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Monday, September 28, 2015

Lucy 5 months

Sweet Lucy girl is 5 months old and it feels like she's been with us forever. Month 5 has been a tiring month thanks to some sleep regression but little Miss has found her voice (and feet) and is just hilarious and adorable! Lucy has become more opinionated this month but not as stubborn as her brother, phew. She is happy and healthy and we love her to pieces! I swear y'all, she may explode from smiling so often.

  • Weighs 15lb 6oz (home scale....we go in a month for her 6 month well check)
  • Like I said above, Lucy has found her voice and loves squawking, screeching, singing, and hearing herself. It is so cute.
  • Nicknames... Peanut Lady (even Ford calls her that), Chiquita Lady, Boo Boo Lady... basically anything with Lady on it!
  • In typical 2nd child fashion, I laid her under the play mat yesterday and we were all in the kitchen making breakfast... I went back to check on her and she had rolled to her tummy for the first time. We missed it! She did it a few more times yesterday so we may have a roller. 
  • She is looking blonder these days but still has brown hair. I had a blonder tint to my hair growing up and now it sometimes has a reddish tiny and I think she has my hair color. And big blue eyes!
  • Smiles all the time... even when she is crying and her smile is so infectious!
  • We experienced what we think is a little separation anxiety last week when we dropped her off at childcare for a class we took at our church. She screamed and looked so scared but was completely fine bouncing with mama and daddy. If I lay her on my bed and immediately leave the room she gets sad.
  • Loves playing in her exersaucer and spinning the toys around. I plan on getting out the jumperoo soon
  • Sits in her highchair (it reclines) while we eat dinner. She has started eyeing is while we eat but I am going to wait at least another month to introduce foods, I think she will be ready!
  • Chews on everything... hands, feet, toys, blankets. No teeth yet!
  • She found her feet and it is adorable, she always has them in her hands.
  • Favorite toys are Sophie, Zoli teether, Pony Tails book, wash cloths
  • She officially doesn't take a pacifier. She used to kind of take a Wubbanub for naps but those days are long gone. We give it to her (along with a Aden & Anais blanket) at naptime and she plays with it. I think I am going to introduce a lovey to her soon.
  • She is becoming quite the maniac in the bath and we are going to have to move her out of the Angel Care bath seat pretty soon. She kicks the bottom of the bath and flops out of it. She loves bathtime and chewing on wash cloths and watching Ford play.
  • She is still googly eyes for Ford and I love it. He brings the stool up to her highchair and loves to tickle her and play peek a boo. He wants to be under the playmat with her and loves to spin her exersaucer around. She is always smiling and laughing at him. Thank Goodness for 1st children to entertain 2nd children!
  • 4 month sleep regression was a doozy. She had been sleeping 7:30pm-6:30am straight through and about 2 weeks into 4 months she had a few days where she was wide awake for 2 hours. She also went through a phase where she would wake up screaming and flailing 10 min after we put her down. She was only swaddled for 2 weeks or so and in a sleepsack since then but we were at our wits end a few weeks ago and Jon texted me from upstairs and said, "Get the sleepsuit" so peanut lady is sleeping in the Merlin Sleepsuit and it's great! We are back on track and she is going down at 7/7:30p and sometimes sleeps through the night and sometimes wakes up after 9-10 hours, nurses, then back down for 2-3 hours. Hoping we can get more consistent this month. No one is immune to the dreaded sleep regression!
  • She takes 3 naps a day... 1 hour in the AM, sometimes a snooze in the car when we are out and about, 3 hours in the afternoon, and sometimes a late PM nap 30min-1 hour. Because I don't want to be a slave to naps and have a busy toddler who needs to be out of the house, I am going to work towards a 2 nap schedule for her in the next 2 months.
  • Turns her head to watch TV, yep she is my daughter.
  • Still not sitting up but we are working on it! She can do it if you hold her hands but her head is so big and a lot to hold up!
  • Grabs at the toys on her playmat and tries to get them in her mouth, she is intense!
  • Cloth diapered during the day, size 2 disposable diapers at night (can't wait til she is in size 3 and can wear overnight diapers! Girlfriend can pee).
  • Moved up to 6 months PJs and lots of 6 month outfits (just depends on if they are hand me downs or new). Her feet are still too small for shoes!
  • She sticks her tongue out when she concentrates which is what I've done my entire life! My dad still kids me when he sees me writing because my tongue is always out... like mother like daughter.
  • We've had an extra large amount of blow outs this month... seriously she is a stealth pooper so we never know that she's gone and boom, a mustard stain on her outfit. 


Kristin said...

She could not be any cuter! I've got to tell you, that video of her chatting that you put on instagram - Kenley watched it and now every day, several times a day she says "I want to see Woocy on your phone!" and I have to pull up that video! Kenley thinks it's too cute! :)

Kait @ The Jones Journal said...

Cutest little lady ever!! I see Ford in her so much too! Love her.

Allena said...

Gosh she is so cute! Is that an Embry outfit? Drew had that one so I'm guessing it is a hand-me-down. I love those little chambray outfits and rompers like that!

Evelina said...

How is time flying so fast! She's getting so big and rolling over already, wow!

Unknown said...

Awe she is the cutest ! biggest smile ever ! Love her rockin the onesie stickers from baby bump bundle every month :)

Sarah said...

she has my heart!

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