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Monday, September 19, 2016


The weather is finally cooling down in Texas (and by cooling down I mean it is high 80s/low 90s...anything beats those blistering summer temps!) which means I basically want to put up my Christmas tree and light a fire. Fall is so weird down here. Some Halloweens we are wearing shorts and T shirts while others I am scrambling for fleece lined leggings to go with the kids' costumes. Anyway, I am excited to transition my wardrobe over the next few weeks and have been doing a little online shopping at Comfy and Chic Boutique . Do y'all remember when I posted about them in the spring? I remember a lot of you snatched up the Y'ALL shirt I wore, it is definitely in my weekly rotation. I finally jumped on the ripped jeans bandwagon snagged these jeans and can't tell you how comfortable they are! Skinny jeans are pretty much the only thing that I wear since I am so short (flared jeans make short girls just look stumpy...) and these are slim, stretchy, and go great with flats or heels. I also chose the Blessed sweatshirt pictured below because as cheesy as it sounds, that's how I am feeling right now. If you follow me on Instagram or caught my last blog post, you'd know that for the past 3 weeks and for another 3-4, we'll be bouncing around from hotel to grandparents, to our home while our house is repaired from a flood. Do I feel blessed that my house was submerged in water? No. I feel so blessed with the community that we are surrounded by. It's such a weird feeling to actually feel joy among what is a pretty crappy situation. We've had dinner at so many people's homes, hot meals have been delivered to our hotel, my children have been cared for by family and friends so I don't lose my sanity, Ernie is taking a sabbatical at my parents house, and people are loving us from afar by praying and texting. Blessed is an understatement. Thankful, grateful, hopeful, joyful. And I know I will feel the same way when we bring our baby girl home in 8 ish weeks. It takes a village you guys!

So back to Comfy and Chic. Over the summer I hosted a trunk show ladies night at my home where Comfy and Chic set up shop, brought food and wine, and it was seriously such a fun night. I think there were 35 women in and out of my home. If you are local in Austin and looking for a fun and different ladies night in (mom's group, co workers, neighbors)... host a Comfy and Chic Boutique trunk show! It is FREE and they bring the food and drink! You just have to open up your home and invite your friends. Head on over to their website or Facebook and start your fall wardrobe shopping.

Use the code RUTHIE15 for 15% off your entire purchase. 

Oh... and head over to my Instagram for a $50 gift card to Comfy and Chic Boutique!

Find Comfy and Chic Boutique

Okay and with Halloween coming up.... how hilarious is this graphic tee?!


MaryO said...

Oh Ruthie! I missed your post about your flood. Poor thing! What a horrible experience !! God was holding you and yours in the palm of His hand - no doubt about it!
You're right - sometimes it takes a village and your are entirely blessed there!

I had to smile about your Halloween weather- here in SoCal it's much the same- oftentimes we have drying howling Santa Ana winds that take the temp to 90s - even though we live on the coast. We don't have air conditioning - but at those times we certainly wish we had it! Other times it can be quite cool and fall-like. I remember one Thanksgiving when we had about 12 people in and is was something like 90+ degrees and I was cooking prime rib because several guests did NOT like ham or turkey. Everything turned out OK, but it was an experience

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