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Friday, July 25, 2014

10 things Friday

1. For the past 11 months I have been the only one to put Ford to bed at night because we nursed beforehand. Now that we are weaned, Jon has been putting him down and last night was the FIRST time I left before bedtime and enjoyed a night out with friends and Jon handled bedtime! I can't wait to leave Ford with someone so we can do an actual date NIGHT, not our usual 4-7p.

2. They were sampling green smoothies yesterday and my picky baby gulped one right up. I plan on making one today for his lunch since he's been known to eat oyster crackers and bread for a meal (he had a peach for dinner last night, oye). 

3. We are going on vacation next week, hallelujah!

4. Starting next weekend through the middle of September, we have 5 1st birthday parties and 4 baby showers. Yes our group of friends is fertile right now.

5. Ford has been favoring his left hand lately, even trying stuff with his right hand and when he can't do it, switching to his left. I know lots of babies are ambidextrous for a while but I'm wondering when they officially choose a hand to predominantly use. Nothing wrong with being a lefty, I just remember the left handed kids hating scissors because they are made for rightys. 

6. I am reading The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler right now and y'all, it is good. 

7. Moms of boys, this is a must read. A mama writes a letter to her future daughter in law

8. I am making these crockpot quinoa, sweet potato chicken fajitas tonight. Mmm Mmm.

9. I love the song Stay with Me by Sam Smith, turns out it's about a one night stand haha. Regardless, it's a great song

10. I record Jimmy Fallon an Jimmy Kimmel every night and it's the highlight of my mornings to watch them. Makes getting up at the crack of dawn with Ford fun!


Allena said...

I don't think babies officially pick a hand for a few years, but I know my 18 month old nephew uses his left hand 90% of the time, and my BIL is a lefty. So I think he's probably going to be a lefty. Drew is probably 70/30 right over left... It's definitely an interesting thing to watch.

Sarah Tucker said...

Your friends are super busy in the baby making department :)

Chris is a lefty and when we were in San Francisco a couple weeks ago we went to this store called Lefty's and they had everything for left handed people. Chris was in heaven! "Finally, some scissors I can use!" It was so funny!

Carolyn said...

Weston seems to favor his left hand too - and Jake loves it! HAHA He's a lefty so he really wants Weston to be one too. So random!

Chelsea Phelps said...

I am a lefty and was never able to use those silly scissors growing up. I really love being left handed though. I don't know why haha. But he may have a leg up in sports if he is! It was always an advantage for me when I played tennis :)

Unknown said...

haha! I didn't know that about that song...and I love it too

Bri said...

Yay for vacation!!! And that is a lot of parties and showers to be celebrating! Sounds like busy, but fun, fun times! :)

Sarah said...

Noelle loves green smoothies! Our favorite is almond/coconut milk, greek yogurt, spinach, bananas, and mangos. Yum! My husband is also hoping that our kids end up as lefties, since both of our mom's are, because of sports! hah! But most kids start showing a preference when they start playing with toys but can use both hands until about pre-school, sometimes even Kindergarten.

Hollie said...

Gosh Ford is so cute! Ell was a lefty until she was about 2, even when it came to throwing a ball. Eating, writing, you name it. Then she suddenly changed to her right hand, and has stuck with it ever sense, except when it comes to the skateboard and scooter. It's so funny. I'm not sure when you'll know for sure, but it could def change! And…. the good news is that scissors in school are now made for either right or left! Problem solved. They work for my lefty students perfectly.

Congrats on making in 11 months with the breastfeeding. It's so nice when the hubs can do bedtime too. :))

Angie said...

I swear Ford is such a cutie!
I'm wondering if my Annalee is going to be left handed. She definitely uses it the most. My dad and Uncle are both left handed so I'm thinking it's a good possibility!

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry I haven't stopped by in a while.
I recently started working again and this working mom stuff.
For the birds. ;)
Anyway, I just had to pop in and see Ford's little face.
Love ya!

Megan C said...

He is so cute! Love that last picture of him in the tub!

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