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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

My Favorite Baby Items As A 4th Time Mama

It's been almost 7 years since I entered into the black hole baby gear era! Despite having 3 kids in 3 years, I was shocked by how much baby items and gear had changed over that span. I have to laugh because most of the items I am using now for baby #4 weren't options or even on the horizon when I was a first time mom. I never gave into the big business marketing strategies that tell us we need wipe warmers and 15 baby towels and all of the latest and greatest technology but I did end up with a bunch of stuff I never used and quickly got rid of. I am by no means an expert on baby gear but I do feel well versed on what works, what you can skip, and what you definitely need with babies on the 4th go around. In fact, I kept barely any baby stuff after Gideon turned 1 even though I knew we would have more kids. I was done storing it all and knew I could borrow and buy what we needed when the time came (and knew it would be so much less than what we had!). This list isn't exhaustive but beyond diapers (Target or HEB brand), wipes (Kirkland Brand), and formula (Similac Advance), I can't really think of anything else we really use. I didn't add our swing, jumper, or exersaucer because those things are universal but I do suggest borrowing or buying those items secondhand.

Chicco Keyfit Carseat  
Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller
I had the Britax B Safe travel system with my first 3 babes and while I loved it, I got rid of it when Gideon grew out of it and wasn't totally set on getting it for this babe. I absolutely love our Chicco set, it could not be easier to install which is normally a pain to do and the snap and go stroller is a life saver. It has a huge basket and cup holders and folds really small. Nowadays I feel like first time moms are spending hundreds and hundreds on infant carseats which I know better it is not worth because you only use for a year. I am so happy with our choice for this carseat and stroller system!

Boppy Lounger
I got this when my second, Lucy, was born and I don't know how you could live without it! It is the perfect "station" for baby and you can move it from room to room. Baby O would be perched on the lounger while we ate dinner, while I showered, etc. You have to stop using when baby starts rolling but it is a top baby product of mine for ages 0-6 months.

Lillebaby Airflow
I also got this carrier when my second babe was born and got rid of all of my other carriers. I prefer a structured carrier to a wrap and the Lillebaby has so much more support than its counterpart, the Ergo. I am barely 5 feet tall and broke my back when I was 14 so I need as much back support as possible. It is also mesh which is great for the Texas heat. I use it from the time baby is about 10lbs and don't use the newborn insert. My babies loved facing outward when they were about 4 months of age.

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit
ABSOLUTE LIFE SAVER! All 4 babes have used it and we are still using with Baby O. It is essentially like a thunder shirt/weighted blanket type contraption for babies to help with the swaddle transition. We've been using it for 3 months with O and trying sleep sack naps but he is addicted to the suit. We started using it during the dreaded 4 month sleep regression with the other babes.

Nuby Tuggy Teether
This is my first baby to use this toy and I have already bought it 3 times as a baby gift. It it stretches so you can manipulate it around the baby's hands so they can hang onto it. Best baby toy I have found.

I bought these with Gideon to use for introducing food and they just collected dust. I found them recently with Baby O and he has them in his hands at all times. Perfect little teether with ribs to soothe their gums. 

Homemedics Sound Machine
We own 4 of these and travel with them no matter where we go. Our kids sleep through the night no matter what and sleep like rocks even if we have people over because of the sound machines. I also use one when I sleep.

Baby Einstein Playmat
Baby O got this as a Christmas present and he is mesmerized! We had a different playmat that I got rid of with my first 3 kiddos and none of them really liked it. They would get bored and mad but O has a blast on it! He pulls on the toys, loves the music and lights, and has a grand ole' time.

Water filled tummy time mat
We also got this for Christmas and it has been fun! We use it in OT for baby O and it is a change of scenery for tummy time. It is cheap and easy to empty, fold, and store for future babies.

AngelCare Bath Seat
We got this when our 2nd was born and it is perfect for newborns to age 1! My sister uses hers in her big basin sink but ours is in the kid's bathtub so they can take turns bathing with the baby. It is plastic mesh so it dries easy and easy to store and clean.

Dr. Brown's Original Bottles
I exclusively nursed my first 2 kiddos and then Gideon and Baby O exclusively formula fed. I researched the best bottles for gas and Dr. Browns are always at the top of the lists. Some people complain about how many parts they have but I don't mind at all. I have 4 bottles and could easily get away with 2-3. They reduce airflow so babies aren't as gassy.

Boon Drying Rack (large
I think I may use this for the rest of my life, even when my kids are big! I keep it next to our sink to dry bottles but also use it to dry knives, kid silverware, toys, etc. It is two pieces so it is easy to soak and wash.

Burt's Bees Zipper Pajamas
These are my favorite for so many reasons! I love that they are zippered (who would ever make baby clothes with so many snaps?!) and also slim fitting. I don't like when jammies are baggy on little ones but these are slim and have thick, well made, organic fabric. I like that a lot of their patterns are gender neutral.
Itzy Ritzy Pacifiers
Baby O is my first baby to take a pacifier and because we didn't know what age child we were going to foster (we are certified age 0-2), I had a few different options at home just to be safe. These have the Soothie nipple like the ones at the hospital but are way cuter.

Backpack Diaper Bag
I want to kick myself for how much I spent on my very first diaper bag back in 2013. Petunia Pickle Bottom Bags were the "in" thing and I got rid of mine quicker than you can say baby. I hated it. It was a giant backpack with a crazy pattern. I used a slew of different bags and backpacks for #2 and #3 but ordered this backpack diaper bag on Amazon to prep for baby #4 and I love it! I love all the little compartments and it is slim. I am not one to wear bright colors usually so I really like the muted gray tone. And if it lasts 1 year, who cares?! It was cheap and I can replace it. We have been using it everyday for 6 months and it is in pristine condition. I've also learned by the 4th baby that I don't need to pack my whole life in the diaper bag. 

Shea Moisture Baby Wash and Lotion
I love this line for baby O. It is made by people of color, all natural, ethical, and smells delicious! I use some of their hair products as well.

IKEA Antilop Highchair
Another thing I could kick myself for buying is a Graco highchair that was $130. It was bulky and cheaply made and I got rid of it before Lucy turned 1. The $15 IKEA highchair is everything! The legs come off and it stores really  well. It is easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. I even bought mine second hand for $5!
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