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Monday, July 13, 2015

Ford 23 months

I can't believe we are one month away from having a 2 year old! I feel like I am more emotional than last year before he turned 1. At 1 year they are still babies but 2 seems like a cornerstone. He's a kid now, an a very loveable and sweet one at that! Ford never ceases to amaze us with how much he knows and how much he talks (NON STOP!). He loves giving compliments and this mama never gets sick of hearing them from him. We aren't throwing him a birthday party but are planning on a few little celebrations for our big boy. I need to stop writing before I get too mushy mushy.

  • Loves wearing his sunglasses and exclaims, "It's too bright!" right when we walk outside and demands them to be on
  • Jumps ALL.DAY.LONG. The past week he just seems to have extra energy and moves non stop (and talks non stop haha)
  • Loves reading. He spends at least an hour a day on his own reading books, I love it. He can finish the sentences in so many of his books (and loves reading the same ones over and over again).
  • Loves puzzles! We have about 8 Melissa and Doug puzzles and he does them everyday. His favorite is the ABC puzzle and he now can say most of his ABCs and recognizes letters on signs, mail, bath letters, etc. He will see an H and say, "H, house!". 
  • Ford is a dancing machine. I took him to a drop in childcare place last week and when I picked him up they told me right when they turned music on he started dancing. 
  • I feel like I say this every month but Ford is an incredible talker. He talks in full sentences and knows so many words! He will say things like "Mama, baby sleeping on mama's bed, we be quiet" or last week "Mama earrings are beautiful, they are circles". I don't know where he picks up things but man he is smart (and a parrot so we spell things now).
  • He knows mine and Jon's cars (and my parents) and our house so when we are in a parking lot he loves looking for our cars "MAMA CAR!" and when we are out on walks "My home!!!" when he sees our house. 
  • Loves going to school (just once a week this summer then twice a week after Labor Day).
  • Went to his first movie with Mimi at Moviehouse Eatery! They saw Sherman and Mr. Peabody and he sat through the whole thing and ate tons of popcorn.
  • Continues to be obsessed with "baby girl". He calls her Lucy more often and smothers her with love and kisses. Jon calls her Peanut Lady and the other day I heard Ford say "Hi Pee-uht Lady". He also calls her Lucy Bug and says "I'm your big brother!"
  • For both of my babies, anytime they cry I say "I know, I know" and now in the car if Lucy is crying, Ford says "I know, I know baby girl, almost home, almost home". It is the cutest!
  • One of his favorite phrases "YOOK GUYS!" and points to things. His L's are so cute. 
  • Ford can count to 12 and loves counting things
  • Says "God Bless You" when people sneeze
  • Says his prayers at night "Now I lay me...."
  • Very helpful and really enjoys emptying the dishwasher. I set a towel on the counter and put his stool by it and he puts all of his cups, plates, and bowls on there and also does the silverware. 
  • His form of terrible 2's is interesting. He is normally such a rule follower but he knows what he wants and can be rather defiant. He won't act out physically but he chooses not to listen and closes his eyes and covers his ears when he doesn't want to do something. He has had to go to time out a few times in the past few weeks and even chooses to put himself in timeout while he calms down.
  • He knows that daddy's other name is Jon and mama's is Ruthie. 
  • He is starting to connect friends and their families. He knows who are the parents of his friends and even knows that baby Toddy is in Aunt Cori's tummy!
  • We got him an outdoor swing set as an early birthday present and it is the best money we've ever spent! He loves it and it's fun to have friends play in the backyard.
  • Doing good with potty training. He wakes up from naps dry but has a 6lb diaper in he mornings. We do a mix of undies and pullups during the days 
  • Obsessed with his "boo boos". Constantly finding bruises or scrapes and getting stressed abou them and asking me to kiss them or asking for bandaids.
  • Does not like to get his hands dirty... totally his dad (yet Jon loves to get his hand covered in car grease)
  • Becoming quite the little fish in the pool and very brave.


Sarah Tucker said...

The "I know, I know..." oh my goodness, I can only imagine how precious that is!!

Jayme said...

I cannot wait for Mark to start talking and all these little Ford-isms are seriously adorable. Also I'm really impressed that he says "My house" because I know a lot of kids his age that use third-person for lots of things like "Ford's house" and can't quite get it. He sure is a handsome boy!

Evelina said...

I love that he tries to calm his sister down in the car. I know, I know! Haha too cute!

Sarah said...

I WANT TO BE YOUR NEIGHBOR SO BAD! he's such a fun kiddo!

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