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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Buckeye State

Jon was born and raised in Ohio, the Buckeye State. Over the course of our relationship we've been back a few times and made a last minute trip for his mom's wedding in Cleveland last weekend. For you Ohio-ans, Jon grew up in Lyndhurst then moved to Medina for middle school and high school before moving to Texas to attend Baylor. We packed in seeing family and friends, it was a great weekend and the normally crappy weather was awesome, but chilly!

We got lots of stares and scolds in the airport for carrying around Ford in a diaper, this boy is seriously the most hot bodied person I know! He will be crabby and fussy and we take off his clothes and boom. He's the happiest baby on the block!

We stayed at the new Aloft in downtown Cleveland that overlooked Lake Eerie, it was cool watching the big boats come in and out of the city. After our trip I told Jon I loved being away because we could focus on our little family. Laying in bed in the mornings without laundry, chores, work, errands looming over us. Not a care in the world except our little guy and each other. I loved that feeling

Little baby, big world

One of Jon's best friends Aaron Calafato is an actor and performer and we got to see him perform at Cleveland State University his one man show, For Profit. Ford enjoyed his first play and had a baby date with his friend Luciana.

He accidentally fell asleep... whoops!

We decided that since Jon calls his mom "madre", she would be Ford's "abuela". The wedding was really fun and memorable and abuela got to show off her big boy Jon and little guy, Ford. Ford got lots of love and kisses from all the church ladies :)

3 generations

Babies in jeans....nothing cuter

Ford got to meet one of his daddy's long time best friends new bundle, Reagan. Reagan is 2 weeks old... I think we've got some future presidents on our hands!

Crazy how much changes in a matter of 10 short weeks!

And we got dressed up for a Browns win! 

Ford met Jon's dad's family and hang out with his great Grandpa Hart (Jon's dad has gone on to be with Lord)

Unfortunately Ford was battling his first cold while we were there but was a total trooper! The nights were rough on him and I spent lots of time up his nose with the bulb thingy. Despite being stuffed up, he was such a happy boy and loved his first shower with daddy at the hotel!

Ford is becoming quite the traveler flying on 8 different planes so far (boo for no direct flights)! This trip was much easier than our trip to Indianapolis because he is just easier but I still highly recommend starting to travel with your babies young. Be sure to check out my post on traveling with a baby! We only had a few short meltdowns and one blow out but for the most part it was smooth sailing. Ford is turning into such an alert and playful little boy, he loved helping me compete against daddy in Words with Friends

Ford's new sound....

What a great weekend it was showing off our little man!


Claire Beeks said...

Cute! Hope it was a fun time. Did you know Cole went to college in Medina and then lived there for four years after college? I bet him and Jon would have lots to talk about!!

Liz said...

There should be a pic of Ford & his future wife! Darn cars :( Glad you guys got to visit with Jon's family!!

Courtney said...

OMG Lucas makes sounds EXACTLY like the ones in the last video of Ford. That is too funny! He does it all the time..cracks us right up!

Carly said...

That football jersey is about the cutest thing EVER!


Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad you had a great trip! Ford is too cute!

Unknown said...

Looks like a great trip! He is definitely about the cutest thing I've seen!

C Mae said...

Is Jon an only child? Does he have a hard time being away from his mom and dad and family in Ohio? Mine (husband that is) Sure does! He talks to his parents almost every day!!!! I never talk to mine that much and they also live out of state! :)

Asia said...

Beautiful pictures and family!

Maria said...

I need to send you a Bengals jersey, although... the stinking Browns beat our Bengals this year! My hubby went to Brunswick High School and I've shopped in Medina a few times. We (my John and fam) live in Cincinnati, but we travel to Brunswick often because his mom still lives there. :)

Glad to hear you had a great time! Too bad you weren't in Cincy. My girls would have LOVED to play with baby Ford. :)

Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

What a fun trip! And I love his mustache shirt and football hat!!!

Carolyn said...

Glad you had a fun trip! You need the nosefrida for boogers!! It's magical! Haha!

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