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Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's give it a try

So my husband Jon (so much fun to call him my husband now!) has been encouraging me to start blogging for the past couple of months after I got slightly obsessed following a few other blogs (Peanut Butter Fingers, YoungHouseLove, BowerPower, just to name a few!). He always comments on the fact that I have over 1500 friends on Facebook so of course I would have followers on a blog but the question is...what do I write about? I've been making a mental list of things I'd like to blog about in the future but read on and you will see how I have been a little preoccupied with life lately :-).

We recently got married 3 weeks ago on February 5th, 2011 and it was the greatest day of my life! I married my best friend, the man of my dreams, my biggest fan and everything I aspire to be, it was a day that will not be forgotten by many. Despite the Texas snow storm and major airports being shut down, we said our vows in front of 140 of our family and closest friends. Below are 2 shots I quickly downloaded from my Facebook but I look forward to sharing more details about the wedding in the future.

We honeymooned for a week in Cabo which I can not brag about enough! A short 2.5 hour plane ride from Dallas, Cabo was beautiful, romantic and everything we hoped it would be. We slept 10+ hours a night, ate our body weights in salmon and filet and were treated like celebrities at our resort (because of our under 65 age group status!).

We returned from our honeymoon relaxed, well rested and ready to explore marriage! To add to the long list of thank you notes, changing my name and setting up our new us crazy but we got a puppy! On February 14th, 2011 we brought home 12 week old French Bulldog Ernie Hart! I have no doubt that his pictures will be plastered all over this blog as they are on my Facebook page! He is such a sweet and cuddley little guy who needs lots of attention! We are working on getting him acquainted with our funky living situation, pottying outside and being crated at night and parts of the day. Oh and did I mention I started a new job this week? I think it's a quote from Die Another Day but hey, you can sleep when you're dead right? I need to remind myself of that when I am outside at 4am trying to get Ernie to go #2!

I hope that this blog becomes a place for family and friends to be caught up on my life as Jon and I venture through marriage and one day, start a family of our own! We like to think of ourselves as organized free spirits who love to travel, lead a healthy lifestyle, maintain a relationship with God and get the most out of life!


Unknown said...

Look! A comment on your very first post. :)
Happy one year blogiversary!! Your writing is sweet and sincere and a joy to read. Keep it up!

Mrs. White said...

Blogging is such a fun project. You are doing a great job. I enjoyed reading your first post!

Mrs. White
The Legacy of Home

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