Sausage & gnocchi poblano chowder
Smoky white bean chicken chili 
Southwestern cheese soup
Spicy Tuscan Soup
Sweet potato & black bean chili
Tomato and chicken corn chowder
White chicken chili 

3 envelope crockpot beef sliders
Baked chicken parmesan
BBQ meatloaf 
Bruschetta chicken
Chicken and white bean enchiladas
Chicken cornbread pie 
Chicken enchilada pasta 
Chicken paprikash 
Chicken pot pie...on the fly
Crab pasta
Creamy avocado and roasted tomato pasta
Creamy sausage and tomato pasta
Crunchy oven fried ravioli
Firecracker casserole
French fried onion spaghetti bake 
Fried rice
Gnocchi mac and cheese
Inside out pizza pie
Mac & cheese with cauliflower 
Parmesan ranch chicken 
Pesto chicken stuffed shells
Pumpkin enchiladas 
Quinoa mac & cheese
Roasted chickpea tacos
Roasted vegetable mac & cheese
Ritz cracker cheddar chicken
Shrimp and crab layered enchiladas
Skinny turkey and black bean enchiladas 
Skinny manicotti
Skinny zucchini enchiladas 
Spicy avocado enchiladas
Spinach avocado pasta 
Spinach turkey meatballs
Stuffed spaghetti squash
Taco enchilada lasagna 
Tortilla black bean pie 
Weight watchers enchiladas
Zucchini Pizza Boats
Zucchini Lasagna

3 envelope crockpot beef sliders

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