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Saturday, April 25, 2015


I've mentioned many times before that Ford is my little engineer. As he gets older I love watching him grow physically (that boy can throw a ball far!) but watching his mind expand is incredible. Blocks, Lincoln Logs, Legos, puzzles... he is constantly building and creating, something I know I wasn't into as a kid. One of the cutest things to watch is him problem solving. He builds a tower and it falls over quickly so he heads over to the basket of toys to figure out how to make it sturdier. Then he'll add some of his animals or cars in the mix, he has such a great imagination! Not like our house needs anymore toys (and the thought of adding little girl toys in the next few months stresses me out!) but the weeks leading up to his baby sister's birth, I've been getting him a few new toys that will make him feel special and keep him busy, mostly the latter! Funny enough, the company I used to work for (software development) had a set of WEDGiTS and they are quite entertaining so I knew Ford would love them!

WEDGiTS blocks are fun and challenging blocks for kids (and adults!) of all ages that introduce the spatial world of angles, shapes, color patterning, and matching. Basically there is no wrong way to build with WEDGiTS. They can be nested, stacked, linked, and wedged together to create hundreds of designs. This is perfect for a perfectionist child like mine who often gets mad when he can't get something put together. We got Ford the Imagination Starter Kit that we can continue to add on to because all WEDGiTS sets are 100% compatible. Ford has no issues with self confidence and is pretty proud of his creations!

Looking for an interactive, educational, fun gift for your little one? WEDGiTS!

Find Wedgits

Friday, April 24, 2015

Ramblings of an extremely pregnant mama

3 just 3 days my world will be turned upside down, my heart will most likely leap out of my chest, and we will welcome a daughter into our family. A daughter! That feels so weird to say and almost hard to believe is actually happening. Second pregnancies are funny. I hate to admit but the novelty of pregnancy wore off really quickly and I've spent a lot less time thinking about growing the baby inside of me than I did when I was pregnant with Ford. I also hate to admit that I am not feeling guilty about that at all. My life is so full and I know Lucy will fill it even more. I haven't felt bad about not bonding as much with her in my belly as I did with her big brother but that doesn't make my less excited at ALL. As I neared the end of my 1st pregnancy I was filled with fear- fear of the unknown, fear of my role and capabilities and performance as a mother and I can say with 100% honesty that I don't have any fear today about bringing another baby into this world. Now someone asked me last week if I felt better because I know what to expect the 2nd time around and I laughed and said well it's actually scary because I DO know what to expect! Just because I've done it before doesn't make things easier per say, but I am so much more confident in my skills and abilities this time around. I feel so confident in myself because my husband has been my biggest cheerleader for the past 9 months when I get anxious about having 2 under 2 (or 2 in general). He reminds me that God knit me together to be Ford and Lucy's mother and that I am capable. One of the biggest topics in our recent conversation about our babies is how being 2nd time parents, we are assured that everything is a season. As much as you want to believe those seasoned moms when they tell you "this too shall pass", it is HARD to believe it when you are in the trenches of newborn-hood. I remember standing in the shower when Ford was 1 week old just sobbing because I was in so much pain. My body had been through the ringer, the water from the shower head felt like knives stabbing my poor little nipples that were attacked by my piranha baby every 2-3 hours, and my heart just ached because I had never loved something so much so quickly. I thought to myself, okay this is my life. I will be in pain, exhausted, and an emotional nut job for the rest of my days. I am victim to assuming the hard seasons are permanent and I am sure so many can relate. But alas. I look back on those times and have to ask myself, "did that really happen?". Who knows what kind of personality Lucy will have and if she'll be stubborn like her big brother Ford but I am so thankful that this time around, I will TRULY believe the hard times will pass. Babies don't teeth forever or have the dreaded witching hour for the rest of their lives. I really do think this will help me enjoy the newborn stage a lot more rather than wishing for her to grow older (I wasn't the biggest fan of the newborn phase with Ford). Just last night Jon said, "Gosh isn't 1 baby so easy!?" And we laughed because there is no way I would have ever believed I would one day say that during the first few months of Ford's life. Sure it gives me a knot in my stomach knowing that in a few days my 10+ hour night sleeps are gone but thankful that it will be temporary. Thank you 1st children for being your parents guinea pigs and giving us anxiety and stress that only grows us as parents.

This article on Bringing Home Baby 2.0 couldn't have come at a better time. I love how she kicks it off with saying we need to let go of the guilt! This has been a huge topic of mindless internal conversation with myself and I feel so at peace as I embark on this journey as a mom of 2 not feeling guilty whatsoever. I've talked to so many moms of 2+ who also tell me the best thing I can do for my kids is to not feel guilty. I'd be lying if I didn't say that a few months ago I had a sick feeling of thinking about sharing my time and attention with Ford but I am so glad I have overcome that and I am not going to let it eat me up inside. I also will not feel guilty for not being able to solely focus on Lucy when she is born. If you think about it, 1st children are the ONLY ones who get their parents undivided attention. I am a 2nd child (of 4!) and can never recall a time where I felt neglected, unloved, or jealous of the time my older sister got with my parents before I was born. I can almost immediately tear up when I think about my babies together. In just 3 days they will meet and most likely Ford won't care for her for more than 30 seconds but it is the beginning of their lifelong friendship and relationship. We set up the playmat in her room a few weeks ago and Ford was crawling under it with some of his toys and it hit me. Someday soon Lucy will be under there playing and Ford will be right next to her. I know it will probably take time but I think they will be so close. I keep saying I think Ford is the perfect big brother for a little sister because he is safe, gentle, and emotional. I think he will be so sweet with her and one day protective of his baby sister. He is already so interested in his baby doll, feeding her, putting her in the swing and down for naps, and I pray that he shows the same interest when Lucy is actually here. This week he started saying "Lucy" so much better and it makes me cry. The first thing he does when we take him out of his crib in the mornings and after nap is run to her room, "Mama Lucy's room!". And we put her carseat next to his in the car this week and he says, "Baby Lucy!". He has no idea the chaos to come but I don't think any of us have any idea the joy and goodness to come. I've been so focused on me, my pregnancy, surgery, recovery, etc that I haven't really sat and thought about my children's relationship with one another or Jon's relationship with his daughter. I realize this post is just me rambling and if you've made it this far, bless you. I have such a crazy amount of emotions and it feels good to write them all down. If you would have told me I would be this relaxed and peaceful the week before I had a baby, I would have laughed! This week has been filled with naps, intentional prayers, movies, good food, date nights, fun with friends, and lots of family time. I couldn't ask for more! 

I shared my prayers for her birth earlier this week and would love for you to continue to pray. Currently my blood platelets are around 117 (normal is 130-400+) but my doctor is confident that anything over 100, I should be able to be awake for. Please pray that they don't fall and I can experience meeting my daughter for the first time during my C section! Oh and you can follow me on Instagram for family updates!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baby #2, weeks 36-39

Well folks. Welcome to my last pregnancy update for miss Lucy! I had my last OB appointment yesterday morning and that was surreal. I went overdue with Ford and was in the doctors office so often those last few days so it is a weird feeling knowing the only time I will be back is for my postpartum checkup and annuals (until I get pregnant again, God willing). Yesterday I shared my prayers for Lucy's birth and I would love for you to pray alongside of me and my family if you feel inclined. To say that we are excited is an understatement! We cannot wait! People keep asking me how I am doing and to be honest I am very calm and relaxed. It is totally the work of the Holy Spirit and I am very thankful for that. I plan on sharing some of my thoughts later this week on how I am doing emotionally and how I am preparing my heart so today I will update you on this big ole belly.

36 weeks

37 weeks

38 weeks

  • My C section is scheduled for Monday April 27th at 7:30am! We are supposed to arrive at 5am to get everything signed and sorted out and I will get one last CPC blood test to confirm the status of my blood platelets.
  • I had my platelets tested yesterday morning and should know today how they are. My last check was great so unless they fell, I shouldn't have to do steroids and I should be able to be awake during my C section. Praying!
  • Gained 28lbs 
  • No dilation and cervix is softening. Doctor said baby looks comfortable and that I shouldn't go into labor before my surgery.
  • Lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, even some that are painful, but nothing patterned or constant
  • Still taking Zofran at night, sometimes in the morning and throwing up 1-2 times a week. 
  • I've experienced a little bit of heartburn the past few weeks which I did NOT have with Ford. I am trying to stay hydrated and luckily it hasn't been bad enough to take medication.
  • No swelling and my wedding rings still fit, yay! I definitely carry my babies in the belly area and I think God gives me that since I am sick the entire time. Not sure which is better... cankles or yacking at 10 months prego.
  • I've had lots of back pain lately which is a product of the above... carrying 28 extra pounds in my tummy. I have gladly been accepting nightly back rubs from Jon and using Young Living Deep Relief (which is helping a lot!).
  • I am pretty sure I wake up every hour at night to pee and often have to wake up Jon to roll me over. Oye.
  • There are some funny differences between 1st and 2nd pregnancies. I think the carseat was in the car at 32 weeks with Ford and we still need to get it out for Lucy. Her bag is packed (I had the hardest time choosing headbands and bows!) but I still need to pack mine and Jon needs to pack too. Ford will be staying at my parents house so I figured I would pack him this weekend when all the laundry is done.
  • We have our last date night Thursday, yay!
  • We've been doing last minute projects and chores... this morning I cleaned out the entire freezer, changed some air filters, and refilled salt and pepper shakers. Nesting much. 

I am hoping to throw up a quick blog post next week after Lucy is born but be sure to follow me on Instagram if you want more updates!

Monday, April 20, 2015

My prayers for Lucy's birth

It's crazy how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. Lucy will be in my arms in 1 week, unless she decides to come early on her own. Wow! I have my last OB appointment this morning, very bittersweet because I love my doctor and her team. Taking care of a busy toddler seemed to use all of my brain cells and here I am, days away from giving birth to his little sister and it still doesn't feel real. In a way, it's been a blessing that it has flown by because this pregnancy has been physically harder than my first (never thought I'd say that!) but then again I feel like I need more time. A couple of weeks ago is when it finally sank in that I am going through another delivery, breastfeeding relationship, and postpartum period with our new baby. I am fully confident of our choice to have a scheduled repeat C section but the thought of it (or any labor/delivery) is very scary. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach when I remembered the pain I went through bringing a baby into this world and that it was happening again. Unlike last time, never have given birth before, I know what to expect. This doesn't sway my decision at all, it gives me the opportunity to be specific and intentional with my prayer time and what I am asking for from the Lord for Lucy's birth. Just like in parenthood, there is only so much the world can offer during hard seasons and I've learned that answers aren't promised but God never fails. It is so comforting (and incredible!) knowing that HE KNOWS Lucy already. Psalm 139:13 reminds me that it is not by my account but His that she was knit together in my womb. And Jeremiah 1:5 reminds me that long before I walked the earth, the Lord knew her and had an intricate plan for her life. He knows her purpose, her mission, how many hairs she has on her head, and her birth story. Worry and anxiety won't change what was written in the stars before time began. I've watched the Lord abundantly bless my family throughout Ford's life and I know it's not just possible for Lucy, it will happen. 

This pregnancy has been hard and navigating life with a toddler is emotionally and physically exhausting but my prayer throughout has been for God's glory and fame to be evident. I wrote down my prayers for Ford's birth before having him and as we get closer to meeting Lucy Joy, I wanted to write down my prayers and ask for yours. If you feel the urge or desire to pray along with us, we'd be ever so grateful. God listens to those who stand in awe of His greatness, goodness, and power, Lord hear our prayers.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do -Proverbs 16:3

I ask that as I prepare for her birth, I commit my worries, fears, and even physical pain to the Lord and not lean on my own understanding. I ask for peace, comfort, and safety as I use this birth for His glory alone. I commit my anxiety about the love I will have to offer Lucy to Him because I know He chose me as her mother and will expand my heart immensely. I will NOT feel guilty as I become a mother of 2 because He doesn't feel guilt when He loves us wildly. What a wonderful example of a Father He is, loving each one of us humbly, graciously, and without end. 

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You because he trusts in You. -Isaiah 26:3

I pray for a clear and focused mind before and during my surgery. I ask for freedom of worry and increased trust in knowing the pains of her birth are fleeting and a part the Fall. Fruit can grow where He is, even among pain and suffering. I won't know until the morning of her birth if I will be able to be awake during the surgery and I am so calm and confident at this point that His will be done. I will NOT let the possible outcomes and anxiety steal this joy I have! Her birth story is perfect in His eyes and I pray I can view, accept, and believe in my heart that it is perfect for me. Even though I know her story is already written, I am fervently praying that my blood platelets are high enough that I can be awake for my surgery and that Jon can join me, I covet your prayers for this too. 

Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden, I will give rest. -Matthew 11:28

My body has definitely been slowing down the last few weeks and I know the pain of recovery is coming. Not only physical pain but the emotional roller coaster of having a new baby can often leave you feeling empty and with a lack of purpose. I pray that I am vulnerable to the Lord's work in my life and mold-able as His disciple. I know God's grace is more than enough to sustain me through weariness, pain, restless nights, and change. 
Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward! -Psalm 127:3

Yes God! I pray that I will cling to this scripture when motherhood is trying. I was called to this and God gave me the time, talents, and gifts to raise my children in His kingdom. I pray that I can live the gospel in the little details of life that no one sees... the butt wiping, milk feeding, toy organizing days that seem so mundane. I pray that I can walk with my children and grow them up inside the fullness and beauty of the gospel. I want to cling to the cross and not to my own understanding because this world can be an insensitive, mean, empty place. I want to sing His praises in the trenches, thanking Him for the hope of the cross!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Strawberry muffins

Earlier this week my sister texted me a recipe for strawberry muffins and I took one look and was sold. Strawberries are oddly cheap right now and because of my low blood platelets, I am stuffing myself full of berries. Unfortunately Ford has a pretty bad allergy to raw berries but since the strawberries are cooked, he absolutely loved these muffins! I had all the ingredients on hand and whipped them up yesterday and sad to say, they are half gone! I love having muffins and breads on hand for quick and easy snacks. These will definitely be making a regular appearance in our house, I may even add some dark chocolate chips in my next batch.

Ingredients (12 muffins)
2 eggs
2/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup Greek yogurt
1 1/2 cups diced strawberries
Extra sugar

1. Mix all ingredients except strawberries until batter is formed
2. Fold in strawberries
3. Scoop batter evenly into lined muffin tins
4. Sprinkle with sugar
5. Bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees
6. Serve warm and enjoy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sweet Corn and Chicken Enchiladas

I can't rave about these sweet corn and chicken enchiladas enough. They have got to be one of the easiest meals in my recipe box and most delicious! It is my go to meal for families with new babies and usually keep some frozen in my freezer just in case. The pictures don't do them justice but hey, I am 9 months pregnant with a toddler so give me slack... and trust me! Make these enchiladas and you'll be stuffed and happy.

2 cups cooked and shredded chicken (I like using a rotisserie chicken or putting a few breasts in the crockpot with chicken broth)
1 bag Green Giant frozen honey sweet corn 
2 cups shredded Mexican blend cheese (or Colby Jack)
1 can green enchilada sauce
12 tortillas

1. Cook sweet corn according to packaging
2. Mix corn, chicken, 1 cup of cheese, and 1/2 cup of enchilada sauce in a large bowl
3. Scoop mixture evenly into tortillas, roll up, and place into a greased baking dish
4. Top with remaining enchilada sauce and cheese
5. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
6. Our favorite way to serve is topped with guacamole and salsa!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Ford 20 months

*posting a day early but Ford turns 20 months tomorrow and Jon turns 32!

I asked Ford if he wanted to get his picture taken and he ran right over to his PBK chair and dragged it to the spot we take his pictures at. So smart! It is almost impossible to get a photo of him NOT moving these days, he is very very busy being 20 months old! We are loving every moment with our sweet little boy, soaking it in while we can before his little is sister is born very soon. He is such a little lover, I can't wait to see him become a big brother this month!
  • Weighs 29 lbs (taken at my doctor's office), not sure about height.
  • VERY verbal this month. He's now stringing together 3-4 word sentences, asking questions, and learning new words everyday. We are working on specific sounds with him (ex. he calls himself Word so we are working on the F sound). 
  • Says "please" all the time! If he needs help with something he'll say "Tease mama help!". He says thank you about half of the time when we give him food, etc. 
  • He is very celebratory these days, cheering for people and himself (he is very proud of his accomplishments). "Yay mama! Yay dada! Yay Mimi! Yay Papa!" all day long... and even in his crib at night. He loves clapping and cheering when we go to the restroom too. 
  • We started Sportball this past month and he loves it! It is a parent/child class and he's with 4 other little boys who all recently turned 2. So far we've done soccer, baseball, and volleyball. It is hilarious and adorable, I think he is going to be really athletic.
  • Still loves his mimi. Last week I was on my way to drop him off at her house and the whole way there he said "Yay Mimi house!"
  • Says "I love you" occasionally. Melts my heart into a giant puddle!
  • Loves when Jon and I kiss. A few nights ago I asked him for a kiss before Jon took him to bed and he said "No mama dada kiss" and then proceeded to say "more" when we did. He will ask me for kisses too.
  • He loves blowing and catching kisses.
  • Loves reading books! The past few months the only books he liked were flap books but he is all about reading these days. His favorites are Caps for Sale, Goodnight Texas, Little Blue Truck, and a few big brother books.
  • He says "Big Bubba" which means big brother
  • Loves to run into Lucy's room first thing in the morning and point out different things I've hung on the wall. She has two baby dolls in there and he likes to put them to sleep and play with them upstairs.
  • He has a baby sister doll downstairs and he loves turning on the Mamaroo and putting her paci in for her. He brings the kitchen stool over there and just sits with her. So cute!
  • He helps me unload the dishwasher. He brings me all his plates and bowls and I let him unload the silverware tray. He brings them to me one at a time, "spoon, kniiiiiife, fork"
  • He is eating SO much better this month. Loves meat balls, meat loaf, grilled chicken, sausage, cooked carrots, squash, zucchini. I am so glad we got past the super picky phase.
  • We can now bargain with him at mealtime. Ford if you eat two bites of chicken you can have a XYZ. Surprisingly he understands and obeys. 
  • Very good at recognizing shapes, not so much colors yet.
  • Aces all of his iPad games and asks for "by pad". I am very grateful for this since I take him to most of my OB appointments, he is an angel!
  • He is very interested in his "wee wee" when he is naked. He always talks about it in the bath/shower and makes sure to wash it. He loves being "nay nay" (naked) and recognizes when Jon or I am naked. 
  • We set up an automatic train set a few weeks ago and he is obsessed! Jon's dad had one when he was growing up so it was just as fun for Jon!
  • Loves his tools and helps daddy with projects
  • We spend a lot of time outside where he plays with his water table, animal figures, soccer cones (running zig zags) and sidewalk chalk. He loves to go to the park and going down the slides and swinging.
  • He is so good at pretend play... he can sit for an hour and play with his Bubble Guppies or animals... I am very thankful for this!
  • Ford had his first time out this month. It was a few weeks ago so I can't remember what he did but it was driving me nuts and he wasn't listening so we put him in a corner of the other room and walked away. He was VERY sad and immediately came to apologize.
  • Stemming off my comment above, he is very apologetic and emotional. If he knows he hurt your feelings he gets sad, it is cute but I hate having to discipline him (although necessary!).
  • He has a love hate relationship with Ernie these days. In the mornings he gets scared/annoyed by him and doesn't want him coming near. By the end of the day he is mounting him and smothering him with kisses, poor Ernie.
  • Ford loves going on walks and runs to put Ernie's leash on and get in his stroller.
  • Loves airplanes and waving at them in the sky.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Surviving pregnancy with a toddler

I basically got pregnant with Lucy on Ford's first birthday (if you wanna get technical, it was his party day 2 days before, we gave him quite the gift!). Ford started walking a couple weeks later which coincided with me finding out I was pregnant. Shock, excitement, chaos, exhaustion all rolled in one.  Pregnancy the second time around was similar to my first, symptom wise, but SO different circumstantially. I was working full time while pregnant with Ford and even though I was away from the house all day, I was pretty relaxed. The afternoons, evenings, and weekends were devoted to me resting and putting my feet up. Second time around I was chasing a newly walking baby who wanted to explore every nook and cranny of this earth while getting sick every hour and barely being able to keep my eyes open. We continued play dates, moms group, bible study, making meals, running errands...because that is life. I had someone ask me last week how I survived being so sick during my pregnancy with a toddler and I wish I had the perfect list of remedies but I don't. What I can offer you is what worked for me and encouragement that it is worth it. I am sitting here, 3 weeks away from having 2 under 2, sore, exhausted, and so stinkin' happy. I know the next few weeks will bring even more exhaustion (please be nice to us Lucy) but I wouldn't have it any other way.

TV is your friend
Within a week of finding out I was pregnant, Ford and I both got the nasty tummy bug and the only thing he wanted to do was cuddle on me. Before then he had absolutely no interest in TV but since we were parked on the couch for a few days, I tried a few different shows and it stuck! Ford became obsessed with Bubble Guppies (and now 8 months later it is still the only show he really likes... he'll sit through Daniel Tiger because I am sick of Bubble!). I know there are studies, articles, and blogs out there that will tell you Ford will grow up with zero brain cells  and condemned because we watch TV but it has saved us. That first trimester is an energy sucker and there were days I needed the TV for my own sanity. He sits quietly and watches his show and I would conk out on the couch. Growing a human is tiring I tell ya. Now Ford watches 1-2 episodes of a show everyday, usually if he wakes up super early and while I am prepping dinner. While I was on bed rest for sciatica there were days we watched hours of TV but my body healed and needed it. I always think about how sometimes I just want to veg out on the couch so he probably does too. I would get sick of being with ME all the time so he needs a little break. And the shows I do allow are interactive and educational. We are always shocked by what he picks up from Bubble Guppies , example "Is this a cow?" "No, oink!". I know we'll be using lots of TV in those early weeks of Lucy being home and I am completely fine with it.

iPad is also your friend
The last couple of months Ford has become obsessed with the iPad and it is truly amazing. We have a bunch of the Tiny Hands and Bible for Kids apps and he can sort images by their shape, color, and size, stack different pictures, do puzzles, and he loves Fruit Ninja. The iPad is a LIFESAVER at my doctor appointments. A few weeks ago my doctor had a bunch of emergency C sections and was running 2 hours behind and Ford was an angel playing games on the iPad. We plan on buying a few more fun apps when Lucy is born so he can play on it while I am nursing. He also loves using the calculator on the iPad... he is his dad's son.

Ask for help
Even after having Ford I was ashamed to admit and ask for help at times. I wanted to do it all. That has 100% changed since becoming a mama, and a pregnant mama at that. There is no shame in asking for help from friends, family, husband, or even hired help. Ford takes one nap a day and I need to use that time to rest myself so we hired a housekeeper once a month to deep clean. Now I don't have to stress about getting the nitty gritty chores done and let's face it, I am not going to get on my hands and knees to scrub bathtubs at 9 months pregnant. I used to be the sole laundress in our family (I wanted the time after Jon got off of work to be US time) but now he helps me, happily and willingly. My mom watches Ford when I need her and I always take neighbors up on their offers to watch him. This summer Ford will be attending Mother's Day Out once a week and we are going to hire a babysitter once a week to help me around the house.

Your kids don't need to do everything
Last summer I got excited thinking about Ford becoming a toddler and getting to really "do" stuff with him rather than just cart him around to my things. Right now Ford is in music class on Tuesdays and Sportball on Thursdays and we usually go to the park/have playdates a few days a month. As crazy as this sounds, I actually schedule days to "do nothing" during our week. Life revolves around naps these days (and I am a protector of nap times!) so our weeks can fill up fast and I've learned that we don't need to do it all. We are lucky to have a few different play areas in our house (and so many parks in our neighborhood!) that Ford loves to be home. Sure we have a blast at our mom group meetups or going to a bouncy house but I have learned that Ford doesn't really know the difference between Disney World and my backyard right now. I feel like I am doing a lot with him already and part of that is I wanted the last few months of him being our only child to be super fun for him. But I do NOT feel guilty skipping things, saying no to invitations, and spending the entire day at home. He and I get along really well (might be eating my words when he turns 2!) but I love spending time with my little guy and I know there WILL be a day that he gets stir crazy and we won't be able to just stay home and chill. Jon and I have even talked about when our kids are older, we want to limit their activities so our lives don't get overwhelmed. Ford doesn't need to do soccer, basketball, piano, and Boy Scouts all in one semester. And he doesn't need to do extravagent things everyday right now.

I am still in denial that I am almost done with my second pregnancy. Having a busy toddler has really made the time fly by, which I am thankful for but it's also unbelievable that we are having another baby! There are so many things I said I would never do before becoming a mom... then I became one... and I am sure the list will keep growing as we have more children. Motherhood is hard, parenting a toddler is hard, and being pregnant is hard but it is all so fleeting. We just put up the baby swing downstairs and Ford has been putting his baby sister doll in it and pretty much obsessed with taking care of her. He squeals "Baby!" when we walk into the house and runs over to her. I cannot wait to see my babies together! Check back in a few months for another installment, this one titled how to survive 2 under 2!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lucy's Nursery

A girl can never have too many headbands/wraps

Awkward picture but wanted to get the gold dots and plates in one picture. The 3 doors from left to right are her closet, door to shared Jack and Jill bathroom, and door to her room. 

I orignally made 2 of these chicken wire frames for Ford's nursery, now each baby has one right outside of their door. Lucy's displays her bows (this doesn't include the 8 I have packed for the hospital and a few more I am waiting on being shipped!) and Ford's has pictures and other fun things. 

Nursery details
Wall color- Olympic Faint Flicker
Crib/dresser color- Olympic Sweet Pea
Crib- Jenny Lind
Bumpers- Lou Lou Made
Tassel garland- Studio Mucci
Curtains/rods- Ross
Rocking chair- antique given by my grandparents
Lucy letters- handmade by me
Wall prints- Nicole Joelle Prints
Lucy Joy hoop art- The Bloom Print Project
Swaddle blankets- Weeamigo
Ernie glitter canvas- handmade by me
Small yarn wreath- handmade by me
Small gold deer canvases- handmade by me
Lace L- handmade by a friend
Lucy blocks- handmade by a friend
Hello Sweet and Beautiful Girl framed art- Hobby Lobby
Bunny plates- Pier 1
Wooden deer art- Crafted in Texas
Gold riesen bowl- Hobby Lobby
Lamp- thrifted
Pink Lucy Chair- Pottery Barn Kids
Gold dots- All Four Walls
Pink knit blanket- handmade by my Gram
Lucy Joy burp rag- Simply Made with Love

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

I remember thinking how much fun Ford's first year of holidays was but his second has been SO much more fun! Last year on Easter Ford was a plump little toothless 8 month old on the verge of crawling and he didn't exactly partake in any of the festivities. This year Ford really loved participating in all the Easter fun and it was so precious to watch him. He had his first egg hunt the weekend before Easter at my mom's house and he was a maniac! He loved finding the eggs and putting them in his basket, he didn't so much care for what was inside. Our neighborhood hosts an annual egg hunt and Ford ended up finding the grand prize egg for his age group! He won a giant Easter basket with lots of fun goodies but again, he had the most fun collecting the eggs rather than eating any treats. He didn't care for the Easter bunny (we snapped a quick picture of him at the egg hunt, he never sat on his lap) and was more interested in the mini ponies and petting zoo nearby. He wore bunny ears the entire time and his favorite little gift is a wind up chick I got from the Dollar Tree. I was prepping food on Easter afternoon and he played by himself for a good 30 minutes taking malted milk balls out of one egg and putting them into another. Gosh I love that kid. The only baby who won't put candy in his mouth but rather divide it and play games. Last week we went over to our neighbors to decorate eggs and that was pretty funny. Ford wanted nothing to do with it at the beginning (he was all about the water table) but once he realized what was happening, he was hooked. He and I dyed a dozen eggs and he was very stressed that his hands were stained, he IS his father's son!

Easter Sunday we made a yummy waffle bar (Ford can eat as much as me at breakfast these days!) and went to a beautiful service at our church, The Austin Stone. Unfortunately it was a rainy day but that didn't stop us from celebrating the wonder and beauty of our King Jesus' Resurrection! Ford absolutely loves going to Sunday school and usually runs right in without saying goodbye to us, such a blessing to have people who love on our babies and serve. That afternoon we all took naps and then grilled out for dinner with my parents and brother. Ford sure does get a lot of attention and did NOT want his fans to leave. The Easter gear is packed up and the next holiday we will be celebrating is Lucy's birthday! I look forward to each year, celebrating Easter as Ford (and Lucy) get older. I can't wait to teach them about the meaning of Easter, make Resurrection rolls, read the bible, and share God's love with them. I am still in awe that God loves ME so much that He didn't even withhold his Son. Praise His holy name!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Using oils postpartum

I didn't start using Young Living Essential oils until Ford was about 8 months old so I am really looking forward to using them on myself and baby Lucy after she is born. I fortunately did not suffer from postpartum depression but naturally had the baby blues, bouts of raging hormones, and was an emotional roller coaster for a couple weeks adjusting to my new life as a mommy. Lucy's birth should be a lot less dramatic and painful than Ford's birth so I am optimistic that my body will heal faster without having to go through an unnmedicated induction/labor. I pray that oils will help balance my hormones, calm my baby girl (and her big brother), help my milk supply, and heal any C section pain I have. Since I am having a scheduled C section, I don't plan on using oils in the hospital before I give birth but I have heard awesome stories about the use of Clary Sage to dialate and diffusing Thieves/Peace and Calming in the labor room. Since certain oils aren't safe for babies (and even children), I plan on using the book Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern as a safety guide when using them on Lucy. Here is a list of oils I have in my postpartum stash!

Gentle Baby
This oil finally came back in stock and I just got it in the mail! It is relatively new and I've never used it before so I am excited. General uses for Gentle Baby are calming and relaxing baby, baby acne/chapped skin, stretch marks, diaper rash, stress, colic, baby gas, and more. 

Peace and calming
The name should explain what this oil is used for. This is one of the first oils I used on Ford and I love it for....peace and calming! I plan on bringing my diffuser to the hospital and will probably diffuse P&C in our postpartum room and dilute for Lucy's feet those first few sleepless nights. Other uses for P&C include teeth grinding (which I do!), colic, night time bed wetting, insomnia, ADHD, and more. 

I can't believe I am going to start another nursing journey in just a few weeks and want to be prepared in case we aren't as successful as the first time. Fennel increases milk supply by applying neat on the breasts or ingesting on the tongue. I didn't really have a supply issue with Ford until it came to pumping so I hope this works! Fennel can also be used for cramps, indigestion, nausea, and other digestive issues. 

Progessence Plus
I am so excited I got my hands on this oil! Like I said above, I didn't have PPD but I doubt there is a woman out there who doesn't deal with the baby blues or hormonal imbalances after baby is born. I've talked to many women who use Pro Plus to balance out their hormones, battle PMS, mood swings, PCOS, Endometriosis, low sex drive, and even fertility. 

The first few weeks at home with a new baby can be an emotional roller coaster so I am sure Joy will come in handy. It smells delicious and perfect for diffusing or putting on your wrists for a mood booster.

My favorite oil. It's a no brainer that I will be using this postpartum. It's too hot of an oil for a newborn but I plan on diffusing it when we have lots of visitors to meet our baby girl. I will also arm Ford, Jon, and myself to make sure we don't bring in any germs/colds/etc. 

I developed a keloid over my incision with Ford and my doctor is going to try a new stitch to prevent that from happening. I plan on using Frank (and Gentle Baby) to help my scar heal. I'm anxious to try it on my stretch marks to see if they lighten up.

Pan Away
I'm not gonna lie, C sections are freaking painful! Getting in and out of bed was so tough and I had a lot of back pain from nursing so Pan Away should help ease that pain. 

I have quite the growing stash of Young Living essential oils and I am sure I will use a lot more postpartum. Lavender, Stress Away, Purification come to mind and I will probably use! I will report back on what oils worked best for us during the first few weeks as a family of 4. I am hoping that because we are at the end of cold/flu season, that we won't have to battle any sickness (fingers crossed!). 

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