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Friday, November 15, 2013

My 0-3 Month Essentials

Ford is 3 months old and officially out of the newborn stage.  It's crazy how quickly babies grow out of not only clothing and diapers but baby products too. I think back to how much crap stuff we had around the house that we didn't use during those first few weeks and wanted to share what products worked for me. I was also thinking earlier this week how my nightstand has evolved from nipple cream, pain meds, and the TV remote for late night feedings to just my cell phone and a burp rag.

Fisher Price Rock and play- we originally didn't get one of these and my neighbor assured me I'd love having it around the house for an extra "station" for baby and now I can't imagine life without it! Ford slept in the bassinet for the first few days but was super congested which is normal for a newborn so he started sleeping in the Rock and Play and is an awesome sleeper. The R&P is so lightweight and can fold up so easy making it the perfect thing to take on the road, take to my parents, or even move to the kitchen for Ford to hang out in while I cook. They are really affordable too!

Medela hands free pumping bra (not pictured)- I shared this in my breastfeeding essentials post and I still use it everyday. I can't imagine having to hold my pump on my boobs, hands free is the way to go. 

Graco Duo Connect Swing- I know there are tons of swings out there but this one is awesome because it doubles as a bouncer. The chair part of the swing can be removed and becomes a bouncer which cuts down on a house full of giant baby products!

Nose Frida- I actually just got this a few weeks ago but wish I would have gotten it sooner. The bulbs they give you at the hospital just don't work as well. I bought my NF at Babies R Us with a $5 off coupon so it was only $10...worth every penny!

Ergo- don't be scared of the price tag because it will be the best investment you make as a parent. This carrier is ergonomically good for babies legs unlike the Bjorn and other forward facing carriers. I also hear that those carriers are the worst on your back and even with a big baby, my back never hurts carrying him in it for a couple of hours. I also love that I will be able to wear him in it until he is 30+ pounds (at the rate he is growing, that may only be a year!). I do want to mention that the newborn insert was so bulky and didn't work for us. Maybe if he was born in the winter but it was too hot and because he was so big, just felt awkward. I first wore him at 2 weeks without the insert and he did fine. The ergo makes grocery shopping, prepping dinner, and even doing chores SO easy.

Summer SwaddleMe swaddles- Ford is no longer swaddled but these were a lifesaver. Instead of having to learn to fold receiving blankets, these were easy to pop him in and Velcro which he rarely broke out of. He wore the SwaddlePods when he was a newborn then went to the traditional swaddles until he was no longer swaddled.

Britax B Agile travel system- my sister had her daughter a year before me and did lots of research and testing when it came to baby strollers so naturally I got exactly what she did. We LOVE the Britax B Agile system because the stroller is incredibly lightweight, easy to fold up, and requires no adapters for the carseat. I'm not a runner but I can't imagine having a bulky BOB stroller for everyday use and I already know I want the double version when baby #2 comes along.

Dr Browns Bottles- Ford is exclusively breast fed but we've started doing 1 pumped bottle a day and absolutely love Dr Browns bottles. Yes there are more parts than your average bottle but they are known to cut down on air intake, colic, and spit up. The maintenance is really easy and they work great for us. 

Infantino Playmat- we started using this playmat after about 2-3 weeks. The colors and sounds were great for Ford to focus and learn and now he loves batting at his toys! 

Flashlight iPhone app (not pictured)- perfect for late night nursing sessions where you want to keep the lights low and relax

 What were your newborn essentials for the first 3 months?


Evelina said...

Love this post! Pinning it for future reference. I look forward to more of these as Ford gets older :)

Ashley Beam said...

Agree that the Ergo is the best thing ever, but my baby was between 6-9 pounds during his first four months. I also had a summer baby (June) in the sweltering GA heat and I had but never used the infant insert. Next time around, I plan to invest in a Moby. I also pray that I have a baby who grows a little better.
Great post!

Lauren H Edmondson said...

Our Dr. Brown's bottles were a life saver. Sawyer wasn't a great nurser, so I pumped and bottle fed and he had horrrrible gas and colic but these bottles really cut down on his pain and discomfort. And girl, preach on about that hands-free pumping bra, I used that thing at work, home and on the road haha, best invention ever.

jessi bridges said...

A neck pillow! For late night nursing I could sit up while the babies nurse and go back to sleep ;)

Sarah said...

Its amazing how different things are now and when my baby was a baby (6 years ago!)

Ford is so handsome! And motherhood looks beautiful on you! :)

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said...

We have basically all of the same gear - I love it all! And yes, the Ergo is worth EVERY penny. I just hate that I had to purchase and test out three other carriers before I found the Ergo, but I'm so glad I have it. Hope you and your cutie are doing well!

Carly said...

Yay we have an ergo all ready to go!!


Unknown said...

So many great things here that we couldn't have survived without! I haven't tried the nose frida thing, and now I wish I would have...this baby has more stuff in his nose than seems possible ;)

Unknown said...

Our 0-3 my favs are almost identical :) Love that ergo! And it only gets more useful from here on out. Great and informative list!!

Kristin said...

The Rock N Play sleeper is HANDS DOWN my all time favorite baby product!

Unknown said...

Great list ! We have similar options on our must haves :)

The Arizona Russums said...

Frida for the win!!!

Heather said...

I loved the Rock & Play! I drug it all over the house behind me while she slept in it.

Emilie said...

My little guy is only 7 weeks but we are finding the same things so useful!! I actually ended up buying the Britax B-Agile stroller after you posted it on IG.

We bought the Rock and Play sleeper after our little guy refused to sleep flat in his pack and play. I am embarrassed to say he slept in his bouncer for a month before we got the Rock and Play and it has been the best purchase yet!!

We also have the ergo and the nose Frieda but haven't really used them much.

And thank goodness for the hands free pumping bra! I don't know how mommas survive without them.

I would add the Bum Genius all-in-ones to the list but we haven't switched over yet cause he is still a little too small but they will be getting lots of use when he can fit in them!

Kent Sommer said...

I usually take just one pack a day with a very tall glass of water after breakfast. And I definitely try to take them with food and lots of water.

Sharon Smith said...

Great post. Very very useful!!!!!! Can you do baby wraps v. carriers v. slings next. i'm considering the moby wrap or babasling and a carrier like ergo or stoke. For amazing baby uniform you may Here

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