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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ford check in... 2 1/4 years

It has felt weird not to do a monthly update on Ford since he turned 2 and since he's changed and grown so much in the past 3 months, I wanted to do a little check in on our little dude. At the end of each day Jon and I lay in bed and recap all the hilarious things Ford said that day. We are constantly asking ourselves, "Where did he learn that?!". He'll use such adult little phrases and use them in the correct context... he is also a parrot so if there are things we don't want him to say, we simply can't talk about it in front of him. He is sweet as pie, I am sure all parents say that about their kiddos but Ford is such a special soul. He is so gentle with us, Lucy, and his friends, and is pretty darn obedient for a 2 year old. He is a lover boy and I love it! Below are just some things I've been writing down (and writing in his baby book) that I want to remember about this stage! 2 years and 3 months old may be the funniest/fun stage so far!

  • Ford started Mother's Day Out Preschool in September and to say he loves it is an understatement. I love that he gets time "on his own" and make friends and learn how to be obedient and take direction from others besides me. I loved school growing up and I know he'll be just like me. It is such a blessing to get to spend 1 on 1 time with Lucy girl too.
  • He has been obsessed with a Raggedy Andy doll that Gramma Great gave him and because the only other "Andie" he knows is a girl, he goes around talking about how much he loves her, plays with her, etc. "She's a girl mommy! Not a boy!".
  • Ford sings a few songs... Bushel and a Peck, Bye Oh Bye Oh, ABCs, Jesus Loves Me
  • We've been working on L sounds and he is so funny... over pronouncing the words but it is so cute... there are a few videos below. No more Yucy... it's now LLLLLLLLLUCY.
  • Loving playing with Lincoln Logs and train set, he is such a little engineer like daddy.
  • We went to the park earlier this week and were the only ones there and he said "Nobody is here darn it". 
  • He is still very sensitive and lovey which I love. His heart is gold, seriously. He loves to hold my hand and rub my arm if we sit together. He also asks to cuddle all the time. Mama's boy (except when it's time for the fun stuff).
  • He discovered what shadows were a month or two ago and it is hilarious and cute. He loves to play with them and pointing them out.
  • His preschool as at the front of our neighborhood so we pass it at least once a day and every time we do he says the most long winded sentence... "BYE SCHOOL! Bye Mrs. X, Mrs. Y, Mrs. Z (his teacher, aide, and principal). See you on Tuesday and Thursday!". It literally takes my breath away because he says it all in one breath haha. 
  • He loves being given a chore or duty... fetching things for me, getting diapers, putting things away. He'll go get out his cleaning set and tell me he wants to go sweep and mop. I love it.
  • A couple of weeks ago he was very into feeding his baby with his "tummy". He would sit in his little PBK chair and lift up his shirt and put his baby doll on his chest. So cute.
  • Ford has never shown jealousy towards Lucy with me but last week I left at night to go to dinner with girlfriends and Jon texted me saying that Ford didn't want him to feed Lucy in her highchair and was getting really jealous. I guess when Daddy is the fun one you don't want to share him!
  • He loves reading and has started memorizing words to his favorite books. He can "read" Brown Bear Brown Bear and it is my favorite to listen to! 
  • He is fully potty trained except for at night he still wears an overnight diaper. No more pullups for a while and strictly wears undies. It is funny I am having to buy smaller pants for him this winter because he doesn't have a diaper booty to fill them out. We are very very proud of him.
  • Ford calls himself by his whole name, "Ford Mia Mya Hart". 
  • You never want help going to the bathroom and you shake your finger and say "NO PANK YOU MOMMY!". Video below.
  • Ford is very polite. We have worked really hard on this and require him to say please, thank you, and ma'am/sir. 
  • We ran into the same people twice at JoAnn fabric last week and you said "Hey I just saw you guys!"
  • Lucy was wearing skeleton jammies around Halloween and you tickled her and said "Where's my scary girl?"
  • Ford loves to compliment me... Mommy you look so pretty! You look so beautiful!
  • Sometimes when I get him in the morning he asks me, "Mama how was your sleep?"
  • Ford is very inquisitive and always asks, "What's in it?" and other engineer type questions... like father like son!
  • I think they must sing this at school but as we clean up he sings "Clean up clean up everybody do your best!"
  • A few weeks ago we told him that he didn't need to cry when he woke up and that he could call us and the next morning you said through the monitor "My awake now! My not crying! Come get me mommy, daddy, baby, Ernie"
  • Calls Lucy "Babe-a" it is so cute! And peanut lady and pretty much anything else we call her.
  • Sleeps 12-13 hours at night, bed at 730pm. Naps 2 hours around 1pm. 
  • One morning I walked Ford down the hall to his classroom and one of his classmates was standing there with their teacher and her dad. Her dad told me that his daughter wanted him to wait around so he could meet Ford! HA! I made Ford shake is hand, so funny. Already catching the ladies


Gina said...

He is so adorable! They do grow up so fast. You are doing a great job with him.

Mike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Evelina said...

oooooh my gosh. I just posted a comment under my husband's account. I deleted it so please disregard!!! Haha. Looks like he was the last one logged into this computer... oops!

Anyway, I wrote: Oh my gosh he is so big and has started talking so much! I love how he shakes his finger and says "no thank you!"

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