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Monday, August 29, 2016

DIY Crib Sheet

I bought a crib sheet on Etsy for an insane $40 but let myself splurge because baby #3 will get lots of hand me downs. I figured I'd just have 1 nice crib sheet and find a neutral one at Target as backup because I couldn't stand the thought of spending another $40 on a sheet. Well... I was perusing Hobby Lobby and saw the exact fabric of the crib sheet on sale for $4 a yard. I quickly got the idea in my head that I could make my own and searched on Pinterest for a tutorial. I found this amazing and easy tutorial, bought my fabric, and was on my way. If you follow me on Snapchat (ruthiehart1) you get to see a lot of my embroidery projects but I am in no way a seamstress of any kind. I dusted off my sewing machine that is so old and basic and found that it was pretty easy to relearn, thanks to embroidery. Anyway, if you can sew a semi straight line, you can do this folks. And if I can do it, you can do it! 

2 yards cotton fabric 
3/8in knit elastic
Fabric Scissors
1 Safety pin
Measuring tape
Sewing pins
Sewing machine

Cut your fabric 69" long, leaving the tag/edges on the side (approximately 45")

Fold in half twice (hot dog/hamburger or vice versus, one of each)

Go to the corner that has 4 separate flaps of fabric...aka no folds. For me it was bottom right. If you need help figuring this out, scroll down 2 pictures to see what it will look like once you cut)

Trace an 8"x8" square on the top flap of fabric

Cut out the 8"x8" square (you can dispose of the square)


Your fabric should end up looking like this

Fold the bottom corner of each of the 4 corners to meet the outer corner (think of a crib sheet now to help you understand how it will work... lots of visualizing for me! This will cover each corner of the crib mattress)

Pin the fabrics together (you should have the wrong side of the fabric on top). Do this for each of the 4 corners

Sew a straight line along the edges and then a zig zag to keep the seam from ripping. Repeat for all 4 corners. 

Fold down 1/4' of the fabric around the entire crib sheet. It is such a small mesurement, no need to be super precise. 

Then iron another 1/2" fold around the whole sheet. This is where your elastic will be encased. 

NOT PICTURED: Stick two sewing pins 2" apart along the fold to remind you not to sew that 2". This is where you will fish your elastic through. Sew a straight line along the edge of the 1/2" fold. 

Measure 62" of your elastic and mark it. Do not cut. 

Attach a long safety pin to the end of the elastic (not the end with the mark) and fish it through the edge of the crib sheet. This is what took me the longest. Once you get all the way around, you will have that 2" gap and a couple inches of elastic left over. 

Sew the elastic together at the end of 1 side and the 62" mark (pull it away from the crib sheet fabric). I made a couple of messy zig zag stitches to get it tight. 

NOT PICTURED: Sew the 2" portion of the crib sheet that is open. 

I played with the elastic a little and moved it evenly around the crib sheet. 

And wah-la! You are done!

I actually also made matching bumpers for the crib,...still can't believe they are fully intact and not ripped to shreds. To say I am proud of myself is an understatement!


Unknown said...

It's voilĂ ...wah-la isn't a real word....

Good job on the sewing though! :)

Laura Darling said...

So cute!! I might need to make one of these for my niece!

MaryO said...

Ruthie! That is a FANTASTIC sewing job! Wonderfully done! DON'T throw that square of fabric away... start a "stash" bag for a quilt!

San Pedro, CA

sherri said...

Love the fabric. And let me just add how excited I am for you and your family on the upcoming addition!

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