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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ford 18 months

Gulp. My baby boy is now closer to 2 than he is 1 year old! How did that happen. So much has changed in the past 6 months but I feel like we were just celebrating his birthday in August. Ford is developing quite the personality the past month, I feel so lucky to be his mama.

New this month
  • 27lbs 12oz (90th %)
  • 33in (75th %)
  • Mostly 18-24 month clothes, size 6 shoe, size 5 disposable diaper at night. 
  • Such a good eater this month! His favorites are chicken, avocados (mashed up like guacamole), oatmeal, eggs, all fruit (with the exception of berries, he is allergic), sweet potatoes, yogurt, cottage cheese. He used to refuse to try new foods and is definitely growing in that area.
  • Loves his whole milk. Drinks about 20oz (guess) a day and lots of water.
  • Officially on one nap a day. I think he would still take 2 if I would let him but we were going to visit my sister for a few days and I knew we wouldn't be able to go anywhere juggling his and Embry's nap schedules so we went for it. He sleeps from 7:30pm-7:30am and then naps at 12:30 for 2 hours, sometimes more, sometimes less. I am hoping to push it to 1pm eventually. 
  • He LOVES the nursery at the gym and church. He has a blast playing with the other kids and coloring and gets sad when I pick him up.
  • Like I said above, he is developing quite the little personality...cough cough...very sensitive. He isn't mischievous like other babies his age and has never had an issue with hitting/biting/etc but boy is he emotional. He gets his feelings hurt very easily and will go into a corner and pout. Oye.
  • Obsessed with his Mimi this month (I mean he always is but I've noticed a stronger attachment to her this month) and he is spending a few days with Mimi and Papa this week while we go on our baby moon!
  • Such a little love bug. Gives out lots of hugs and kisses, especially to mommy and daddy. He also will hug Embry and his friends and hugged his music teacher yesterday. 
  • We usually FaceTime with Aunt Tomi in Australia most afternoons and he loves it. If he hears the FaceTime call come in he gets so giddy and excited. He loves showing off on camera. 
  • Very into Ernie...throwing his ball, tackling him, petting/wrestling him. Ernie couldn't care less about Ford though.
  • I've lost count of his vocabulary because he says just about anything. Just last night we were on a walk and he saw a big door and said "door! knock knock!". He amazes us everyday with how much he understands and says. He also repeats things which can be bad ("dang, dang, dang!") but he is a quick learner. My favorite words of his lately are "peet a boo" (peek a boo) and "yogurt". He also has a weird sound for Lucy, I can't explain it but I hope he gets to saying it clearer before she is born. 
  • I have been working on numbers with him and he knows what comes after 1... "Two, three!" He also loves carrying around both his milk and water cups and saying "two!". 
  • He loves being naked and asks to be "nay nay" and takes off his shirt. Last summer he basically lived in a diaper so we are looking forward to that!
  • He answers questions with "yes" "no" or "good".... example how was your dinner? "Good!" We give him lots of independence in making his own decisions and I think he feels like he is a big boy because we give him options. 
  • Gets a kick out of shutting a door and knocking on it so we can answer him. 
  • Ford is a very good helper. He will go put things in the trash (another one of his favorite things, TASH!), fetch our phones, the remote, etc. I know this will come in handy when Lucy is born!
  • He loves cleaning...not so much cleaning up. I give him a paper towel or the dust pan and he goes to town.
  • Loves to "draw draw" with crayons and chalk.
  • Matches shapes on a few iPad games and with a block set.
  • Feeds his baby sister doll and puts her down for naps, "shhhhhh"
  • Got a big set of Lego Duplos and has been loving building towers and playing with those.
  • His play kitchen is probably his favorite toy
  • Goes down all the big slides at the park...this was a major shock to us because he normally plays it safe. Now he is a little daredevil and loves being at the park.
  • Tells us when he is going "poo poo". I hope this makes potty training easier. 
  • Hasn't taken a bath in weeks, prefers showering with mommy or daddy and using his bath crayons on the walls.
  • Obsessed with Bubble Guppies. If he wakes up early we let him watch an episode while we wake up too, and most evenings he watches one while Jon is working and I am prepping dinner (or just need a mama break!). He refuses to watch any other show.
  • Loves his tool bench and helping daddy with tools in the garage and around the house.
  • Loves his music class (we go once a week at Austin Baptist Church) and stands by the teacher the whole time. It is hilarious and he really rocks out. 


Megan C said...

He is so cute, getting so big! He and Seth are so similar and such boys! Isn't it the sweetest when your little boy grabs your face and gives you the biggest kiss. It is my favorite thing!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Happy 18 months, Ford!!!
He is adorable and SO big compared to my almost 18 month old!
Hard to believe he's going to be a big brother soon!

Carolyn said...

SO cute!! :) It's so much fun watching them become so smart and independent! It feels like so long ago that they were newborns, but then it also seems like just yesterday!!

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