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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

This and That

I am getting good at the once a week picture dump and random blog post. If you didn't catch yesterday's post, we added a new little bean to our family last week. My nephew Todd Lucas! It was a slow start to our week with me battling a sinus infection but we are back in the swing of things. This week is full of delivering baby meals to new families, afternoons at the park, and decorating our house for Halloween! Ford is so funny, we got down our Halloween and Fall decorations and he is obsessed but a few of the things scare him. Jon is pretty into Halloween so we have lots of big ghost/skeleton/witch things that he hangs in the windows with lights and Ford hated them, "Mama they so scary!". I got rid of a lot of the "gross" decorations we had and we are going to stick to cutesy Halloween decor this year. He has been carrying around a little plastic Jack-O-Lantern the past few days and saying, "It's Halloween Day!". Last year I thought the holidays were really fun with him but this year is going to be even better! Next week is already October... what?! Thank Goodness I've had the babies' Halloween costumes for almost a month haha.

It's almost impossible to get a picture of both kiddos smiling at the same time so I have a ton of the same shot on my phone. These managed to come out cute!

Peanut Lady found her feet and it is the cutest thing ever. She is so vocal and full of personality, Jon told me the other day that he thought she was going to explode because she was so happy and smiling so big when he got her up from her nap. I just couldn't love her any more!

And a video of the sheer cuteness 

We live on the main road of our subdivision and the drivers are crazy. I've been wanting to get some of those neon little guys with flags to stick in the street but when my sister got one of these, I knew I had to have one. I've had so many neighbors stop me and tell me they love my sign and want to order one. I'm sure I'll be getting a letter from the HOA soon but I will fight til death to keep it up. Precious cargo people, slow down! You can order yourself a sign here

I know I am not the only girl mom who likes to play dress up with their little lady. We got this adorable hooded scarf hat for Lucy girl and I am craving the cold weather so I can put her in it! I think we may have to go back to the mountains this winter just so she can wear it. You can order one here (they have lots of colors!). 

Lots of family time lately and I love it. I don't think a day goes by that Jon and I don't say, "Wow our kids are freaking cute." Ford and Lucy, you are a fun little duo and we love you to pieces... until 7pm... then we need our adult time :). 

Lucy and Annabel, destined to be BFFs. Their brothers are 8 days apart and we dressed them alike 2 years ago! 


Allena said...

I want a comparison pictures of the matching boys and the matching girls!

Sarah Tucker said...

Your kiddos are SO cute!!! Love Lucy in that scarf, hah!

Unknown said...

Hi Ruthie,
What a blessing the internet is for Mommys of young kids !! I wish when our kids were young the internet had been around. The sharing of ideas and seeing how other moms do things and sharing what I did would have been wonderful !! I enjoy reading about your family and seeing your babies grow and so happy to see this wonderful tool the internet is for moms today !! It is still cool for us older folks too, but I would have loved it as a young mom !!
You have a lovely family, thanks for sharing them with all of us !!

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