plan is to keep her in her crib for another year because she loves it and seems to have no desire to have a big girl bed but we all know how that can change quickly. She sleeps with her two soft little blanket loveys, 2 My Little Ponies, 1 baby doll, 1 Beanie Baby, 1 soft baby, and usually a piece or 2 of play food. She is a little hoarder in her crib! I have a little pillow in her crib that she just started using but not every night. She still wears a traditional Halo sleepsack so no climbing out anytime soon.
  • Lucy is VERY verbal! She says 4-5 word sentences and blows us away with her vocabulary. We have some favorite words and phrases of hers- "Giddy CYYYING" "Haka" (chocolate) "I Wuff You". She is such a silly girl and loves saying things to make us laugh. Her newest phrase is "I don't like it!" and that's not fun. She says her brothers' names so good and calls herself "Wucy". I can't get enough of her little voice.
  • She went to the dentist for the second time last week and was sassy but did great. Her teeth are super close together and at a cross bite (under bite) which is not surprising because that's exactly how Ford's are. No 2 year molars yet but she didn't get her 1 year molars until right before 18 months. She loves brushing her teeth and we've been trying to do it twice a day.
  • Lucy sings her who night time song, Bye Oh Bye Oh Baby. Mommy is a lady. Daddy is a gentleman, and Lucy is a big girl.
  • The moment we sit down for dinner she clasps her hands and says PRAY!
  • She and Ford are buds lately and I love it. They know exactly to push each others buttons (and do it often) but they are also playing together so much more. Thank you Lord, this is why you have kiddos close together! They love coloring and crafting together and also playing house/kitchen.
  • Lucy loves coloring and drawing and play dough.
  • Her favorite toys are her ponies, her babies, her new Little People dollhouse, bubbles, Wedgits, Cozy Coupe, puzzles, cars.
  • She loves to dress up and dance in circles to music. 
  • She is obsessed with her Mimi and Papa, not a surprise!
  • Lucy is a horrible eater and very picky. She has about 10 things she actually eats and most of them are forms of cheese. Her favorite foods are eggs, breakfast tacos, quesadillas, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, bananas, yogurt, cottage cheese, and any carb or sweet. She loves milk and drinks about 3 cups a day. I have to shove her Juice Plus gummies into her mouth everyday and she won't swallow them for at least an hour, gross. I know she will like certain foods but she just refuses to try, sigh. 
  • She also has no desire to use the potty... she talks about it ALL the time and talks about her Minnie Mouse undies but so far no action. Hoping we can tackle that in the fall.
  • She loves Mickey/Minnie, Cailou, Bubble Guppies... actually pretty much any show.
  • She is a whiz on the iPad, it is crazy! She is so beyond all the baby games and loves Ford's spelling and word games!
  • She recognizes pretty much every single letter (thank you iPad!) and knows all of her colors and body parts. She also knows so many animals!
  • Lucy LOVES reading books and I can often find her in her room reading by herself if I am doing something with the boys. Her favorite books are Pinkilicious, Chocolate Me, Brown Bear Brown Bear, Good Night Moon, Jesus Story Book Bible, Little Critter books, She finishes lots of the sentences in books.
  • Lucy got her ears pierced 3 months ago and still loves them! She got a pearl necklace for her birthday and loves wearing it along with a pearl bracelet, such a girlie girl. 
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