Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Gideon's New Car Seat, Evenflo SafeMax

As a 3rd child, Gideon gets the brunt of a lot of hand me downs. Fortunately for him, we don't have an extra convertible car seat so he actually gets something brand new, yay! We upgraded cars last summer to an Expedition XL with captains seats in the middle so our previous requirement of slender car seats wasn't an issue when choosing a seat for Gideon. To be honest, I never really thought of Evenflo for car seats until now. After reading recommendations and reviews online, the Evenflo SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat was an easy choice for our little man! Although we do plan on using it for Gideon, I love that the car seat fits the needs of each of my children and can grow from a rear facing infant, to rear facing toddler, to forward facing toddler, to harness and booster for an older child. It's nice to know we have the option of playing musical car seats if needed! The SafeMax literally looks like a plush movie theater seat made of temperature regulating fabric that helps balance your child's body temperature (Gideon is already a hot-natured baby and it isn't even summer yet!). We've never had built in cup holders on our car seats and boy are they convenient! Prior to us getting the Evenflo SafeMax for G, I would put his bottle, paci, a burp rag, and sometimes my cell phone or keys in his car seat for safe keeping. You will see in the pictures below how Lucy loved using the cup holders for her ponies! Safety is key when choosing a car seat and the Evenflo SafeMax Car Seat offers an integrated steel frame, extensive, rigorous rollover testing, and passed 2X the federal crash test standard. I am so thrilled with our car seat choice and highly recommend the Evenflo SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat!

Testing out the Evenflo SafeMax All-in-One Car Seat before we put it in the car!

Lucy wanted to take a spin in the SafeMax and there was plenty of room for her ponies, loveys, and doll. 

I think Ford was a little jealous of how comfortable the Evenflo SafeMax carseat is...especially on those days he wakes up at 6am, doesn't take a nap, but passes out in the car at 6pm. Whoops. The SafeMax has a SafeZone headrest with an added insert for littler ones like Gideon. 


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