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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Gideon 3 months old

Gideon is 3 months old today! He doesn't stop smiling, sleeps great, and is growing like crazy. It is so fun to see his personality come out, he is totally not a blob anymore but a sweet little guy with such a calm and happy demeanor. We love this little boy!

  • 13lbs 9oz (taken on home scale)
  • Wearing 3 month and 3-6 month clothes. He is a tall boy so I can tell his 3 month jammies are getting really tight on the feet. We started cloth diapers a few weeks ago and he looks so stinking cute in his diapers. I still use a disposable at night (just like with F and L) so I can use booty cream and I don't change his diaper from about 6/7pm-7am. He is in a size 2 disposable. 
  • Gideon is SO smiley right now! Take one look at him and he smiles ear to ear, his smile is contagious. He is also ticklish and it is fun to get him going and giggling. He is talking a LOT! I love baby babble... he is so serious when he is talking like he has something important to say. 
  • He found his hands and is constantly chewing on them. He also scratches himself all the time so he has tons of tiny little scrapes on his face, boo. 
  • Poor guy has eczema on his cheeks... I chalked it up to cradle cap for so long but then realized it was eczema. We are doing a routine of 7 days with Cortizone 1%/Aquaphor and then 7 days just Aquaphor. His face is SO soft and clear with Cortizone and it goes right back to being rough and patchy when we stop. I am sure we will figure something out.
  • Gideon is an eater! A piggy! I swear he is always eating (and this is why I am thankful I am not breastfeeding him haha). He drinks 4-6 oz every 3 ish hours but I swear we always have a bottle with us. He is also a really messy eater/spitter so he rocks a bib every day now. He drinks Gentleease Formula and I give him this probiotic everyday. 
  • We are finally getting the sleep thing down, Hallelujah! He still isn't super consistent but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Bedtime is 8pm and he either sleeps til 7am or wakes up at 4a to eat and go back down. Never 5am or 6am... always 4a or 7a. It has felt absolutely amazing to be able to sleep through the night again, especially because Jon has been traveling a lot lately and it is pretty freaking hard to function when you are up all night with a baby then up at 6am with toddlers. Thank you Jesus for sleep!
  • If we are home all day (very rare), he will take 2, 3/4 hour naps which are amazing, but since we are gone from 9a-1p most days, I am trying to make him adaptable to sleep on the go. 3rd kid, you have got to go with the flow buddy. He usually passes out right when we get in the car to drop off Ford at preschool or go somewhere and he naps for 1-2 hours while we are out. Most days I can get him to nap when Lucy naps and Ford does quiet time so that is really nice to actually get alone time. 
  • He sleeps in his crib, double swaddled. Not sure when we'll drop the swaddle but it's working for us now,
  • He takes a paci at the most random times... if he is fussy in the carseat I always try to offer it to burn off steam but he doesn't take it that well. If he cries out in the night, we try to pop the paci and that usually helps him get back to sleep then he spits it out.
  • He has started grabbing things and it is hilarious to watch! He will grab on to a toy or blanket and flail his arms around not knowing what is going on. We have this bottle holder (God send!) and he has started holding it during feedings. 
  • This month he has discovered the TV and loves it. Often times I can see him craning his head trying to look at the TV... he loves the colors.
  • He still loves his playmat and little floor bouncer. He is getting over the Rock and Play because he's so tall and straightens his legs and gets mad but it is nice to have him in there while I cook dinner or shower. We have a Sit Me Up Chair and he doesn't really like it for more than a few minutes. I am looking forward to trying the Bumbo soon and maybe exersaucer. 
  • He notices Ford and Lucy playing and they get him to smile so easily, I know he will be in on the action before I know it. Ford loves "playing" with Gideon... last week I overheard Ford trying to teach G a fist bump. Ford is so helpful, it literally melts me into a puddle. Lucy is VERY sweet with her baby brother. She calls him "Giddy!" and loves to pat his back and help with bottles. I absolutely love watching my kids love on each other so sweetly. 
  • Went on his first road trip to Dallas a few weekends ago, he did great!


Curly Girl Confessions said...

He's so cute!!! And I hate to say it, but the formula could be the culprit to the eczema. I am sure that y'all have thought of that, but I can attest to formula causing it as our son had HORRIBLE eczema and still does and it's directly related to dairy.

our life said...

Just wondering what diaper rash cream you use with cloth diapers other than coconut oil?

Unknown said...

He is adorable! My daughter & husband have eczema. You may need to take him to a dermatologist to prescribe a compound for his outbreaks. Try mittens or socks on his handsite while sleeping to prevent scratching. After baths he will need lotion. Try the Shea Moisture brand, they have one for babies. Be blessed

Auntie Mip said...

I really hope Giddy sticks. What a precious nickname for a beloved boy!

MaryO said...

What a sweet beautiful boy! You and your family are truly blessed!

I had eczema (still have it from time to time @ 63) and I've found it comes and goes. Saw another poster refer to the formula - could be!

My nephew was one for scratching himself too - grew out of that eventually.

Love the "Giddy" as a nickname.

Sending blessed thoughts to you and yours,

San Pedro, CA

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Charlice said...

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