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Thursday, April 21, 2016

My post of the week

I am barely averaging one blog post a week... fail. Much like my blog posts dwindled in number when I was pregnant with each of my babies, it kind of feels the same way as we wait for our adoption. We have a lot going on right now in the Hart family and as much as I love sharing my life with you guys, at the end of the day I just forget or don't have the desire to write it all down. I am not sure the future of this blog but I know I will continue to use it to write about our adoption, updates on our kiddos, recap fun events or trips we go on, and highlight products I love and want to share with y'all. Bear with me as I figure out this space! I do however, update my Instagram almost daily so if you aren't following me there, do it. When I do post these random updates, they'll probably be long and.... random.

So if you do the math and have following me for a while, you'd know that Lucy Joy turns one next Wednesday. WOW! We are having her birthday party this Saturday... which speaking of... I need to get off the couch and get stuff done but it is cold and rainy and Ford is at school and Lucy is asleep so I feel obligated to the couch. I can't believe almost a year has passed since our girly was born, I am getting really excited to celebrate her! And I am sure I will have a couple posts up next week about Lucy girl. In big Lucy news, we are 48 hours into being fully weaned and it is going well. I was only feeding her in the morning for 3-5 minutes tops and cut that on Wednesday. She was fussy yesterday but we survived. I feel great about it and 0% emotional. I think that it is that way because we are on the brink of an adoption where I won't be breastfeeding and I know for a fact I won't have trouble bonding with my 3rd baby. Nursing was good bonding at the beginning but the last 6 months are hard with a squirmy, busy baby. I am really looking forward to the next chapter of Lucy's little life! Stay tuned for a birthday party post, our kiddos bluebonnet/birthday pictures, and more.

Adoption update.... we really don't have one. We did present to our first birth mother a few weeks ago and were not matched. The decision took 13 days and it was harder waiting for the decision than hearing a no. It was really good for us to present for the first time and get our nerves out of the way. We have actually been presented with quite a few cases but chose not to present because of timing/family trips but we know we haven't missed our baby. I will say that now that we've presented and been through that, I am getting very anxious to meet our baby, or just be matched. I was pregnant with Lucy when Ford turned 1 so I can already sense that same longing in my heart starting to flare up. Adoption is hard y'all but I am doing so much growing as we wait. I have zero control over the situation and I have found so much freedom in throwing my hands up in the air and saying "OK God I trust you!!!!!!". One of the hardest parts of it is not knowing if our baby is 8 months cooked, 8 weeks in the womb, or won't be conceived for 8 more months. God has given us a wonderful life with two absolute gifts of children but our hearts do long for our baby. We know He is sovereign over this adoption and pray that He continues to cover us with peace. If you could pray along side of us, we'd love that. Can you pray for our birth mama, knowing the hard and brave decision she will have to/already has made? Our hope is that we get matched while she still has a few months to go so we can love on her, walk with her, etc. Hopefully more news to come.

Jon and I are going on a weekend getaway next week... sans kiddos. I cannot wait! We went to NYC right after Ford turned 1 and it was so so good for us. A celebration of getting through a year of parenting and the chance to focus on each other.

Now what is a post without pictures? Here are some snaps from the last week...


Casey said...

I am the same exact way...when too much stuff is going on in real life (good, bad, or otherwise) I tend to shy away from the blog and writing it all down. Probably why it's been so empty since December! Sometimes it's nice to step back and just let life happen without feeling the need to document it all. Your space, do what you like! We'll all still be here when you decide to share.

Also, continued prayers for your adoption journey! All in His perfect timing. :)

Allena said...

What does it mean that you 'presented'? Like you met with a birth mother? That would be so scary I think! Definitely good to get it under your belt. Exciting things are on the horizon for you guys-enjoying the journey. :)

Gina said...

Thanks for the update Ruthie. We are just dabbling into a domestic adoption and I am praying I can be calm as we wait too. At times I just want to have a biological third instead of waiting but knowing God is sovereign over all is humbling. Happy Birthday Lucy.

MaryO said...

Happy B-day to Lucy!

Remembering you and yours in my prayers daily. It's in God's hands! I know you and yours are being held in the palm of Jesus! All will be well!

Enjoy New York! Eat Pizza! :-)

San Pedro, CA

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