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Monday, July 27, 2015

Lucy 3 months

I think it is safe to say that Lucy is the sweetest baby I've ever known. Yes, yes Ford was sweet but a stubborn little boy who wanted constant entertainment. Lucy is a dream second baby. She is perfectly content watching her brother run around and play, she takes a bottle from anyone, sleeps anywhere, and is the happiest little girl! This month has been fun! Her personality is really developing and all it takes is one look at her and she grins ear to ear. I think I tell Jon at least once a day, "I am so glad we are past the newborn stage". Don't get me wrong, I love my newborn cuddle babies but this is the start of my favorite stage. Lucy brings so much JOY to our lives, I just can't imagine life without our little peanut lady. (she looks like such a chunk in these pics because of her cloth diapers.. well and she is a chunk!)

  • 14lbs according to our home scale, I think it is a little high but we go for her well check in a month
  • Beautiful blue eyes and light brown hair, I also spot a dimple sometimes on the left side, just like mama.
  • Such a sweet demeanor and personality. She smiles all the time and has started to giggle when you talk to her. She wants to talk so bad! She only cries when she is hungry or dirty but has learned to do the lip and it's adorable and hilarious.
  • Unfortunately she has her first cold right now but is still so happy and sleeping great! Ford was sick the week before and I guess it is inevitable that she got it.
  • LOVES big brother Ford! We bathe them together usually every other night and she just stares at him and smiles at everything she does. He loves washing her and showing her his toys and she is memorized. He loves getting on her play mat with her and putting his face right in hers and saying "Baby Girl, Baby Lucy!".
  • She is incredibly active, seriously this girl never stops moving. Her favorite thing is to be under her playmat just kicking and moving her arms, she seems like she is going to fly away. She does the same thing in her Mammroo and bouncer and I keep saying I wish we could find a way to connect her movements to an energy source.
  • She loves standing. She's not much of a cuddler unless shes tired but wants you to hold her up to stand (or sit up). Jon and I joke that she will skip crawling because she kinda sucks at tummy time but girlfriend wants to stand all day. I think we are going to put her in the exersaucer soon.
  • Bedtime is between 7:30-8p and wakes up for a quick nurse between 5-6a then goes back to sleep until around 7a. She's even slept 12 hours this month! She is a rockstar, 10-12 hour stretches at night make for one rested mama! She sleeps upstairs in her crib in a sleepsack.
  • I try to follow the Moms on Call schedule (infant/toddler one) and she's been napping 2-3 hours in the morning, 2-3 in the afternoon and 1 in the evenings. I've gotten good at getting both of them down at the same time in the afternoon, hallelujah! She usually takes her morning nap when we are on the go but afternoon and evening on our king sized bed (we just got room darkening shades in our bedroom, they are awesome). 
  • We follow the Eat/Wake/Sleep routine and she nurses every 3 hours during the day (8-9 hours at night) and takes a 4oz bottle of formula in the evenings.
  • Lucy is officially cloth diapered! We started about 3 weeks ago after I finished up our last pack of size 1 disposables and we are loving it. 
  • Wears 0-3m and 3m outfits, 3m jammies, no shoes yet.. her feet are so small!
  • Finally likes the Mamaroo!
  • We put her in the Fisher Price Sit Me Up Chair for the first time this month and she likes it for about 10 minutes then wants to stand.
  • Went to her first movie last week at 12 weeks old! We saw Mega Mind at a fancy movie theater with leather reclining chairs and she got her own seat! She was memorized for the first half of the movie then slept. 
  • Lucy is drooling like a dog and gnawing on her hands like crazy. She wears banana bibs everyday (Deeks & Me is my favorite!) and I am going to put an Amber necklace on her soon. She loves her Zoli teether and mini Sophie.
  • Grasps her toys and seems to enjoy looking at and batting at them on her carseat, bouncer, and playmat.
  • Rolled front to back early this month a few times but hasn't done it since. Now when we lay her on her back she tries to roll. 
  • Mama is feeling great and about 95% healed! My abs take a while to feel 100% post C section but last week I started T 25 and have been slowly working up to full range of motion for my abs. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Parmesan Meatloaf

I know I've said it before but I am a sucker for an old fashioned meatloaf (and so is my protein loving husband). I love finding twists on a traditional meatloaf recipe and this Parmesan meatloaf is one of my favorite finds! I almost want to serve it with a side of yummy spaghetti because of it's delicious Italian taste. The recipe uses 2lbs of meat so it is hearty and feeds a crowd!

1lb ground turkey
1lb ground beef (I like using a mixture of meats but you can use all turkey or all beef)
2 eggs
1/4 cup Italian seasoned breadcrumbs
1/2 tsp basil
1/2 tsp thyme
1/2 tsp oregano
2 cloves minced garlic
1 medium onion, diced
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese (I used the shaker kind)
1/2-3/4 cup pasta sauce of your choice
1/2-3/4 cup shredded Mozzarella cheese
Parsley for garnish

1. Mix together all ingredients except pasta sauce, mozzarella cheese, and parsley
2. Form in a greased loaf pan and top with pasta sauce
3. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour
4. Remove from oven, top with shredded mozzarella cheese, and bake an additional 5 minutes
5. Let meatloaf set for 5 minutes before serving

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Deen Austin Threads

Any time I get the chance to work with a handmade shop run by a mama, I jump on it. I'm really amazed by the talents given to certain women and am even more amazed that moms can balance motherhood and running their own business. Moms are the queens of multitasking, amen? I actually met Abby from Deen Austin Threads through my local moms group and I couldn't wait to get Lucy in some of her products! If you know anything about Austin you'd know it is known for hipsters and eclectic living (and it is the best city in the USA, duh). It isn't rare to see toddlers dressed in skinny jeans, TOMs, and Bob Marley t shirts. Austin is cool and I love it. Deen Austin Threads offers handmade modern rompers, shorties, loveys, headbands, and more! I love that most of the items Abby makes are organic fabrics and gender neutral (because you know the Hart family will grow and this mama love hand me downs!). Sure I love dressing my babes in Target and Old Navy but I love even more, dressing them in unique, one-of-a-kind outfits. Okay enough talking, time to overload you with pictures of my gorgeous little lady sporting her hipster swag. After you've oogled over these pictures, head on over to Deen Austin Threads and outfit your little one!

Lucy is in this gray romper, hexigon bloomers, and matching knotted headband. The romper is so soft and stretchy for sweet baby skin and the headband is flexible in size (I make babies with big heads so it can grow with her!). As you can see, Lucy girl was very happy to be sporting her new Deen Austin Threads items.

Monday, July 20, 2015

What we've been up to

Life has been fun lately! A good kind of busy, full of friends and fun summer activities. I realized I have so many pictures I have yet to post on my blog so today you are getting a picture dump. Embry and my sister are in town this week and next week we are going to Colorado on vacation! Hard to believe July will be over soon... time really flies with little ones. Friday night Jon and I got into bed and he said, "parenthood is exhausting!". Yes and yes. So fun but oh so tiring! So what have we been up to lately?

Last week Ford woke up with a fever and hives and ended up getting a cough and runny nose so we spent the weekend at home. We got him this new Kidzlane cleaning set and saying he is obsessed is an understatement. Since we were quarantined at home I did lots of deep cleaning and he was right there next to me mopping, Swiffering, and helping. He is so cute. If you know Ford then you know he hates to be dirty and has to have things perfectly put away (cough cough, daddy). 

We've gotten a lot of fun pool days lately, both at Mimi and Papa's house and our neighborhood pools. Ford is getting so brave with his puddle jumpers and spends most of the time kicking around and filling up cups with water. He also is in a sunglasses obsession stage. Anytime we walk outside he says "Mama too bright! Need sunglasses!". So to prevent meltdowns, we keep 1 pair in the stroller and 1 pair in the car. 


The babies have been waking up before 7 these days so mornings consist of lots of cuddling and one tired mama.

Since it's starting to get a lot hotter down here (for the most part we've had a mild summer up until now), we try to get our morning walk in before 8am. Lucy sometimes snoozes and Ford loves strolling. Jon joins us when he is home and it is quite the workout pushing this monster stroller.

Getting pictures of one baby looking at the camera and smiling is hard enough so getting a picture of the 2 of them together is tough stuff. They love each other so much, it pretty much melts me into a huge puddle.

Back to the first picture and Ford not liking to get dirty, he also doesn't like to be messy with food (I know, crazy). Last week we went to Chick Fila and he ate all of his lunch so I got him an ice cream cone and he hadn't taken more than 3-4 licks before he said "All done, mama hands dirty, need to wash." He cracks me up.

Very rare to get a picture of me and Jon together so car selfies it is!

Lucy is officially in cloth diapers and I love it! I added a couple of girly prints to our diaper stash and I love her big ole fluffy booty.

One of the coolest things about toddlers is watching them make friends. Ford sees his different buddies every day at play dates, pool, and park, and lately he has been calling Kennedy his best friend, it is adorable! Kennedy is going to be a big sister any day now and she and Ford just love each other. 

My 2 favorite Jimmys! (My mom's name is Jimi for those of you who didn't know and I am slightly obsessed with Jimmy Fallon.... and his icecream....omg).

I chopped of my hair last week and I am kind of obsessed with it. I go back and forth from short hair and longer hair and right now it feels so good to have it short in the heat! I made Jon take a picture of me before Mom's Night Out because let's face it... wearing a dress and makeup does NOT happen often. 

Lucy girl is so drooly lately so she wears a bib all day now (and luckily ours are cute!). This bib is Deeks and Me

One of my best friends Morgan is having her second, a baby girl, in less than 2 months! Our boys are 8 days a part and we survived our 1st year of parenthood because of each other! We threw her a baby sprinkle last week and it was beautiful. 

2 weeks ago we went to a gender reveal party for one of my oldest friends Kaylee who is welcoming a baby girl in November!! Gender reveals, baby showers, 1st birthdays... I love this season of life. 

My BFF Alyssa and her hubby Adam drove in on Friday from Houston to meet Miss Lucy and we had such a sweet visit with them. Ford loves having guests over and was quite the entertainment!

You can follow me on Instagram for more pictures and updates!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Korean Beef

I can't tell you how excited I am that I am back to cooking! We were seriously so blessed by family and friends bringing us meals after Lucy was born, the most I've had to do in the past 2 months is thaw a homemade meal or scramble some eggs. Note: when visiting a new mom do NOT bring them clothes or balloons... bring them a hot meal! They will appreciate it more than anything. So back to cooking. Jon has been home all week which is very rare and I was giddy to meal plan and try out new recipes I've been saving up. Having two bebes really cuts down on my "me time" and included in that time is cooking. So that being said, the meals I've been making can be prepped during nap time and/or in the 30 minutes I usually get when Jon is off of work and wants to play with the kids. I'm not about to chop 18 vegetables and stir something on the stove continuously for 45 minutes because I usually have a baby strapped to my chest and one at my feet. My sister sent me this recipe for Korean Beef and it was GOOD. Real good, y'all. It basically took no prep time (which is good because I walked in the door from the pool at 5:30pm and we were eating by 6... still in my swim suit) and was absolutely delicious.

1lb lean ground beef (we actually used ground turkey and it was delish)
1 tbsp sesame oil
3 cloves minced garlic
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup soy sauce
Dash of red pepper flakes (more if you want it spicier)
1/2 tsp ginger (I am not a fan of ginger so I left it out)
Cooked white rice (boil in a bag is my preference)
Stalk of green onions, chopped (this makes the meal!)

1. Heat sesame oil and garlic in large pan over the stove
2. Add meat and brown
3. Drain any fat and stir in brown sugar, soy sauce, red pepper flakes, and ginger and let simmer for 5 minutes.
4. Serve over cooked white rice topped with chopped green onions
5. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The "not so good" parts of a C section

I had my 2nd C section in April and I loved it. You can read my post on why I chose a repeat C section (after my first emergency) and also a post where I proclaim my love for C sections. Childbirth is hard, y'all. Natural, epidural, C section, general surgery... it doesn't come without pain (hence why labor is called LABOR!). I remember hitting my due date with my first baby and realizing, oh my gosh, I am going to have a baby any day and it is going to hurt. Yep. It does. BUT!!!! It is such a different kind of pain. Yes it is incredible physical pain but the emotions tied to childbirth are incredible. The physical pain tapers off and you are left with a cuddly little baby who has you wrapped around their finger from their first breath. No pain, no gain, right? I remember before I had a baby I didn't think much about C sections. Women had them all the time so they must be pretty easy. Whoa baby was I wrong. I think it is easy to forget that a C section is major surgery. Most major surgeries a normal person would take off time from work, sleep all day, and focus on recovery. It is quite the opposite with a C section. Your abdomen is cut open and instead of sleeping the day away, you are up around the clock feeding, changing, burping. Not to mention the pains of breastfeeding. I had no idea how intense C sections were and I instantly had a new respect for C section mamas (vaginal birthing mamas don't worry, I have mad respect for you popping something out of that tiny hole. I can't think about it without getting queasy). Anyway. I don't believe that one form of childbirth is easier than another but I wanted to share with you some of the not so great things about a C section. I remember when they were sewing me up in the OR thinking, "Damn I feel good! I will probably walk right out of this OR on my own two legs". And then when I made it to recovery, everything changed.

Me feeling on top of the world during surgery

Lucy's first latch in recovery... right before I yacked!

Itching - something about coming off of the anesthesia makes you incredibly itchy. I don't know if y'all watch Breaking Bad but I felt like a meth addict scratching away at my face. The nurses warned me it would happen and it felt like I had mosquitoes all over my face. I attempted to use wash cloths on my face so I wouldn't scratch but it was hard not to. Luckily it only lasted an hour or so.

Nausea - along with itching, anesthesia can do a number on your tummy. I was in recovery and they just brought Lucy to me fresh from the nursery and I had her latched on. I could only have one visitor at a time back there and my dad was with me and all of the sudden I told him I was about to be sick. I went from feeling awesome to feeling like I had the worst tummy bug ever. I threw up about 3 times within an hour of my surgery and my tummy calmed shortly after.

Not eating - I was starving once I got setup in my postpartum room and I was excited to check out the hospital menu and order some lunch (I remember how much I loved the chicken tenders and mashed potatoes from my stay for Ford's birth). Well... little did I know I would have to pass gas before I was able to eat solid food and that would take a day and a half. I was stuck eating clear liquids and praying for a toot. I do not do good not eating and my visitors showed up with so many treats, it was rough!

Gas pains - Oh my goodness gas pains. The morning after I had Lucy my back started hurting really bad and I thought maybe I had slept weird. It progressively got worse, up to the point of me crying and begging for relief. Turns out that when you have surgery, air gets trapped inside your body cavity and travels to your upper back as gas. I tried gas tablets and heating pads but nothing really helped. This was one of the most painful parts of my C section with Lucy (I didn't have it with Ford, maybe because I had general surgery?).

You still bleed... a lot - you really don't catch a break on anything when having a C section. You'd think because the doctor has the ability (and they do) "clean you out" during surgery, that you'd bleed less. OH NO. I bled on and off (mostly on) for about 10 weeks with Ford and 8 weeks with Lucy. I'm gonna be real with y'all, it ain't pretty. I would rather have a regular period once a month than the postpartum flood they call lochia.

Tummy pain - I didn't realize how much one uses their abs until I had a C section. Getting out of the bed those first few days in the hospital takes a good 5 minutes because you literally have no ab muscle and have to use your arms. This part sucks. Your stomach will feel like it was stabbed a million times and it is so tender to the touch, I get goosebumps thinking about it now. Walking hurts for a while and you can't lay flat on your back. In the hospital the nurses come and press down on your uterus every 3 hours to help it contract and that is NOT pleasant when you've just had your stomach cut open. Thank God for pain meds. This was the hardest part of Ford's birth for me because I felt like I would never feel better. 2nd time around it was easier because I knew one day I'd feel back to myself. 3 weeks was a big change and then every week after that brings so much healing. I am writing this 9 weeks postpartum and I am working out (with the exception of doing any jumping, fast motions, or ab moves), power walking up hill with a double stroller, and feeling great. By 12 weeks with Ford I was 100% myself, although my abs stayed separated which doesn't just happen to C section moms.

Sex still hurts - Again, we don't get a break having C sections and I was sad when I learned that sex hurt for quite a while postpartum. I guess it has nothing to do with popping a baby out of your vagina but more about the hormones and then breastfeeding (dries you out). It's better the second time around but not completely without pain.

I hope this post doesn't scare you but I am guessing if you are a first time mom to be, you assume you're having a vaginal birth (I sure did) and if you're a second time mom having another C section, this ain't your first rodeo. I can't stress enough how much I loved my C section (the second time around that is) and I plan on electing a C section for future children. I am sure the same can be said for vaginal births, I know I've heard friends go on and on about the woes of that. Like I said, childbirth is hard work and I have mad respect for mamas with all kinds of birth stories!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Ford 23 months

I can't believe we are one month away from having a 2 year old! I feel like I am more emotional than last year before he turned 1. At 1 year they are still babies but 2 seems like a cornerstone. He's a kid now, an a very loveable and sweet one at that! Ford never ceases to amaze us with how much he knows and how much he talks (NON STOP!). He loves giving compliments and this mama never gets sick of hearing them from him. We aren't throwing him a birthday party but are planning on a few little celebrations for our big boy. I need to stop writing before I get too mushy mushy.

  • Loves wearing his sunglasses and exclaims, "It's too bright!" right when we walk outside and demands them to be on
  • Jumps ALL.DAY.LONG. The past week he just seems to have extra energy and moves non stop (and talks non stop haha)
  • Loves reading. He spends at least an hour a day on his own reading books, I love it. He can finish the sentences in so many of his books (and loves reading the same ones over and over again).
  • Loves puzzles! We have about 8 Melissa and Doug puzzles and he does them everyday. His favorite is the ABC puzzle and he now can say most of his ABCs and recognizes letters on signs, mail, bath letters, etc. He will see an H and say, "H, house!". 
  • Ford is a dancing machine. I took him to a drop in childcare place last week and when I picked him up they told me right when they turned music on he started dancing. 
  • I feel like I say this every month but Ford is an incredible talker. He talks in full sentences and knows so many words! He will say things like "Mama, baby sleeping on mama's bed, we be quiet" or last week "Mama earrings are beautiful, they are circles". I don't know where he picks up things but man he is smart (and a parrot so we spell things now).
  • He knows mine and Jon's cars (and my parents) and our house so when we are in a parking lot he loves looking for our cars "MAMA CAR!" and when we are out on walks "My home!!!" when he sees our house. 
  • Loves going to school (just once a week this summer then twice a week after Labor Day).
  • Went to his first movie with Mimi at Moviehouse Eatery! They saw Sherman and Mr. Peabody and he sat through the whole thing and ate tons of popcorn.
  • Continues to be obsessed with "baby girl". He calls her Lucy more often and smothers her with love and kisses. Jon calls her Peanut Lady and the other day I heard Ford say "Hi Pee-uht Lady". He also calls her Lucy Bug and says "I'm your big brother!"
  • For both of my babies, anytime they cry I say "I know, I know" and now in the car if Lucy is crying, Ford says "I know, I know baby girl, almost home, almost home". It is the cutest!
  • One of his favorite phrases "YOOK GUYS!" and points to things. His L's are so cute. 
  • Ford can count to 12 and loves counting things
  • Says "God Bless You" when people sneeze
  • Says his prayers at night "Now I lay me...."
  • Very helpful and really enjoys emptying the dishwasher. I set a towel on the counter and put his stool by it and he puts all of his cups, plates, and bowls on there and also does the silverware. 
  • His form of terrible 2's is interesting. He is normally such a rule follower but he knows what he wants and can be rather defiant. He won't act out physically but he chooses not to listen and closes his eyes and covers his ears when he doesn't want to do something. He has had to go to time out a few times in the past few weeks and even chooses to put himself in timeout while he calms down.
  • He knows that daddy's other name is Jon and mama's is Ruthie. 
  • He is starting to connect friends and their families. He knows who are the parents of his friends and even knows that baby Toddy is in Aunt Cori's tummy!
  • We got him an outdoor swing set as an early birthday present and it is the best money we've ever spent! He loves it and it's fun to have friends play in the backyard.
  • Doing good with potty training. He wakes up from naps dry but has a 6lb diaper in he mornings. We do a mix of undies and pullups during the days 
  • Obsessed with his "boo boos". Constantly finding bruises or scrapes and getting stressed abou them and asking me to kiss them or asking for bandaids.
  • Does not like to get his hands dirty... totally his dad (yet Jon loves to get his hand covered in car grease)
  • Becoming quite the little fish in the pool and very brave.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Second Time Motherhood

Now that Lucy is 2 months old, we've regained our sanity and life is getting back to normal. Lucy is blessing us with good sleep, I am feeling 99% after my C section, and Jon and I are feeling pretty good about handling our 2 little munchkins (we plan on having a few more so we remind ourselves, THIS will be the easiest we have it, ha). I love that I am comfortable taking both of the babies out on my own and I have enjoyed getting back into my routine... grocery shopping, play dates, lunches with friends, pool time, etc. I feel like everyone I know is pregnant these days and most of my friends are having their second so a question I get at least once a day is, "So how is it with two babies?". I don't want to toot my own horn but it is great and better than I could have ever imagined.

I have to laugh when people say the transition from 1-2 is hard than the transition from 0-1 because my world was ROCKED when Ford came into this world. I loved every ounce of my squishy little boy but everything was new and an adjustment. I had to learn how to be a parent, learn how to prioritize my marriage, all while healing from surgery. It was a crazy time and I am so glad I had a solid community during the transition. The transition from 1-2 hasn't been seamless but it was been so sweet. The thing I answer with the most is that my confidence in motherhood has made the transition so much better. I KNEW I wouldn't feel the pains of a C section forever. I KNEW the witching hour was short lived. I KNEW I would one day get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. And that helped me through the hard times. Experience has given me confidence and hope and I am so grateful for that. I remember when they handed Lucy to me in recovery and I was alone, I just popped her on my boob. I knew how to position my arms and made sure we didn't have a painful shallow latch. Thinking back to the first go-around it took at least 3 people to breastfeed, baby not included. I'm confident in my ability to physically take care of my children but I am even more confident in my abilities to love them well. I don't think any mom is immune from baby blues and feelings of "how will I do this?" and I am so thankful that I was able to get through those times reminding myself that everything is a phase. After hard nights with Lucy I was able to look at my sweet Ford who is full of personality and life and know that I will blink and Lucy will be right beside him cracking me up and entertaining us.

Don't get me wrong, life with 2 is hard. I feel like having one baby was so carefree and easy (I wish I could tell my new mom of one self that I would say this one day!) and with two there is always something to do. I've finally been able to get the babies to nap at the same time but two kids means two sets of laundry, diapers, food, chores... and most likely one of them wakes up a lot earlier than the other. Getting out of the house takes intense planning and at least 10-15 minutes of, "Okay we are leaving, wait I forgot this" and breaking a sweat packing their bags, the double stroller, and the million other things that seem to make it into my car. I don't have much time for myself and that is OK. I sacrifice sleep for time with my husband because my marriage is so important. I'm okay with the fact that I always have a full load of laundry in the dryer and dishwasher waiting to be folded and put away and that is OK. I used to stress about leaving things un-done on my to do list and now it piles up but you know what, I am happy and my kids are oh-so-happy. I read this article right after I had Lucy and it really shaped the way I look at motherhood. Right now I am looking at my role as a mother as the very best that God has for me right now. He isn't calling me to be a working mom or work from home mom, I am Ford and Lucy's mom right now and that is it! The chores, blog posts, and crafting projects can wait. At the end of the day if my children are fed, rested, and healthy, I have done my job well! There will be a season where my kids don't need me to wipe their bottoms, dress them, and cut up grapes at lunch and my callings will change. I am trying to press into the hard times, knowing that I will crave them when my kids are grown.

So yes, having 2 kids is hard but 2nd time motherhood has been the biggest blessing for me! I can't imagine life without our sweet Lucy girl and I love the relationship she and Ford already have with one another, I know they will just get closer and closer. Life is crazy, exhausting, and FUN! Jon and I talk all the time how crazy it will be that one day Lucy will be running around with Ford and add to the chaos and hilarity of our household. I am very grateful God chose us to be second time parents and I hope we get the chance to have more (although I am sure when we are outnumbered, I may have to re-write this post!).

Monday, July 6, 2015

Our 4th

Our 4th of July couldn't have been more fun! I loved that it fell over the weekend and Jon got Friday off of work. Friday and Saturday were jam packed yet relaxing. I'll tell ya, our social life is 100x better than before we had kids and it is FUN! We spent hours at Mimi and Papa's pool, Ford only got out for an afternoon nap. We hopped over to another friends party where we had planned on keeping Ford up for fireworks (his bedtime is between 7-7:30 so it would have been a really big push since it doesn't get dark until 9p) and at 8:30pm he found me outside and sat in my lap and said, "Mama go home, go night night". I love my scheduled little boy! Saturday we walked in our neighborhoods parade and spent a few hours at the community celebration. Ford and I went down a huge slide, he ate popsicles (a total of 3 bomb pops within 24 hours), squirted water guns, and ran around with his friends. I just love our neighborhood, it is such a fun place to raise our children. We went to another BBQ....more swimming, popsicles, and lots of attention from family and friends! We are so thankful for living in a country where we can say what we want, do what we want, and be who we want. We are also so thankful for the freedom Christ has given us, an everyday celebration! All in all, it was a fabulous weekend and I am sad to see it end. For me and Jon, life is so much richer and more fulfilling with children, these are days to remember. 

Such a smiley baby girl

Ford wanted to play with all the big kids so bad!

(Ford's balloon went to heaven...)

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