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Monday, September 22, 2014

DIY custom water bottle labels

Last weekend I hosted a baby shower for a sweet friend who will be welcoming her little boy into this world next month. I wanted to create lots of personal touches bur because the shower was so large, I knew I needed to put myself on a budget. Water bottles are always a lot easier to serve to a large group rather than filling cups and ended up with a pile of dishes so even though it's not the most "green" route, it is the easiest. I decided to make custom water bottle labels to serve at the shower that would also act as decor. Y'all. They are super easy and not too time intensive! They make any party feel a bit more special and intimate.

Water bottles
8''x2.5" labels (I made mind in Word and printed from my home computer)
Paper cutter or scissors
Clear packing tape

1. Remove the labels from the water bottles
2. Create your custom label in Word or Photoshop using fun fonts, personal photos, or clip art. Be sure the label ends up to be 8"x2.5" or else the packing tape won't fit over it. Cut your labels into stripes.
3. Place the labels face down on a strip of clear packing tape
4. Wrap around the water bottle


Unknown said...

Love that idea! We did it for my brother in laws wedding, and they came out really cute.

Evelina said...

Really cute idea! They look great :)

Sarah said...

these look so good!

Christine said...

Looks great! Love those little details, it makes a big difference.

The Bro Depot - Awesome Products For Your House and Life said...

Great job on this post Ruthie, the labels look great! If you ever need labels for a post in the future please feel free to contact me and I will hook you up for free :)

Richard C. Lambert said...

They are super easy and not too time intensive! They make any party feel a bit more special and intimate. Werbedosen

jade said...

if it is the flow and consistency that you want.
You can always add more glitter, bottle cutter reviews

daren sammy said...

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James Anthony said...

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