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Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday morning

Ahhh Monday morning. Each week you come way too soon. Another weekend is in the books and we had such a great one that I figured it deserved it's own blog post. Friday night we ordered pizza and watched Gone Girl... wowzas! I never got around to reading the book and heard the movie was incredible and holy smokes, it was. It's funny because even not pregnant, I can fall asleep within minutes of turning on a movie whether it is 8pm or 8am but y'all, I stayed up until 11p because Gone Girl was so intense! Jon loved it too. We really had no idea what it was about and it was completely shocking so it kept our attention. It's on Redbox so you should rent it.

Saturday started out perfect because I slept until 9am and then Jon took Ford out on errands for a few hours and I kinda just relaxed. I was caught up on chores and laundry so I finished my bible study, did some embroidery, and watched How To Get Away With Murder without the buzz of a baby monitor by my side. Jon is busy busy working on rebuilding his 49 Ford truck so normally Saturday mornings he has guys in the garage and Ford and I do our own thing so I loved having some time to myself, even if I didn't do much. I got out of PJs at 2pm just in time to welcome my grandparents for the afternoon. We spent the rest of the day at The Austin Zoo and there were so many times where I thought, "man being a parent is just the best!". It was 75 degrees and beautiful. I am so glad we went onthe weekend because Jon was able to join us. Ford and I do a lot of fun stuff with other mommies/babies to stay busy during the week and I always wish Jon could see Ford in action. Now I love animals but Jon is on a different level with his love for furry, slimy, swimming things. Ford had THE time of his life and had the crowd of me, Jon, and my grandparents who just adore watching him in his element. Ford is very into animals right now (just yesterday we were reading a book and he said dolphin and turtle... he is smart!) and squealed from habitat to habitat. He helped me feed goats, laughed at the monkeys swinging, and growled with the lions.

We grabbed Italian for dinner and hung at our house, games included. If you have a good memory, Ford is named after my dad's dad, my Papa (his name story here). My grandparents come in from Chicago for a month every January/February and it is so fun to watch Ford get to know them. He is smitten with them and loves when his Great Papa tells him stories and tickles him.

Sunday was church, followed by Sabbath rest, and community group. I think I mentioned that while we were in Mexico we started watching Breaking Bad from the beginning again. We watched it on Netflix while I was pregnant with Ford and felt the urge to start it again. It is so much less exciting knowing what happens but I like it that way!

I turned 30 weeks pregnant on Saturday, man that was fast! I see the doctor next week and then every other week until she is born. 9 weeks from today! Let's just say we are really trying to savor these weekends when life is a little bit easier than it will be come April 27th. This weekend is my "baby sprinkle" am I already at this point of my second pregnancy?! Last week we did a lot of catching up and immersing ourselves back into the real world post vacation but I plan on blogging more this week!

Hope you had a great weekend yourself and are enjoying your Monday!


Bridget said...

I am so jealous of your 70+ degree days. It's currently -4 where in MN. I can't wait for spring to bring Turner to the zoo...he has a love for animals just like Ford. Glad you guys had a fabulous weekend!!!

Kristen said...

As a reader from Indianapolis (and IU alumni), I love to see your grandfather's hat! :)

Unknown said...

Countdown is on ! So exciting ! It is 15 degrees in Boston - super jealous of your warm family filled weekend !

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said...

Oh I love reading about your weekend! So fun! And I'm insanely jealous of your lazy morning on Saturday, it sounds divine. We started watching Breaking Bad a little while ago, but it was super intense for me. I want to keep going because so many people love it, but I'm nervous. Which makes me sound like a real pansy!

Christine said...

YOu look great!!!

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