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Friday, May 6, 2016

A Very Meaty Mother's Day

....I know you are thinking to yourself, what on earth is this post about and I promise I will get to it!

This week Jon has asked me a few times how I want to celebrate Mother's Day this weekend. Man that's a toughie. Some days I want nothing more than to escape for the day and get pampered and be alone reading a magazine without the buzzing of a monitor or something saying mommy mommy 100000 times and some days I want nothing more than to be on the floor rolling around with them, playing restaurant, and playing hide and go seek. I'm sure all mamas can relate to me.... yes we want to be celebrated and loved on by the tiny little creatures who made us a mama but we also need time to indulge in ourselves (and our sanity) SO we can be good mamas. I'm going to get a pedicure with some friends tomorrow but Sunday I decided I want to go bowling (now that I type that out, it'll probably be a disaster with a 1 year old and 2 year old but hey, memories). Perfect balance of alone time and family time. We did start the celebrations early with dinner out last night... hey I've gotta milk this day for a while! Our family was invited to celebrate Mother's Day a little early at Estancia Churrascaria Brazilian Restaurant. If you know anything about me and Jon (go read my Seattle post), you'd know that food is our love language, namely really good meat. We are huge fans of Estancia and have been a few times before but this was our first time to bring the kiddos. I love the atmosphere, especially for a celebration because it is quiet and intimate (sorry to the date night patrons for our extremely adorable toddlers and their high pitched voices). Ford thought flipping over the card was the best thing ever. "Red means no food, green means eat food!". We let him take home one of the cards and I think his life was made. He was a big boy and tried steak, declared it was yummy, but preferred the "hotdog" aka sausage. I don't think I could find words to describe the must visit for your own experience of meaty, delicious, buttery goodness. I wouldn't recommend this to my vegetarian friends but if you are a meat eater, you haven't lived until you've visited Estancia. Take my word for it and keep your plate full of garlic Picana and bottom sirloin.

Estancia Churrascaria will be open all weekend to celebrate you and the mother's in your life! You can make a reservation easily online and mamas will receive a FREE lunch or dinner certificate. Thank you for taking care of us Estancia, we'll be back!

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