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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

...from the horrifying Harts

Did you guys do anything to celebrate this weekend? Are you doing anything festive tonight??

We had such an awesome/relaxing/funny weekend away with our friends at the lake. Tonight we are going to James' football game and I am thinking I will wear my witch costume from last year. We were talking yesterday about how we didn't really dress up this year but can justify it by saying that dressing up on Halloween is too cliche for us haha. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you obviously missed the memo (and posts) that my husband is obsessed with dressing up and we will really find any reason to dress up. So boo yah. [wig party, bowling party, fancy pants party, viking day 2010 & 2011]

If you missed Saturday's post, I'd love your help in choosing our Christmas cards this year!

Have a rip roarin' Halloween yawwwwlll

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christmas Cards whaaaaaaaaa

I know I am not the only crazy person thinking about Christmas already. Heck Hobby Lobby had their Christmas swag up in July...that means I'm late!

Thanks to Alana, I am obsessed with Shutterfly's Christmas cards and need some help choosing ours. I realized we don't have many family pictures (family meaning Jon, me and Ernie). Well we actually only have 3 (that I posted here) so I had to improvise. We've been married almost a year so wedding pictures are a little stale. Luckily I still have some time to take more pictures.

But I need YOUR help! I narrowed down the hundreds of Christmas card options (okay so I didn't look through all of them, patience is a virtue I don't have) and now I need help choosing.

Option #1- Top 10 of 2011

  • I love that we can share some of the top 10 moments of our year
  • 3 picture slots is nice, I can sneak in a wedding pic
  • I love the blue!

Option #2- Religious

  •  The pros are self explanatory. We are wild about Jesus and want to share the true meaning of Christmas. One of my favorite things to call the Lord is Price of Peace.
  • Again, the colors are awesome
  • Con- only 1 pic. Pups are so fidgety we will need to take tons

Option #3- whimsical

  •  I loveeee the art, graphics and fonts on this one
  • 3 pictures...they are each pretty small so I decided to use individual pics

I would love your input on which card style is your favorite! I <3 my followers and totally trust you guys.

Hey bloggers...I'm getting 25 free cards for this post and you can too!  
You can register here until November 11!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween thru the years

Happy Friday Friends!

My mom kept a Halloween scrapbook when I was growing up and she had it out last week when I was at my parents house. I just HAD to share some of the cute and...weird costumes I chose over the years.

1988- just 2 weeks old, no costume

1989- 'the devil you say!'

1990- this little piggy went to market

1991- 101 dalmation (Cori is an itsy bitsy spider)

1992- little miss Indian

1993- meeeooww (Cori is a baby and Tomi is a little lamb)

1994- Aladdin with Mickey Mouse and Bozo

1995- Bulldog's cheerleader (my mom's old uniform and poms)

1996- 'I'll get you my pretty'

1997- the pic is cut off but I was a Tamagochi!! I ain't lyin peeps

1998- 'Make Love. Not War'

1999- 'I'm a genie in a bottle baby'

2000- Gilligan's Island!! Check out my awesome brace face (I am Gilligan)

We lived in Illinois until 1994 hence why we are all bundled up in our costumes. Not like in Texas where everyone wants to be a mermaid or Baywatch Babe because it is 102 degrees on October 31. 

So for the next couple of years I either A. didn't dress up or B. can't find the pics. Here are our costumes from the past 2 years...

2009- vampires (note: I threw up while rubbing fake blood all over Jon's shirt)

2010- black widows/witches. Who doesn't love putting eye makeup on their hubs

We are going away for the weekend and I am not sure if we will dress up or not. However, Ernie has 2 costumes (a shark and a pirate) and a new Halloween skull shirt! We have my brother's football game on Monday night so we may dress up for that =)

Halloween on a Monday is so lame. Are you guys doing anything this weekend to celebrate? What are you dressing up as? And since I shared my awesome-sauce Tamagochi costume, what is a funny/weird/rad costume from your childhood and/or past?

Have a safe weekend! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I love taking pictures of my chunkpot Frenchie but realized I only have ONE picture of me, Jon and Ernie together (and it's not even digital, my grandma took it the week after we got Ernie and sent me a copy). So this weekend, we took a few family pictures.

Jon was embarrased by his facial hair and it was super sunny but squinty pictures are better than none right?

The three of us are a family. It may sound silly but without Ernie, our family is not complete. I want to remember these moments where our time and devotion revolves around Ernie because before long, little rugrats will steal that attention.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cute little friends

Last weekend Ernie had a friend over to play. 

He enjoyed giving baby Logan lots of slobbery kisses (and Logan slobbered back too)

Logan loved Ernie's extra skin

And Ernie loved the taste of his sticky hands

Ernie has some monster jowls and I think Logan thought they were nice and squishy

Ernie tried to teach Logan how to walk (and then forgot Logan only had two legs)

"Jump on my back buddy"

And then they played an intense game of tug o war

Ready to smile??

Ernie will make a great big brother someday and I emphasize the someday because he is still a crazy, stubborn, attention seeking pup but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Are your dogs/pets good around kiddos? If you had a pet before you had babies, how did they adjust? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

A vintage bridal shower

This weekend I had the honor of hosting a bridal shower for my best friend Alyssa, along with the other bridesmaids! I will be standing by her side as her matron of honor at her January 7th wedding and I couldn't be more excited. Alyssa and I became close while cheering in high school and even closer when we traveled to Southeast Asia together and ended up rooming our freshman year at A&M.

Although I've had my hand at hosting different birthday and themed parties, this was my first bridal shower :-). Here is a peek into the shower...

I love scrapbooking and crafting so immediately I knew I wanted to make the invitations. 

The theme was vintage so I was sure to check out lots of thrift stores (and Goodwills) for decor. I also made buntings and paper rosettes for to add to the theme. 

I fell in love with the vintage flour, sugar, tea and coffee tins I found at Salvation Army. 

I made this out of a $1 Goodwill frame (which I painted), scrapbook paper and a wooden P from Hobby Lobby

I made lots of yummy foods

Check out the diamond ring shaped cookies...thank you for the help Leah!

Games are my favorite part of any shower and we played 3. I got the idea from my bridal shower decorated an apron with different kitchen/household items. Alyssa walked into the room full of guests for 1 minute while they tried to memorize the items. The person who wrote down the most correct items (after Alyssa left the room) won a prize! For the second game, I asked Alyssa 15 questions about where her and her future hubby will be in 5 years (example, what is your ideal career, will you have any babies, what will you do to celebrate your 5 year anniversary). The third game was my favorite. I teamed up with the grooms mom to get photos of him from birth-current and the guests had to guess what age he was (I made a powerpoint). It was hilarious and fun!

And of course the bride got loads of gifts!

The bride and her mom and future MIL

The bride and her swag

The bride and her bridesmaids :-)

My little sister, Tomi, and the bride!

High school friends :-)

I am not going to spoil the bridesmaids dresses but I just HAD to show yall the gorgeous necklaces Alyssa gave us to wear on her wedding day. I don't ever want to take this baby off. And yes, I am wearing clothes in the picture, the dress is strapless haha

Have you ever thrown a bridal shower? I'd love to hear about it!

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